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  1. I've a customer who needs a line set for his Cayenne Light 150. I've tried to contact Firebird, but not received a reply yet. Anyone who knows if it's possible to get line sets for this canopy?
  2. New loop for every pack job. Cypres loops are very sensitive andQuote the one that looks good before you start reusing it, may not be worthy when you're finished
  3. Any good ideas how to install a magnetic slider keeper on a Wings?
  4. I'm looking for a Company who sells, 5,1" poles for Wind-signs. Used to get them from
  5. These ones will work with your Benny helmet
  6. Have anyone tried to pack a Pilot 132 made of ZPX into a Javelin RSK1?
  7. In Denmark we have following rules C-license (App 40 Jumps) and until you reach 200 jumps: Only semi elliptical canopies. Weight naked + 10 KG-then you must have max 0.5 kg pr sq ft . 85 kg naked + 10 kg means 190 sq. ft From 200 and up to 400 jumps : Weight naked + 10 KG- then you must have max 0.650 kg pr sq ft . 85 kg naked + 10 kg means 146 sq. ft. Only semi elliptical canopies, unless you choose to stick to 0,5 kg pr sq. ft. (Elliptical canopies are defined by name- Katana, Crossfire etc) 400-600 jumps: Common sense. No wingload restrictions, but crossbrace canopies are not allowed 600 jumps: Only common sense The problem with this simple way is, that sometimes we hold someone back and sometimes people get into too small canopies too early. I think it's difficult only to have rules. A mix that includes canopy piloting courses will definately improve safety
  8. When we got it I pulled the handle without opening the reservepincover first. Unfortunately I didn't see how the seal was attached. I like pull the reserve with the main still packed to see how the reservepilotchute perform. The sealthread broke where it was wrapped/tied to to wire above the pin and the lower part styed intact- routed thru the loop. The loop was a standard cypresloop. The packjob might have been to the loose side, wich created some zig zagging/grommets spreading out, especially when the seal slided down in the grommet and lengthend the loop even more.
  9. I got an Atom in for inspection and I pulled the reservehandle - Look what happend!
  10. Have anyone received anything from Parachute de France. I've e-mailed them several times and always got the same answer-still no news. If the modification is approved, why does it take so long to get the kits out??
  11. I've tried to e-mail Parachute de France several times to get a date for shipping the new mod.kit for the Techno 240. I'v not succeded getting an answer yet. Does anyone know anything? I wondered why it takes so long to manufacture some sliders and some steeringlines. It's almost 4 weeks since they released the bulletin.