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  1. Agreed but these politicians aren't doing this entirely off their own backs..... The fuck-wit out of control drunken morons are really the root cause. We need a seed change in their behaviour to curtail their antisocial activities. Let the idiots rot their livers but ruining everyone elses night out is not acceptable. The politicians rightly see a problem that needs fixing... however, as you say, ruining everyone else's night out is not the way to do that. If they ban happy hours, the drunken morons (let's just call them "chavs" for short?!) will simply go and buy booze in Tesco to get hammered in a far less controlled environment before heading out. To my mind, it's partly a cultural thing (there has been excessive drinking in Anglo-Saxon culture going back hundreds of years), partly due to stressful lifestyles (we have the highest taxation and the longest working hours in Europe) and probably most significantly, the fact that it is completely sociably acceptable in the UK to get uncontrollably drunk. I don't pretend to have the answers... but I do know that banning happy hour will make ZERO difference! (Except to piss off adults who do know how to drink responsibly!)
  2. Unfortunately, the UK is, at present, ruled by Politicians who love to interfere in the tiniest detail of all of our lives. They also love to bring in rafts of new legislation to stop normal, law-abiding adults enjoying themselves "for our own good". The UK is a cold, dark, wet island... and the nanny state with their horrendous band aid politics means that fun of any kind is rapidly becoming outlawed and/or taxed out of existence.
  3. It most certainly does suck... I somehow managed to get through a 4 year Mathematics degree with only 1 term of statistics. And that was one term too many!!!
  4. Here are some pics - including a lovely pic of that beautiful 52-way red cross!!! http://www.britchicks.org/media.htm A real shame about the British weather not cooperating for the first 5 days, but Lesley and the rest of the organising team absolutely ROCKED and we really couldn't have hoped for a nicer team of chicks.
  5. Happy Birthday Alana! Vicki
  6. I haven't jumped in Scotland myself, but have a look here: http://www.bpa.org.uk/dropzone/dzone.htm A map and details of all UK DZs. hth!
  7. Happy Birthday Krisanne! Vicki
  8. Where's the option for "never jumped a 182" and "never been on a DZ that operates one"?! Vicki
  9. Same here. Last year I didn't manage to get a flu shot early enough in the year and actually got flu... I was off work for nearly a month and it ended up developing into pneumonia. I was seriously ill and never, ever, ever want to feel that bad ever again! Vicki
  10. I went to see Borat last night. I have spent today giggling to myself every time I remember certain bits of the film! It's the funniest thing I've seen in ages - crude, un-PC humour. Fantastic! Trailer can be seen here: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/borat.html Enjoy!!! Vicki
  11. Short answer... lots of big aircraft, lots of skydivers, lots of jumping and an unbeatable nightlife! The Empuria xmas boogie is awesome. Keep checking their website and I'm sure they will publish more details nearer the time... but in the meantime just get those flights booked!
  12. I agree entirely - I was there for the 2nd weekend and I had a great time too. Langar did a great job of getting the loads up where possible from what I saw - they can't help the weather! Big congratulations to Audrey on her 1000th, Fiona on her 1000th and Caroline on her 2000th!
  13. The easiest DZ around Oxford to get to by public transport is Hinton. I also studied in Oxfod and the best bet was to get a train to Kings Sutton and then get a taxi (best to call and book in advance) from there. I was nearly always able to get a lift back to the Oxford Park and Ride from the DZ and then get a bus back into the city. hth!