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    This works so well. I worked with an AFF student who was having a very difficult time with Cat C. She tried three times and the jumps did not improve, she was so stressed about everything. Husband and I (both AFF I's) took her up and did a no-pressure, relax and have fun jump. Her priorities on that jump were to fall, smile, pull, flare and have fun. After a (textbook) exit and some practice touches, I let go and flew around in front of her. I then geeked the shit out of her, smiling, laughing, sticking my tongue out. Just seeing me doing these silly things changed everything for her; skydiving was fun! She smiled and laughed back at me, finally able to relax mentally and truly enjoy the skydive. Husband even let go of her and she flew stable, no turn issues, for the rest of the skydive. She finished her AFF jumps with no more repeats. If the things that others have suggested above (all excellent advice btw) don't work for you, this type of "relax and enjoy" skydive very well may help. Don't give up! Remember you can only fail if you don't try.
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    All true, but there's one thing I'm missing so far. Make your feedback actionable. And that isn't easy. It is simple to take out the flamethrower and burn someone to the ground over some mistake they made, but that won't help them for the next time. Good feedback explains both why something is wrong, and how to do it right. And both in such a manner that the other person understands it. Only then can the receiver of your feedback actually improve.
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    had a L5 S1 lift and fusion, back is better than it ever was. Jumping a AW 96 H1 6-7, 245 out the door
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