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  2. Did anyone address what that metal pull-up slotted plate was doing in there? A person could conclude the video was intentionally set-up to fail, but the plate just fell out so obviously?
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  4. You find it odd Falun Gong blames the CCP?
  5. Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

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    Complete system for sale. The container was built for a tall/slender male 6'2'' or taller. The container is a Mirage G4 with all the good options including; extra long chest strap, blue risers, swoop loops, stainless steel hardware chest/hips, RSL, blue reserve handle, good back/leg padding, slider holder on reserve flap, unique two tone color scheme (see photo). The canopies were bought brand new in 2020. Sabre 2 120 (only 4 jumps). Optimum 126 (0 rides). The Cypress 2 AAD also bought brand new in 2020 (only 4 jumps on AAD / 0 activations). The container was bought brand new approximately 4 years ago and only has about 100 jumps on it. The entire system has been babied and very well taken care of. An incredible system.. I am officially retiring from skydiving and putting my focus into endurance sports. I've unfortunately lost my passion for skydiving since having children. Text/call anytime with interest/questions 317-296-1909.


    Indianapolis, Indiana - US

  6. Not even close. But if such oversimplifications make it easier for you to sleep at night - hey, it's better than drugs or alcohol I guess.
  7. ryoder


    Amazing! A GOP governor that admits a mistake:
  8. Well, looks like the FAA figured out the need for this (hopefully not because I annoyed them asking for the data to keep my database updated) so they've added the rigger seal lookup to their airmen inquiry page. You can search for any FAA issued rigger seal code at the bottom, no other fields are necessary. I'll probably be decommissioning my search now that it's completely obsolete.
  9. There are thousands of possible reasons for a reserve hesitation that are NOT the fault of the manufacturer. I'm not saying that it cannot possibly ever be the fault of the manufacturer, but I AM saying that you're jumping to conclusions awfully fast. And Aerodyne does indicate why an excessive long closing loop is bad: it doesn't compress the pilot chute fully and reduces its effectiveness significantly. If we as riggers in the world are to improve the safety of skydiving equipment everywhere, we need to keep an open mind AND be thorough, detailed and open in our analysis. Baseless accusations are worth less than the electricity used to transmit them. If you want me to take you seriously, show what that rig is exactly. What reserve is in it? What main is it in? What AAD is in it? What length is the closing loop? What size exactly is the rig? How was it packed? How was it tested? What exactly did you observe in the failures? Where did stuff catch that wasn't supposed to catch? It's like high school math, just writing down the final number is not enough, you've got to show the work done. Pretty please with sugar on top, show the f*ing details. Otherwise, I'm bringing the beer to Baksteen's popcorn party.
  10. Agree The authority to prohibit the protestors access to the mayors house did not exist for the armed idiot lawyers. Thats why they PLEAD GUILTY. Why they paid fines and agreed to forfeit their weapons. Now an idiot governor has gifted them with pardons. Lawyer-politicians in America, truly the entitled ones.
  11. Good news for those with immune system challenges. Interesting that they call it the CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party). "the agency [FDA] said the drug combo can now be given to high-risk groups as a measure after exposure to prevent progression of the disease." FDA Authorizes Antibody Cocktail as COVID-19 Prevention Treatment (
  12. Can’t have criminals running for government. One of them will be tapped for a US Congress run within the next 2 years I’d imagine. Both sides have made a habit of pardoning some pretty awful and undeserving people, but the Republican trend of idolising the people who needed pardoning is bizarre.
  13. DougH


