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    Right. Until the patent expires, and generics become available, it's a legal monopoly. For bidding on government contracts, lots of vendors have the opportunity to participate. Not so with the patent protected drugs.
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    I'm with you on this. Although I'm not sure if he was hustling as much as we think. He had no idea of knowing that the pressure bump would betray him. He may have been thinking that there was no possible way they'd know where he jumped, so maybe he didn't rush. However, it's still natural instinct to just get the hell out of Dodge as soon as you can. I don't believe Heisson was Cooper, but it would still be nice to have confirmation that it WASN'T Cooper.
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    Boots were not stolen... "survival rations" were. At 11:30PM, dark and isolated.
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    What size Pelican case are people using to cart their gear? Want one thats fit my javelin Odyssey+ g4 helmet+ suit without being too tight but without going to big either . Picture of the gear in the case with model or size would be great Thankyou everyone Blue skies
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    Nice find. Is that 3 miles West of flight path? How far from Heisson store? What are you thinking for timeline? Lands near the store then is heard at the house or the other way around?
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    You pay shipping from 92084 https://www.dropzone.com/classifieds/item/15907-free-books-you-pay-shipping-from-92084/
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    Hi Bill, No need to go back to the 1850's. The GOP that I joined in the late 60's is nowhere near the GOP of today. Things change - some people cannot seem to understand that. Jerry Baumchen
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    I have a storm 2620, which fits a rig and two jumpsuits easily, plus other small stuff. I also have a 2750 which can easily fit a rig, my helmet bag, two jumpsuits, and some other junk. You can also get two rigs (snugly) into ththe 2750. I got the "storm" versions instead of the "pelican" versions because they are a couple of lbs lighter, and with my gear I'm always bumping right up against the 50lb checked bag limits when I fly. Mine have at least half a million miles of commercial flights on them and they're pretty much indestructible...
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