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HUMPS (or other significant number): JUMPS: CASES OF BEER OWED


1 naked jump for our friend Wyatt's 1000th. Wyatt was the only guy, and there were 10 girls, 9 of whom were naked (assuming I didn't miss anyone in my headcount here). So I owe beer for that one. Talk about being scared while coming in for a landing. :D But no one biffed in! :)

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2 (number of times I was in an airplane without my rig):0:0

Flew to Orange County on Friday morning for my aunt's funeral. Had a good time seeing family, some I hadn't seen since I was in high school. Flew back home Saturday morning on a Boeing 737 with less than 40 passengers - I had the exit row to myself. B|

Went to SF Saturday night. Wandered around the area by the Fillmore, people watching and checking out funky little storefronts. Then went to a private showing of a new film by Stefano Moris. Thought provoking story, great music and awesome digital animation - it was excellent.

Spending Sunday being lazy... err I mean doing laundry. :D

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2 = number of friends i convinced to come do a tandem today and they loved it!

1 = Just made a coach jump an hour ago at Tecumseh. It was a tracking sequence, which was sweet B|

3 = I had my first jump at Tecumseh last week, I jumped my own pack job last week, and I had my first hop-n-pop a few ago that I haven't counted yet.

Overall, a very good weekend
Puttin' some stank on it.

----Hellfish #707----

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1:5:1 case for a first, 1 bottle for my rigger

*1 ride on a sports bike with SteveB|. I love being a passenger on a motorcyle/crotch rocket, but I gotta get one for ME! B|

First jump of the weekend, I did an awesome sit fly with Teri, Chad and Layton. Exit could have been a little better for me, :D owed for doing a train/totem pole. I was in a nice sit and Teri came and docked on top of me, behind me! B|
I did a slow turn in my sit, looking for Teri, I couldn't find her and Chad told me on the ground she was right on top of me! :D

*did another sit, left a little late:$
*was supposed to do a 2-way, left a litte late again hanging from the strut:$oops:$.
*2 hop-n-pops

(last hop-n-pop, CUTAWAY!!!!)
I had a HARD opening and when I looked up to unstow my brakes, my left steering line was stretched out and I went to grab it, it was gone! :o
I had such a hard opening my brake line broke, even the stitching on my riser in the cable housing came undone halfwayB|.

The jump didn't scare me, but I thought to myself, "oh geez, another cutaway...gotta do what I got to do". Had a nice landing under my reserve again.
Now I have to order another d-ring and get my canopy relined. Oh well:|.

Mother to the cutest little thing in the world...

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Tons of homework: 1: 0

Wanted to do more jumping but homework's a priority right now. Can always jump later. But needed a sanity break so I got 1 jump in. :D
Life is short! Break the rules! Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.

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0 (so far ;)):5:0

1 H+P, 1 awesome 4 way with the other 3 guys all having over 2000 jumps. What an awesome skydive.

3 awesome jumps today during a low pressure just for fun 3 way competition. 12 pts on the 1st one, 5 on the 2nd, and 8 on the third. Learned a ton and had a blast.

All in all a great weekend.
I've done so much, with so little, for so long
I'm now expected to do everything with nothing forever

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15: 6 : 0

15 - the number of stand-up (most in no wind!) landings I've had out of the last 16. Ironically, my last tumble was on 100. :D

What an amazing weekend. Lots of fun 4 way jumps - gawd, I love launching stairsteps B| Looking forward to 4 way scrambles next weekend and having a team next season!

I love skydiving - and I love that the summer is over and all the experienced people can actually do some fun jumpin' instead of tandem jockeying all weekend.

Fall rox! :)

Arianna Frances

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