    Sorry I should have said MD's. I wasn't trying to lump quack Chiropractors in there when I said Doctors.
  14. Okay, we get it: Republicans are poopyheads, Orange man bad. There is a difference between fiscal conservatives and Republicans/Trump supporters. I know we keep getting back to dueling definitions, but the 'conservatives' to which I refer are the fiscal variety, who may well be social liberals. I suspect Libertarian is closer to the mark, though there is effectively zero chance that a Libertarian Party candidate has a shot in any national election. If you have a viable plan as to how to deflate the 'everything bubble' before it produces catastrophic results, great. I suspect we are well beyond critical mass. BSBD, Winsor
  15. Exactly, and that's one of my main dislikes of the solar companies in my area. Have a friend that did solar. He needed more attic insulation, and to remove the incandescent lighting. The solar company sized the system for the existing house then they "offered" to do the insulation and lighting. They also installed a powered attic vent fan. If the attic is properly insulated the vent fan isn't needed and actually can cause problems. Four problems. The solar was sized for energy usage that no longer existed, they charged almost double what it should have cost to do the insulation and lighting, and the attic fan. On the lighting - everything was converted to LED. I luv LED but putting it in a closet or storage area where the light is rarely on is not suggested. If he had done what billvon suggests, and not put expensive lighting in areas where it's almost never used, the payback on the system would have been years quicker.
  16. Jerry - We may have crossed paths at a DOE event. There are many great examples of how well efficiency works. In 1990 I bought a 1987 house, not bad construction but they missed the simple stuff (relative to energy use). Luckily it was a crawl space home with good attic access. I sealed the wiring and plumbing penetrations, and did a few other simple things to reduce infiltration. The prior owners were elderly and just 2 of them. We were a family of 4, presumably using more hot water, more laundry, more TV and more plug in devices. The consumption went down 22%. The one unknown was their thermostat setting. It was a 2-story house with 2 HVAC units. 10 years later the units were replaced. We used a gas pac downstairs and a heat pump upstairs. The two major changes were the increase in EER/SEER and reduction in the upstairs unit of 1/2 ton because it was oversized. Amazing, another 30% decrease in consumption. The upstairs unit was the trick. 2 ton on 1600 sq ft., but used a 2.5 ton air handler, set the fan on low speed. That thing easily controlled the humidity and it was quite comfortable at 77/78 degrees. Oversized units were a common problem on the houses I audited. Typical HVAC guy knew that a bigger unit cooled the house and they wouldn't get called back. This is one system that most homeowners know nothing about. After controlling infiltration, insulation is key. Foam insulation is the new thing and it works great, one reason is it 100% stops infiltration. But it's expensive. It also adds structural integrity to the house. I'm not yet sold on foaming the roof deck because that doesn't allow the shingles to cool off by transferring heat to the attic. We'll see about that in a few years. If shingles start failing early that will by why. I'm now in a house with a Spanish style tile roof. It's surprising how cool the attic is and how low the consumption is. On geothermal, we got heavy into that. Great idea if the cost of the piping was reasonable. I may still be "the guy" that has installed the most geothermal units in SC. Did about 1,800 of them. Mostly in houses but some commercial like gyms, apartment complex, theaters, churches. We did a military housing complex and that type bulk installation gets some good pricing in pipe installation and equipment. We used vertical wells. Brought drillers from OK and TX. It was master metered and had demand data so it was easy to monitor consumption. The reduction was 40+%. Closed loop is the way to go. Vertical is expensive unless one is in an area where the drillers are accustomed to doing it. Horizontal is great. Even better if one has a backhoe with a narrow bucket. Great for rural folks. The equipment is standard price. With this tech it's important to understand payback and how the tech works.
  17. i see what you mean after looking again. no, i'm too old to start trying that. probably too old to start base jumping, one thing i wanted to do bad back when i started jumping. had it not taken me so long to get my license, maybe. i'll probably just jump enough to get decent for rw work. that's enough for me. maybe crw, that's another thing i have wanted to do for a while.
  18. kallend


    States with more than 15 cases/100,000/day Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Hawaii Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri Nevada Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Wyoming
  19. Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

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    In excellent condition, only 5 jumps. Will fit someone 5’11” - 6’3” @ 180-215 lbs


    Waialua, Hawaii

  20. Half of California thought they knew Cooper. Sounds like Flo Schaffner was being hit upon for a while regarding Cooper, and that this consisted of attempts to pin the hijacking on Jack Coffelt. My books are all in my new place, which is far from Seattle, but I think I recall that she was from Fayetteville, AK. I know she was from Arkansas anyway. The FBI held a meeting in April 1976 regarding whether to pursue a John Doe warrant. There are so many redactions in the files released that most of them are useless, or close to useless. I will again be unavailable for a few days starting this Friday. Last moving trip to the new place. Long drive. Will be very busy, and frankly....except for the occasional post to Dropzone, or answering email inquiries about the case...I am pretty much out of the Cooper business now. Ditched all pages and references to the case at the main AB of Seattle website. Replaced with a special page on SUFON that is still under construction. (Seattle UFO network, where my fiancee and I are now Event Organizers.) I'd post a picture of she and I together for you...but I don't trust anyone in Cooperland anymore. It's part of the reason I bailed on the whole thing. Some (not all) of you do not work well with others. One thing I discovered recently. It is better to work with people who are somewhat weird occasionally, believe the strangest stuff, but who are very nice...rather than to try working with the mean and hateful, or who believe they can do no wrong. Even when they do. Those folks are absolutely hopeless. Sometimes you guys (not YOU Flyjack) remind me of the Magoo cartoon bit. Mainly because of the way you occasionally backstab and go after each other. You know it is pathetic and desperate, right?
  21. Time Left: 29 days and 10 hours

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    Great canopy, never been wet, no patches, fabric in excellent condition, new lines have about 100 jumps, clean cross ports, collapsible slider, soft links.


    Waialua - US

  22. Scotty was chiding some guy on a mullins load using his croaky voice and pumping the load up. We were all like 100 to 200 jump rookies there for a 99 dollar all you can jump boogie. Scottie was the load master. We were in the face of roality. Scotty in his croaky voice was giving chides. Noone was wanting to be the victom. He looked at me n i said check your reserve handle its out. He thanked me. See never be afrade to help.
  23. Mary Jane Griffin gave me a solid black 7 cell Collis had made as a substitution for a naughty girl. Our deal was pass aff and you get 1 wish. Honestly i had a pic. I took the 7 cell. I put 3 base jumps on it at new river
  24. Uneasy riders And I thought those were supposed to be red.
  25. kallend


    Very irritating that vaccinated people are bearing the burden of trying to protect their fellows by wearing masks, keeping distances, etc. while unvaccinated idiots prance around, publicly burn masks, wave anti-vaccine signs, conduct disinformation campaigns, refuse to mandate mitigation measures, and blatantly discourage anyone from taking any action to protect themselves, their kids, their relatives, their friends, or their fellow Americans. I have zero sympathy for the unvaccinated who are ending up in the hospital whining and full of regret. But there is a small percentage of vaccinated people who are getting sick because the unvaccinated are allowing the virus and its mutants to continue to circulate freely because it is finding plenty of unvaccinated hosts.
  26. kallend


    I am shocked, I tell you.
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