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    This works so well. I worked with an AFF student who was having a very difficult time with Cat C. She tried three times and the jumps did not improve, she was so stressed about everything. Husband and I (both AFF I's) took her up and did a no-pressure, relax and have fun jump. Her priorities on that jump were to fall, smile, pull, flare and have fun. After a (textbook) exit and some practice touches, I let go and flew around in front of her. I then geeked the shit out of her, smiling, laughing, sticking my tongue out. Just seeing me doing these silly things changed everything for her; skydiving was fun! She smiled and laughed back at me, finally able to relax mentally and truly enjoy the skydive. Husband even let go of her and she flew stable, no turn issues, for the rest of the skydive. She finished her AFF jumps with no more repeats. If the things that others have suggested above (all excellent advice btw) don't work for you, this type of "relax and enjoy" skydive very well may help. Don't give up! Remember you can only fail if you don't try.
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    well you do own a Road Glide
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    Then, I must be a fucking genius .
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    I agree with this. Also in the right setting. I have been know to use profanities but I am not about to do that in a business meeting or when my son was young in a parent teacher conference. I've never thought about swearing in those situations before, but now I'm kind of tempted. Also, just FYI - kids were never present at the parent-teacher conferences I've attended. I was at park with my 9 year-old step daughter several years ago where a small group of rather liberated redneck teenagers (13-14) were saying shit that even I wouldn't say. Anyway, I was livid and could feel myself turning red as the pressure built up in my head. Then, it doesn't matter what one of the kids said next, but I completely lost it for a second, got up and shouted, "watch your FUCKING mouths!" One adult nodded, another offered a golf-clap and my wife was shaking her head, but also trying to hold back a laugh because she knows how I can get, but I really felt embarrassed - like an idiot. I said I can't believe I just said that - I wasn't even trying to be funny. But apparently it worked. I've always been a bit intrigued how, for the most part, I would almost subconsciously control my tongue depending on who I was with, but for whatever reason, I slipped up twice this month and swore in front of the kid - probably the first time since the park incident above. I didn't know what to say - I didn't want to just explain it away or give her the impression that it was ok just because I slipped up and made a mistake, so I just let it go and taking it as a sign that it's becoming to habitual and needs to be toned down a bit elsewhere in my life.
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    All true, but there's one thing I'm missing so far. Make your feedback actionable. And that isn't easy. It is simple to take out the flamethrower and burn someone to the ground over some mistake they made, but that won't help them for the next time. Good feedback explains both why something is wrong, and how to do it right. And both in such a manner that the other person understands it. Only then can the receiver of your feedback actually improve.
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    People should be reading Volume 1 of the report which talks about Russia hacking into our voter registration databases and vote-counting systems. That is the real threat to our democracy and our political class (Democrats and Republicans) are to focused on bickering with each other, they miss the real threat to the system. So few people get it, that it is frustrating to read these threads. One thing never discussed is the help Trump got went all the back into the Republican primary when Russian agents were hacking into Marco Rubio's mail server. We need to watch very carefully to see if this happens in the Democratic primary, that is where interference in the election has the most leverage. (Fewer voters spread over more candidates.)
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    had a L5 S1 lift and fusion, back is better than it ever was. Jumping a AW 96 H1 6-7, 245 out the door
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    Did your argument consist of the two of you saying "Please" and "Thank you" and "something something Tim Horton's."
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