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    the media is more culpable than they like to admit.
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    I'm not sure that anyone is objecting to any nicknames I have heard for Biden. People always use disparaging names for politicians they don't like. It's roughly the same as drawing unflattering caricatures. The only one that I ever found consistently annoying was Ron's blatantly nativist use of Hussein for Obama.
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    Joe Biden promised Americans '100 million people vaccinated in my first 100 days'. That is approximately 28% of the current US population of 328 million people. He's been in office 23 days out of that 100 days. And these are the current results of that promise, as of yesterday: At this rate, with about 77 days to go until Biden's promise timeline expires...times that 77 days with the 1.6 million doses being administered daily....that comes to 123 million additional doses to what has already been done. Add in the current 46 million doses ALREADY done, and that comes to 169 million doses into peoples' arms when that timeline ends. And that is a conservative estimate indeed, since as time goes on, they are getting better at both delivery and distribution. (getting the shots into peoples' arms). You should reasonably expect that within a month, MORE than 1.6 million doses daily will be going on. I would say Joe has a damn good chance of not only coming through on his promise to America, but exceeding it by a great deal. EDIT: Gowlerk says - Gowlerk: It doesn't matter. That's the answer. Canada has a total population of 37 million people. All they need are a total of about 75 million doses, and when they get them, it will be much easier for Canadian medical services to get them into peoples' arms...mainly because the population is much less than the USA. Most countries on Planet Earth do not have facilities for creating the vaccine. Those countries are in a vast minority. Most countries will have to import doses...and they will. The big problem in Canada is that the Canadian government hesitated to go to the US for doses because they thought Trump would stop the exports from the US-based companies. And knowing Trump...he probably would have done just that had he gotten the chance. The murderous SOB. If the Canadian government approached the US now, this would not happen. But they sort of got caught between doors there, and went to the EU instead of trusting Trump. Trump...the gift that keeps on giving...even if you don't want the gift. I fully support our neighbors to the north, the folks who stood out there in the cold for years protecting our northern borders since the early days of the Cold War, eh? DEW line and all that. I never met a cheesehead I didn't like, to paraphrase Will Rogers.
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    Here, Cossey told agent Carr that he had modified the chute... Does this make any sense,,, that Cossey would modify one of two chutes sent to him to pack for somebody he doesn't know. Carr also posted... Ckret #2512 June 12, 2008 Sluggo, The NB6 and the Pioneer were Cossey's chutes, he had them at his house, they weren't at Seattle Skysports. I asked Cossey why he packed a 28 foot canopy in the NB6 and he just shrugged. Kind of like, "it was my chute, I did it because I can." I like that guy, I could have talked to him all day but he grew tired of me in about an hour.
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    Too soon to worry. PAC has reorganized before. This time a major shareholder departed and the other major shareholder isn't exercising their right of refusal so they need to find a taker. I do think if it does go south Jerry is right about parts. With Twin Otters there were fleet operators who kept large stocks of new spares that found their way onto the market from time to time. I know I brought a full Otter load of new parts out of Columbia in '01 and a lot more was there. Not sure how many PAC's are operated in fleets, though.
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    I agree. The PC 12 is just a wish list item.
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    Hi Pete' Re: Maybe this will be a replacement. One can always buy another/different aircraft. That's just money. IMO the real problem is with owners of the 750 being able to get new parts. Jerry Baumchen
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    As always, thank you Dr. for another of your insightful, well though out statements about COVID.
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