Phoenix Fly Phantom Edge?

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Likely right in terms of the outcome, but not necessarily right on all the reasons. For what's it's worth, the Jedei is called Jedei [edited to add: and not Jedi] due to Lucasfilms, not because of poor spelling. And the R2B2 isn't the droid you're looking for...

As a guy who does IP law for a living (and teaches it), one word versus two doesn't help you, and the commonness of the name only really helps if you were using it to, you know, hunt ghosts. But in any event, it's highly unlikely that they would bother chasing it, and their mark rights would only protect against a liklihood of confusion on the source (low risk there - nobody is going to think it's the same source) but that doesn't stop big players (like Disney) from lobbing lawyer letters whenever they feel like it and preventing imports just to fuck with people. What WILL protect PF (and other WS manufacturers) is they are ridiculously small makets and unique products. There aren't buik shipments to stop and no real lawyer money to be made (except for the in house guys, but those guys are pricks).

Good luck trying to protect Wingsuit designs via copyright - at least in the US (and, without checking, I think the EU, too), it doesn't extend to articles of clothing, fashion, etc. Design patents might be available, but those are a pain in the ass and limited and not worth it.

Edited to add: not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing. Just saying what is.
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I agree on the "Ghost Hunter" name rethink. Not regarding trademark, but just because it sounds dorky.

I'm a Ghost3 owner and sure the next model will be that bit better - but I wouldn't be keen on having the new name embroidered on the armwing. It will be nicknamed GhostBuster Suit.
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some interesting lawyer paranoia from the land of free....

For Lawsuits on product naming, please contact our weapons officer in our Albanian office. Though apparently we don't answer emails anyways..so not sure how they'd even get in touch...
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