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    The ‘my uneducated skepticism is just as valid as truth presented by experts’ is yet another bullshit argument by people trying to empower their own ignorance. I’m sorry - but if 100s of thousands of trained experts around the globe say one thing, and someone calls it The ‘Truth‘’ like it’s even possible to be some sort of conspiracy theory then they’re not a thinking skeptic - They’re an arrogant asshole. Equating their own ignorance of a subject with the weight of not only numbers, but years of specific and dedicated training and experience in the subject. It would be like me stating that my take on aircraft safety procedures are just as valid as every check-captain because I’ve taken one lesson. See? That would be me being an arrogant Asshole. Dressing that arrogance up in language to make your argument appear smarter is nothing more than a con-trick. An old one. You want to explain your position and get numbers of normal people behind it then you explain in the simplest terms because not everyone is an expert… Yes. Humans suck at complex problems. That’s why we invented computers. They also suck at generational planning of projects. Both are a function of our biology. But sometimes simple solutions are the best because either ‘they’re just the best’, or even if they’re not them it’s a hell of a lot easier to roll out a simple process and have some benefit than it is to roll out a mathematically perfect one that has no chance of adoption because it’s so complicated. It’s the same argument second amendment fans use - if you can’t come up with a single solution that fixes everything in one go, even fringe cases, then it’s best to do nothing. If the covid vaccine and lockdowns had been implemented properly then there was a very good chance we could have beaten covid - at least temporarily and nationally which would have bought time for further research. It wasn’t, and over 700,000 people in the US are dead because of it. The reason heretics should be burned is BECAUSE THIS SHIT MATTERS. It’s not philosophy - people are dead because people like you weaken the arguments for safety and you might convince others which can potentially end up hurting me and mine.
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    He is attempting to show off what he believes is a sharp and cutting wit. I think he likely does not understand the need for subtlety to pull it off. Although I must admit this is a tough place for anyone to make that work. Mr. Weber manages occasionally.
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    Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells Gen. Colin Powell had multiple myeloma, according to a source familiar with the matter. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body’s immune response.
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    Happy to be corrected but I believe Jump Shack have the BaseR which is just that
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    I would like to know the kinetic energy calculations of no flare impact of various canopy sizes at various WL as well as estimates of kinetic energy calculations of impact of various canopy sizes at various WL of mistimed flares after low turns. If there are any math nerds here who would know how to do such calculations, I’d be interested in working on it with you.
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    The fact that a bunch of creationists are being offed by Darwinism does seem ironically appropriate.
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    Jumping Balloons with a BASE rig is not stupid Jumping Balloons with a BASE rig in a skydiving environment is stupid
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    Maybe a better approach would of been to warn the balloon pilot about the jumpers intentions and the fact that there is an FAA rep present. Let the pilot be the one to make the call. After all, the baloon pilot would be the one to receive the worst punishment since the only thing the FAA can do to a jumper without any FAA certificates is to issue a civil fine.
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