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    Tunnelsuit or FF suit?

    Tunnel suits only work in the tunnel, and sky suits only work in the sky. I heard a story from a guy who knew this guy who literally was ripped apart in a wind tunnel because he violated this unwritten law
  2. NeonLights

    Intermediate upgrade from Phantom 2

    Vampire or colugo.
  3. NeonLights

    It's a love/hate thing

    this is what you do.... - 6 hours of tunnel time. get comfy on your head. - buy a small enough rig that you dont look like a boot - learn the lingo - sign up for a big way camp, they will automatically expect you know what you're doing. - make friends -you're in its really not that hard bro, suck it up and conform already I do know what you are talking about though, and all you really got to do is approach them and don't suck... unless the organizers are beginner friendly and like to mix it up.... they are not going to come to you. if they are doing technical jumps that you cant keep up on, you are just putting everyone in danger.
  4. NeonLights

    How many tandems in the UK

    14,573.2 according to my calculations.
  5. NeonLights

    Military Discount

    I would just go with what you like. If you have the money.. It doesn't matter. I have learned my lesson with that, in the past i have bought things because of military discount, even though its not exactly what i want and i end up selling it to buy what i really wanted in the first place.
  6. NeonLights

    Cookie G3

    2 different sizes..Maybe you should elaborate.. Medium is 20&3/4 to 21&1/2 and large is 21&1/2 to 22&1/4 I wear a size larger in cookie helmets compared to most other companies.
  7. NeonLights

    sabre 150 vs pilot 150;search_string=sabre%20vs%20pilot;#2550392
  8. NeonLights

    N3 audio + open face helmet

    It does not matter if it is full or open face. I used one with a g3 , but all that matters is if there is audible pockets. Which you may need to modify. The N3A is a little bulky with the headphone jack. As a new jumper you may want to avoid using ear buds, unless they dont hinder your ability to hear under canopy.
  9. NeonLights

    Freefly Suit

    I asked Sherry to make me a completely custom suit. I explained what I wanted and she sent me a computer graphic that was even better than I expected. She was extremely helpful and always got back to me immediately. When I received the suit, its quality and attention to detail was awesome. Here is the best part.... My COMPLETELY custom design was at my door in less than 2 weeks!!!! Liquid sky quoted me more money, AND a 6 month lead time. If you want a great suit, with great customer service and low lead time, check out firefly.