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  1. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Lead seals- Interesting problem!!!

    I'm not a rigger so this is my clause to anything I write below... that is scary! So, accidental routing through the closing loop when installing the seal. Maybe something could be done to mistake proof it. • smaller lead seals that will pass through the grommet? • a personal check for riggers to include on there final inspection? • I know I will certainly keep it in mind when receiving my rig back after a repack. It made me go check it just now... edit: you would think that the spring in the pilot chute would have snapped it. Maybe the combined friction of the closing flaps are locking it down enough so that it's stored energy isn't able to overcome the 4.5lb. tensile strength. Sorry if this post has no value. Just a bored wannabe wanting to understand.
  2. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Dirty Laundry aired in z-hills

    wow... Looks like this one could get messier than it already is. Dirty laundry indeed
  3. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Missing anything?

    Was this found in a reserve tray? That would be random!
  4. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Worth contacting previous rigger?

    If it's something that, if done again, would/could cause a malfunction on a reserve deployment... Yes! I'm not a rigger, but if i wasn't doing something properly i would want to know because it is my butt on the line. Now if said rigger is a butt head about it and blows you off... I would consider contacting a higher authority.
  5. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Optimum 143 into Icon I3?

    I have a micron V308 that is sized for a smart 120. I have an Optimum 143 in it if that helps. Here is a link to UPT's sizing chart. (see V308) I know its not Icon, but it may help you decide.
  6. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Sabre2 150 1

  7. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Manufactures label

  8. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Aerodyne ZPX colors...

    I don't have any pictures, sorry... I am just subscribing to this one. I am in the market for a ZPX pilot and am in the same situation! Lets see your ZPX colors people!
  9. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Email duplications

    add me to the list.
  10. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Pulling High - A Discussion for Students

    I havent done any high pulls for canopy work. Just relied on the time from regular pull time to 2500' 1000'. (depending on what im practicing, what the winds are and how far im out.) I think its something to look into next time im at the dz.
  11. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    What kind of sport is this?

    ground launch derby?
  12. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT logbook?

    what about a log book cover?
  13. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Brian Germain's Canopy Course

    ive already signed up for it at my DZ.
  14. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    video site xstream?

    here u go
  15. FrEaK_aCcIdEnT

    Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk

    mines getting pretty worn out