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  1. Is there any reason you wouldn't want to fly an Optimum Reserve as a main? Recently got the chance to use one and really liked it. I know it's F-111 so it wears out faster but it's also a lot cheaper than a main and I don't usually get more than 50 or 60 jumps a summer so it would last years. I want a big docile 7 cell but there aren't really any 7 cells bigger than 230 so I was kind of thinking why not an Optimum? Any thoughts? Thanks Russ
  2. Would anyone like to see their DZ staff a jumpmaster for each load? An experienced jumper that would be tasked to.... Set a landing direction by checking the winds just prior to exit (via radio) Exiting last, observing traffic and dealing with those who break pattern rules and fly their canopies dangerously. They could also, Establish exit order. Calculate winds aloft and ensure proper exit separation between groups. Check people's "3's" Make sure those on the load are qualified to jump their camera/wingsuit. Try and stop some/all of the general stupid shit you see that could kill you/others like swooping in traffic, arguments about the exit order, exit spacing, chest strap undone, sit flying a rig without riser covers at 17 jumps etc etc etc. I know we all hate regulation but some formal regulation at the DZ/per load level could very well fend off the federal type of regulation and save a life or two. People are dumb and skydiving is not something that lends it self to a common sense approach. The fucking waterslide at the Hyatt has a lifeguard spacing people out and watching for lightening, it doesn't reason that each skydiving load could use someone who knows what's what and could help control what can be controlled? A lot of loads I'm on have people giving too much/not enough time between exits, people teaching the 45 degree rule to new jumpers and people doing shit tons of other stupid shit because they don't know any better or don't care because no one else seems too. Would you pay a dollar slot for someone to enforce pattern discipline and prevent obvious and dangerous stupidity (other than skydiving ) Why or why not?
  3. I received the following information from a long time 20+ years and thousands or jumps jumper who is professionally involved in gear sales and design. 1) Regarding Skyhook reliability- I've heard from a few people now that feel that the Skyhook disconnects prematurely after pulling the reserve pin about 15% of the time. This is primarily in reference to tandem jumps, I don't know if a sport rig would be better or worse. 2) If you have a partially collapsed main (for whatever reason) and simply pull your reserve, there's a good chance that the reserve PC won't produce enough drag to break the red seal thread that is holding the RSL lanyard to the Skyhook, resulting in a reserve pilot chute in tow. I have video (provided by UPT) that shows one of their test jumpers deploying the reserve under an open and flying main (simulated AAD fire late in main deployment). The PC simply inflates and tows behind the jumper. Then they cutaway the main- once with the RSL snap shackle connected to the riser, and once without. With the RSL snap shackle connected, the Skyhook deployed the reserve like you would expect- the one with the RSL snap shackle DISconnected didn't. The reserve PC towed behind the jumper for two full seconds before it created enough drag to break the seal thread and initiate the deployment of the reserve. I have no idea who else they shared these videos with, so I will not distribute them, even though I think jumpers should see them to help understand their gear a bit more. .3) Simply deploying your reserve into a partial main at low altitude has been the preferred EP for a LONG time with the theory of "getting more material overhead", but you can't count on the canopies not entangling. Honestly, if you end up with a parital main (for whatever reason) below, say, 500' and you have a Skyhook, I think the odds are in your favor that you can cut away and get a Skyhook deployment. But that is about your only option if the reserve PC would simply tow if you fire your reserve first, and I don't like limited options in a scenario like that. It is certainly a situation where EP's need to be re-evaluated if jumping with a Skyhook connected. Any thoughts on this? If true it would dictate a change in EPs for partial canopies below 1k. Makes me a little nervous as I have had a skyhook in my rig for season always thinking that it doesn't effect the outcome if I pull the silver handle. I'm hesitant to post this as I don't want to bag on a good device but I am curious how much validity there is to this, if it seems there is none I'll pull the entire post but considering the source there seems to be some and it I'd like to find out on the internet and not in the air. -RO
  4. So you are saying that when I buy my own gear I will be paying $25 per jump to maintain it? Sorry if it's a dumb question but that makes no sense to me.
  5. Some packers at my dz flake by just shaking the canopy back and forth and it seems to work ok (they all have opened) is there a downside to this technique? What is the purpose of flaking in the first place? No I don't know a lot about packing but taking the class soon and wanted to know if I should be using that technique or if it will eventually bite me. Thanks!
  6. I'm in the US. While new to skydiving I am not new to aviation sports and know there are some rules that just don't get followed to a "T" most of the time and was wondering if this one of the "in practice" bendable rules and if exiting from a cloud was fairly common or not. I was more concerned with being in a cloud with a pilot not current for IFR than hitting some yokel without a radio at 13K (while that still is a concern) Having a little bit of IFR PIC time I know enough to get nervous in a cloud with a pilot I don't know and no IFR flight plan. I just don't understand why the DZ would bust VFR regs for an extra 500 feet. They don't give a refund if the plane only get to 12900 do they? Should I be concerned with free fall collision during or right after a non linked exit from a cloud? Thanks for all your replies.
  7. How good of a scan for air traffic do most people do in clear air anyway? Does the cloud really change much? The pilots radios he dropping jumpers, right? Do most dz's refuse to drop jumpers from a cloud or is it usually looked the other way on? I.E industrial haze...
  8. I am curious of experienced jumpers view of exiting from a cloud. I was on a load yesterday doing my 13th jump with a coach and the green light came on in a cloud (GPS spot) the majority of the load was screaming GO but there were a few experienced jumpers that wouldn't get out either so we descended 500 feet to clear air and exited but after a good bit of yelling. I felt like kind of a wanker saying I wouldn't exit even though I knew the clouds ended just a few hundred feet below and my coach didn't seem worried about it but I have heard don't get out if you cant see the ground so I said no go. Am I being a little too uptight about industrial haze or is there some danger in it I haven't thought of yet? I know the regs just looking for more "in practice" information. How would you handle the situation?
  9. If you want to quit nicotine, read this and you will. No shit, 4 months or so for me. Easy as pie, I hardly ever even think about it anymore. Fuck the gum and the stupid electronic water vaporizer (no offence I had one too for a bit) I have it as PDF, too big to upload but if you want it I will email it to anyone who asks. No harm in giving it a glance.
  10. Dumb question: It is suppose to cut the cloth closing loop right in the real world right? This was just a demo of how strong the cutter is? Or does the Cypress always cut a metal wire? The handle is connected to the wire that ends at the pin. Cypress fires an cuts the loop that goes around the pin. Or am I way wrong?
  11. Cant get either the OP's link or vimeo to work. Is it just me?
  12. In response to the other thread in womens only, yes I've had some drinks and I'm bored! Edited to add..That blows I can't edit the choices to remove options #1 and 2 insert a "i'd rather take my chances with Tina Fey" option.
  13. "Skydiving: as good as crack cocaine!" Your logic is one sided. How can you be for legal skydiving and not legal drugs? Hows can you support such dangerous and expensive recreational activities? Let's be honest here...skydiving is as fun as crack, actually more fun. But skydiving is also much more dangerous and expensive than crack!! You would be better off doing Percodan on your couch! Or Crack! I bet the USPA would see a boost in numbers if you rolled out some Partnership for a Skydiving Free America (PSFA) commercials.... "more expensive and more dangerous than crack, don't do it!" It works great in the US for increasing illegal drug use, why not skydiving? It would be great marketing!!
  14. Oh yeah, hahah sorry for the teaser... Babes