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  1. It already is an "official recommendation." And one unlikely to change. Ok you have me on that comment! But the fact is, it's outdated and needs to change! Like I said there are way too many people finding a way around this by doing the likes of hop n' pops or just plain using them without instruction and it needs to change! I believe my solution would work and be a heck of a lot safer in the long run!
  2. Ok, This is my recommendation! People are jumping a go-pro or contour without the required magical 200 jumps, it happens on a lot of DZ's We must all agree that the SIM is a little outdated...Or not! But how about a remedy to the situation? why not make it 100 jumps and have an experienced camera flyer or coach go with and instruct and watch someone that would like to fly a small camera setup such as the go-pro or contour? Have a debriefing and recommend to or not until such person is said to meet the requirements to use such a device and until they learn and apply the potential dangers and hazards associated with them are they aloud to use this device, along with having a rigger and S&TA sign off on! IMO this would cure a large problem and make it an official recommendation! I have heard new jumpers say "i will bang out another 150 or so hop n" pops and then I can use my new camera and a wingsuit together @ the same time!" where is the instruction and training? Oh that's right the SIM We all know that it takes time but how about time and a little instruction? I think that this might cure some rambunctious behavior and keep some folks satisfied at the same time! Just my opinion!
  3. Why shouldn't they count? How many people are willing to do this shit? I was on this jump As far as I am concerned to the poster about 100/50 should they be able to jump with a GoPro or Contour...absolutely! Airborne carry much more equipment and are more prone to snags than any skydiver and are probably more altitude aware and conscious about their equipment! And yes I am biased, I have 2 combat jumps and know how to think outside the box! and to another poster it is not far off to have an airborne student with 26 jumps and already have 5 night jumps! 90% of military jumps are done in the night, not sure if you were making fun but it is absolutely plausible! But on the other hand, If a skydiver came to Ft. Benning for Airborne school their qualifications would be nothing but laughed at, Face it you are just another leg and probably don't have what it really takes to truly be AIRBORNE! It's been a couple of years and i didn't think I would miss being treated like cargo, but I sure miss it and would do another in a heart beat!
  4. Worked for me tonight, I was at a scene with 90/10 male female split! no guy was having any luck because the 10% were with their friends and I started a completely innocent conversation with a couple of single girls everyone was oogling over and a buddy of mine came up and said hey this guy can take you skydiving that is what he does! Low and behold they thought it was BS until I broke out my Iphone and showed some nice freefly video and they were totally mesmerized! The best looking one asked me for my number before we parted ways...I got half way home when she called and wanted to come over and GAME OVER! Hell Yeah!
  5. I stand corrected then, No I have not seen a recent graduate! But I have seen a student burn in kinda hard, so much so that they were already dialing 911 and he got up with a few bruises and the first thing he said to his instructor is "I don't care what they say about PLF's but man they sure do work!" but he has been out of the service for a while also.
  6. This is my take on it and i agree with a few posters "it is an exit out of an aircraft with a parachute!" The question I would like answered by all the old timers that started out jumping static line rounds is.....Did it count towards your total jumps and magical jump numbers? If so why do military jumps not count? I have heard the argument it is not the same thing and granted it is different and there is no freefall involved. but on the same token, they include these jumps towards licenses and awards themselves based on the sole exclusion is that what they started out on and all they had at the time! I can also say that there is absolutely no sport jumper in existence (except those that have been to Ft.Benning speaking soley from the USA of course.)that has had the intensive training that involves the safety and jumping with equipment that they provide! Also, anyone who has been through jump school could teach a PLF or emergency procedures better than any AFF instructor, PERIOD! Here is a quote from a blackhat that I remember well. "I don't care how many skydives you have, Until you step out of a plane into pitch black darkness at 800' with 100lbs. of gear and 40lbs. of parachute your still just another F'ing leg! Enough Said!
  7. I did in fact read the reply on the V3 competition post! Which still had me wondering why Gary (The owner of his business) did not take care of this matter himself until someone else from the forum offered to step in and help after I posted negative. Like I said it is a moot point! this post was a mere update from my posts and a Kudos to the kind of person Freak_accident is! And for the measly $60 comment, how would you feel if I took $60 from your wallet and told you to piss off it's only a measly $60? I am sure you would just let it go..... Yeah right! Thank you again Freak_accident!
  8. I got my money back today from member Freak_accident. I think this is how the story goes... Freak_accident requested Gary to send him the money along with his for winning the V3 competition and he would forward me my money! Long story short Freak_accident is an honest, upstanding individual that did not have to do what he did in any way shape or form but he stepped up and I sincerely thank him! I still wish I had an answer why Gary would not take care of this himself but it is moot point now!
  9. Why was my post deleted? The bottom line...I was ripped off! I paid for merchandise, got lied to and excuses for over 5 months. I requested my money back and still no repsonse. BAD BUSINESS!!!
  10. I am glad after all these months you are so optimistic! Keep dreaming!
  11. Obviously it's the fact that you live in the USA! I know you did not have to pay anything but it's the fact that you were promised something and never received anything! Unlike me, I paid for some items in January and have been lied to and ripped off! Karnage Krew sucks! I will never order a single thing or recommend anyone from the USA do business with them!
  12. Contact Vladi @ A great guy to deal with and very knowledgeable to your needs!
  13. So does this mean that I should be expecting my hoodie with all the free extra t-shirts you promised for not getting out in time? I am beginning to get my hopes up again!
  14. I am sure it can be done on the cheap! [url