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  1. oh man Blue Skies Muppet... JTown will miss you Arianna Frances
  2. If you guys have a moment to take all of these posts and put them in the guestbook here: I think Diane would appreciate it. She's been asking people to post there so that she will have a central place for 'Gary memories' to share with his grandchildren. Arianna Frances
  3. This has brought a tear to my eye today... Blue skies D-6969 My thoughts are with everyone at Jumptown today and always Arianna Frances
  4. Yep - its a tool, much like 'time outs' and 'reasoning' are. My DD has taken to running into the street and parking lots lately. She was almost hit by a car last week - she's amazingly fast for a kid with CP We tried 'reasoning' with her for a few weeks and doing the whole 'time out' thing (which usually works), but hell, she's 27 months, she doesn't get it. Finally, after she was nearly hit, Dad took it upon himself to swat her legs. She learned quickly to not do that again. Did she learn "cars are dangerous!" - no, she learned "if I do that again Mom and Dad are going to get mad" and at this stage in her life its much more effective, she doesn't understand cars are dangerous. At her age there is only one thing in her world her - and mom and dad are the most constant objects in that world, a car isn't. There are a multitude of different disciplinary actions and some are suited for some situations and others are not. Safety is a big reason to use the fastest/most effective disciplinary tool in your 'tool box'. We don't label ourselves spankers - we label ourselves as parents who happen to be open to various forms of discipline to command respect (and respect only). I take offense at the 'lazy parents' comment because with everything we have been through in her 2 years we are anything BUT lazy - she is our entire world (to the point where her therapy appointments mean we have no time for a life, seriously) and we do everything we can to keep her safe and ensure she is growing into a happy, healthy, respectful person, even if that means physical discipline. Arianna Frances
  5. My grandmother has a friend on that stuff - its a heart medication I think - and her 18 month old grandson got into it when she wasn't looking. Kid started acting cranky and grandma thought he was just tired so she put him down for a nap rather than a doctor. He later died Glad you were able to get him to the vet! Scary stuff... Arianna Frances
  6. Ya know what's worse? When you neighbor moves and leave the dog chained to a tree in the backyard... ... in winter... I work with rescues on a regular basis and it never fails to amaze me how cruel people can be to animals. I rescued a cat once that her 'owner' thought would look great covered in motor oil and set on fire Thankfully she was adopted by a wonderful old man who had the patience to teach her to trust again. Jen D. Arianna Frances
  7. hehehe I agree... see alot of 'green with envy' in the football world today. I'm still glad I gave up my tickets for today though. Chunk of change was nice and I got to watch from a nice heated living room on a comfy couch. 9 degrees... blah, I don't like football that much Arianna Frances
  8. mailin

    "I Am Legend"

    That was the problem with this movie... it STARTED to delve into that, and then stopped leaving everyone hangin' Arianna Frances
  9. I had a totally fantastic Christmas and got much more than I deserved: * Speedlite 430EX, 8 batteries and charger for it * 50mm f/1.8 - I'm in love!! * Cactus wireless trigger * Sto-Fen Omnibounce * Sunpak Tripod * Extra camera batteries (2) * New bag - Canon backpack * Bunch of clothes from the 'rents * Foodsaver system And best of all: Watching my daughter open up all her new Elmo related presents (gift enough I tell ya!) Hope everyone else had a great Christmas too Arianna Frances
  10. mailin

    "I Am Legend"

    Read the book - you summed up the argument made in the book pretty well Arianna Frances
  11. Looks incredibly lame... ...but it gets bonus points, from me, for tunnel time Still won't pay $10 for it though Arianna Frances
  12. ya, no shit - I LOVE FRUITCAKE... send it to me! Then again, I love mince meat pie too You'd all hate to be around me during the hoildays - I play christmas music 24/7 (yes, even the chipmunk song), have those stupid bell earrings/necklaces and have lights up all over the place at my desk at work. We don't have any outlets on the outside of our house (yet), so no annoying inflatable stuff... but just wait until next year! This is my favorite time of year, I love the holidays and love annoying the crap out of people who 'bah humbug' it! Like I said, you'd all hate to be around me this time of year Arianna Frances
  13. mailin

    "I Am Legend"

    I must have been dense then... cause I didn't catch onto that until he got snagged. When he first drove by I thought it was one of the creatures, suddenly 'immune' to sunlight... the fact that hank was moved at all was interesting - reasoning that I thought was lost on the 'creatures'. In the novel the dog is introduced in the middle and only stays around for a week... When he finally got the nerve up to talk to the female mannequin... that was the most depressing/saddest part of that whole film, although the flashbacks were pretty bad too. I'd have liked to have seen more background on the cause but I realize thats not what the novel was about either... but it would have made it more interesting. I used to be involved in my state's emergency preparedness committee (worked at the biggest hospital) and found myself really analyzing the response of the government in the film. What would we do now that was different than the film? All in all it was a pretty boring flick, IMO... Arianna Frances
  14. mailin

    "I Am Legend"

    Funniest part of the movie (and no it doesn't give anything away) "Hank!! What are you doing here man?! Hank!?!" Really sad/funny/wierd at all the same time. Can't say I've ever left a movie theater so depressed before though... I was glad it didn't follow the novels plot line though cause that would have been even more boring... Arianna Frances
  15. Woo HOO!! I thought I was the only person who LOVED mince meat pies Arianna Frances