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  1. So when Squirrel releases the new "Twink" intermediate suit, will they need to worry about an imminent lawsuit from the LGBT community?
  2. Come on, Charley. "Happiness guarantee"... I am not the only person Matt ripped off. I just happened to be the most vocal. In fact, I know there are still a few of those trash pile Colugo prototypes out there that they refuse to replace with a working model. Lip service and marketing don't equal legit customer service.
  3. The suit is a beast and has a ton of range. I was able to get a few jumps on one this weekend and will write more when I can get another 20-30 jumps on it (just so I am not that guy that raves about the best this or that with no experience). I have always liked the PF style of flying and it maintains that feel, just with a ton of power.
  4. If that was a groping, then this is a bj... (it's safe for work, I promise, it is on youtube). I don't know the other guy but that is the weakest accusation of sexual abuse I have ever seen. I am guessing getting the lower straps also counts as groping, huh? If you whined about a non-event like that at the dz half as much as you are here, then I don't know too many DZOs that would put up with for five minutes. Send me your name and address and I will give you some tissues to wipe up after the cry fest. My name is Matt Frohlich and I don't hide behind silly anonymous internet names.
  5. I wish that had been my experience. I received my Colugo five months after ordering. Understandable since it was an early production model. It didn't fit but I was told in person by Mike that it was supposed to be baggy... didn't make a lot of sense but went with it. The suit was unflyable. Back in the box. They modded that one by running a single stitch up the back of the leg which caused massive assymmetrical armwing collapses. I asked Matt and Mike about the status of the order and got conflicting information. I gave up on getting one six months after ordering and purchased a V5. The second Colugo arrived two months after complaining with fit issues. It still didn't fit but it was closer. Both suits were too tall with short arms. It flew stable in its normal trim but suffered from massive arm and leg wing collapses in any kind of a dive. I asked Matt about it and rather than address the issue, instead sent a video of him flying Brevent stating that there is no need to dive more steeply than that. Nevermind the collapse occurred at anything more than 5 degrees pitch down. After that I pretty much gave up and started jumping the V5. Asked Matt a month later about having the suit fixed or replaced with an Aura. He fired back with an extremely passive aggressive email about how lame it was that I would post positive review and pictures of the V5. There is plenty more but it isn't worth writing a book over. It was worst customer service experience I have ever had, in any industry (including cell phones). In the end, they refused to fix the suit or refund my money, even after multiple emails specifically asking. From what it sounds like their customer service is better now but I'm not the only one with issues so it isn't all rainbows and unicorn farts. I completely understand that everyone will encounter fit issues and order complications. It is a custom tailored suit, however, the way it went down was sleazy. I have ordered a lot of gear over the years and never had an issue until all this. And to add: the measurements were correct and I have every interaction with them documented so I am not making it up
  6. No call center, no cut. I am not planning on getting rich off of friends. A few of our friends have used Facebook and and this is just another way to build an account that can quickly help with rent, bills, and bs after an accident.
  7. Yes, Antigravity BASE is a business. However, the donation aspect is an addition to an already existing business and in no way affects those who aren't interested. I am sure that at some point someone will be upset but our goal is to provide a fund that can provide immediate assistance to friends in need of help.
  8. So I don't want this to come across as advertising but I wanted to let everyone know that Antigravity BASE is now donating $5 of every shirt sold to a fund that will be used exclusively to help injured jumpers. I wanted to start a nonprofit specifically with this goal in mind but I realistically do not have the time right now to make that happen. I am also open to suggestions and ideas. We are also working on donation tab that will allow donations to be added to an order. All of those proceeds from it will be used to help our friends who have been sidelined by an injury.
  10. I worked as an instructor on the Trail Teams a few years back. The hell we put those trucks through was insane. We had put 45k+ miles on them in the first year alone and all of those miles were either pulling a 5000lb trailer on the highway or heavy off-road use. The second year had some vehicles seeing 100k with the same abuse. The only recurring problem was windshield chips and breaks due to the steepness of the windshield. Only other repairs were body damage and a front CV broke once after trying to back out of a really nasty rock garden. They are solid vehicles though. The frame, drivetrain, and suspension were a proven design so it worked out a lot of the typical new car problems.
  11. Almost every up-poster has taken the side of the dz or has come with the 'whys' that this guy did not get to jump. Some may actually be valid. Bottom line: the guy had a jump scheduled. Anyone wonder why we are losing students? JerryBaumchen That's just the thing. I was fortunate enough to find a dz where they gave me 100% of their attention during my AFF. But when you don't get that I can see why people get frustrated, especially when they don't live close to the dz and then spend the whole day being told, "maybe in an hour or two".
  12. Yah, I get what you are saying but it is still a little off when the tandem can walk right in, suit up, and go when your scheduled AFF students (at least 5) get the runaround. It is one thing to say you will probably be too busy but another to schedule them with no chance of getting to jump. ...and NovaTTT, thanks for the lesson in skydiving/BASE terminology but I am already fully aware of what "going in" means
  13. Conditions were perfect all day. They had a CASA and an Otter running all day. He and the instructor that had done some of his ground training repeatedly tried to get him on a load and manifest could only tell him to wait a few more hours... pretty lame. Would have been understandable if he had not been scheduled to jump.
  14. Had a friend go in for his second AFF jump this weekend. He was scheduled to go in at noon and waited over five hours before giving up and going home (he lives 90 mins from the dz). The dropzone was busy with a ton of tandems going up all day so he kept getting put off. My question is this-- why jerk around AFF students and repeat customers just for one tandem? There is no reason why he couldn't have been fit in. Tandems might make more money per jump but from a purely financial perspective, getting him in the air quickly makes more money for them in the long run.
  15. Let me know when you are going to be up. I will be there for a few days next month. Although it will be during the middle of the week. :P