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  1. I am probably posting something that's already been discussed but I tried searching and couldn't find. I own a Hawkeye (side mount only) helmet. Currently have a PC105 on the side mount. Looking to top mount with a quick release. Is there a quick release mount that can directly mount to the top of this helmet and fit correctly? Sorry for the repetition...please refer a link. Thanks!! Blue Skies
  2. akurtom


  3. akurtom

    LCD vs Plasma

    plasma use 4x more energy than LCDs. Something to consider wehn you are looking at your electricity bill. Blue Skies
  4. OK...need to get a non-biased opinion about an insurance claim since I know nothing about insurance companies and how they work. If someone lends their car to a friend and the friend returns the car untouched...but leaves the car in gear (manual transmission). The next day the owner of the car activates the autostart feature they installed post-factory....and the car rolls into another car. Who is responsible for the crash? Blue Skies
  5. Congrats guys! The more places where we can all feed our need to jump, the better. Blue Skies
  6. How crazy is this? Pro gets killed in his own house. More Photos/Details Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor died after he was shot in the leg during a possible burglary at his Florida home. He was 24. The Pro Bowl National Football League player was found bleeding from a gunshot wound when officers responded to a call at his Palmetto Bay home just before 2 a.m. yesterday, Miami- Dade Police said. The bullet pierced his femoral artery, according to the Miami Herald. ``I think Sean felt like God made him to play football,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said at a press conference at the team's training facility in Ashburn, Virginia. ``He was one of those guys who felt this is where he belonged.'' A preliminary investigation suggests that Taylor was shot inside the home by an intruder, said Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, a police spokesman. Investigators have no description of the suspect and are asking for the public's help. Taylor's girlfriend and daughter were in the house during the shooting and weren't injured, Zabaleta said. Police found signs of forced entry and are trying to determine if it occurred the night of the shooting or during a previous break-in at the house on Nov. 18. Gibbs said Taylor missed a team meeting after the previous break-in. The fifth overall pick in the 2004 National Football League draft, Taylor didn't travel to Tampa Bay for the Redskins' Nov. 25 game because of a knee injury that kept him out the past two weeks. Bullet Hit Artery According to the Herald, Taylor and his girlfriend were awakened by noises in his four-bedroom, $900,000 home. He grabbed a machete from under his bed and went to investigate when an armed intruder burst in the bedroom door and fired two shots, one of which hit the inside of Taylor's leg, the newspaper said. Taylor was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, where he underwent surgery, the Herald said. The gunman hasn't been caught and Taylor's lawyer told the paper that nothing was stolen from the house. Taylor died at 3:30 a.m., police said. Blue Skies
  7. that's about one of the most ignorant comments that I've heard as an Arab American. It made me laugh, thanks! Blue Skies
  8. akurtom


    I love my GSX-R1000 2002. It's fast, light and loves to throw herself in the a turn no problem. My favorite right now is the 1098 Ducati S tricolour. It's bad ass. I wish I had the money. Blue Skies
  9. I still think she is smokin' hot....but her performance was sad....she used to put up quite the performance. Blue Skies
  10. akurtom


    As a biker and an owner of a GSX-R1000, I completely understand where you are coming from. Some bikers take it too far in not the right environment. But it goes both ways. I know many many many many times where I'm riding, not hard, and found myself nearly run over from people that have no respect for bikers. It's terrible. Most bikers, if you were to survey, are scared of the cars on the road more than themselves on a fast bike. It's kinda weird but the truth. Blue Skies
  11. Lock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrells Crash Old School Blue Skies
  12. akurtom

    SI owners

    I own a classic, 91 Si. I havent driven it in three years....just dont get around to doing it. Blue Skies
  13. I have decided to pack my gear and fly over to Eloy for Safety day. Does anyone know who to talk to to schedule time in the tunnel and who would be recommended for freeflying in the tunnel. Need to jump, DC is way too cold for me right now. Blue Skies