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    In a nutshell it's your right to keep your health information private, sort of. But in a world where privacy is no longer a constitutional right that can change. On the bright side maybe we'll get Trumps grades now.
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    You’re free to go. I believe that inciting people to leave is bad form.
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    Dear olofscience, While the Soviets/Russians were perfecting airplanes that could dog-fight at 6 to 9 Gs, the West was perfecting missiles that can turn at 30 Gs ... far more than a human can stay awake. Also consider that missiles can fly at 4 or 6 times the speed of sound ... velocities at which parts start melting off of conventional airplanes, so that modern missiles can easily triumph during tail-chases with manned airplanes that can barely exceed Mach 2. Also, while guided missiles were crude, inaccurate and unreliable during the Vietnam War (19?? to 1974), the USA has been steadily improving their reliability and accuracy.
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    Unsurprisingly, the failure of wind has sparked a competing narrative that fossil fuel plants were the real cause of power outages. This claim can be quickly dispelled with a look at data from ERCOT, the state’s electricity regulator. Even though the extreme cold had frozen cooling systems on coal plants and natural gas pipelines, the state’s coal plants still upped their output by 47% in response to increasing demand. Natural gas plants across the state increased their output by an amazing 450%. Fossil fuels have done yeoman’s work to make up for wind’s reliable unreliability.”
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    You're right. They win the battles against clean hydro power with the least environmental impact. "Hydro-Québec’s plans to ramp up electricity exports keep running up against the NIMBYs. The provincially owned utility has a $10-billion deal to sell a big chunk of its existing energy surpluses to Massachusetts over 20 years and has its eye on a similar agreement with New York. But Hydro-Québec and its U.S. partners have been stymied in their attempts to gain approval for the transmission lines needed to transport all that additional power across the border. In July, New England-based Eversource Energy pulled the plug on its proposed Northern Pass transmission line after the New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected the company’s appeal of an earlier regulatory ruling that blocked the project. The U.S. utility, which had partnered with Hydro-Québec on the US$1.6-billion line, had sunk US$318-million into the project before pulling out in the face of relentless regional opposition." There needs to be a separate section on the bill for electrify showing how much the NIMBYers have cost each consumer. When brownouts, blackouts occur, cell phones get calls and texts from the power companies. "Congratulation the current service interruption is brought to you by the NIMBYers". "Enjoy your quiet time"
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    That was more of a tongue and cheek answer. This war(sanctions) will finish off Russian aviation for a decade or two.. They will likely have to import technology from China in the future. Or at least as long as the remnants of Putin are around. The future of combat aviation is morphing into secure data links for targeting. Using "Loyal Wingman" platforms, conventional drones and the sharing of targeting data between A/C. The F-35 and F-22 have this integrated into the targeting architecture of the avionics. The French are also working on it. Israel is quite advanced in this area as well. It set aside the purchases of other A/C to buy more F-35s. Which they have used effectively in the face of S-400 systems in Syria. Using standoff glide bombs, drones and jamming. Together with F-35s they can attack weapons depos with impunity. The US and other NATO allies also have these capabilities. This war has proven that even third rate counties can deal with Russia's current capacities.
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    I've had the opportunity to interact with people I consider wealthy. To a man they are all business owners. They didn't strike me as particularly happy people. I think once you reach a certain wealth level worrying about not losing it takes over.
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    "attacks, which Ukrainian leaders have neither confirmed nor denied but which one senior adviser winkingly described as “karma” on Wednesday, suggest that Kyiv is increasingly able to reach into Russian territory as the war continues. Empowered by NATO’s military aid, Ukrainian troops are hitting infrastructure, military targets and, Russian authorities say, at least some villages. Russian citizens are now waking to the same explosions that Ukrainians have faced for more than two months, making the conflict far more immediate and dangerous. At least 11 hits appear to have occurred since the fighting began Feb. 24, most of them since late last week. Most seem to have involved shelling or triggered Russian antiaircraft weaponry. A handful were suspicious explosions at Russian military facilities near the border. They have drawn Russian fury....Kursk residents had heard as the work of Russian air defense equipment. On Monday, two Turkish-made Bayraktar drones were shot down over the region, RIA Novosti reported" WP reports. Agree, I like it.
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    But that is also happening in Texas....with a larger gap in capacity AND an entire grid already based on fossil fuels. You are arguing that a fossil fuel based grid that cannot meet demand under normal conditions by 5 gigawatt is superior to a renewable based grid that cannot meet demand under extreme circumstances by 3.5 gigawatt.
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    um, nope, if you think that's the narrative, that's not coming from me. I don't think billvon has said anything of the sort either. I think the conservatives here in this forum are firmly against Putin. (The Hundredth Monkey doesn't count - he's probably a russian bot) Even me and brent are on the same side! But your narrative that Trump is firmly against Putin is what's getting pushback, so calm down. From what I've seen, the most extreme leftists have also sided with Putin, as have the extreme right (which Trump is part of). Little do they realise what they have in common!
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    I think the best argument in the abortion discussion is asking the question, "Does anyone have bodily autonomy over another human being?" Or said another way, if I need a kidney to survive and you have a matching kidney, can I force the state to make you give me your kidney so I don't die? And to stop the inevitable strawman about taking the kidney from the person where a fetus doesn't "take" anything - I'll give you back your kidney if one is later found from a cadaver. If the answer is "No you can't take my kidney", then the discussion is over. You have conceded that it is not about the life of the fetus. You don't care about life. Then please explain your objection. And please, PLEASE, tell me it is because of your christian religion so I can quote you the verses where God approves and dictates the cases for abortion.
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    Yup. Get used to it. The old joke that, as a student, I spent more time sitting on the picnic bench bitching about the weather than actually jumping contains 'more than just a bit' of truth. Depending on the culture of the DZ, wind & weather holds can be very educational. At the bigger DZ I jump at (lots of students) the instructors will gather up a group of students when jumping isn't happening, and sit and discuss/quiz all sorts of stuff. It's also a good time to get to know the rest of the community. The DZO there is a BIG promoter of the fun jumper community (cookouts, movie nights, competition events - The Hamm's Rigging Relays are hilarious - all that sort of stuff). Getting to know who folks are is a big step up for when you get your license. To echo and expand on what Wendy said (for when you get your license) - If the 'young hotshots' are still jumping and the 'crusty old guys' are sitting down, thing about it. Think hard about it. If the 'crusty old guys' are grabbing lawn chairs and cameras and heading out to the landing area, REALLY think about it. "Where are you guys going?" "We're gonna go watch the young'uns get some experience" If you sit it out today, you can always jump tomorrow. If you have to jump today, you may not jump again for a while. If ever. Last, but not least, BEWARE THE WEATHER HOLD!!! There are few things in this life more dangerous than a bored skydiver. A few years ago at SDC Summerfest, weather hold games included 'creeper bowling'. 2 person teams. One pushed, one rode the creeper at inflatable bowling pins. Standard bowling scoring. 5 frames for a game. Silly but fun. After it was all done, I heard Donavan (TI & airplane manager) remark: "Wow. Weather hold shenanigans and we didn't need an ambulance. I'm impressed".
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