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  1. Being serious this time, throw yourself into some flat spins. I did about 15 jumps in a row before i upsized from my p3 and it was a big confidence builder knowing how to get stable on any axis. Tony suits make a seamless transition to squirrels in my opinion as well. I had an xbird before i went to the colugo and it was a nice step between. The colugo is fast and has rock solid pressurization. Dont get out of control, gonna be tough to get it back.
  2. P3 to viper seems more logical. Just make sure you aren't flying a square canopy with it.
  3. Hahahaha open your butt cheecks to gain alititude???? Must be a California thing? Opening your buttcheeks is only a california thing in west hollywood and Jail.
  4. I prefer to fly handheld. I just keep the pilotchute in my hand the entire flight and let it go when i want to deploy
  5. I have tried to feed my wingsuit into my home printer with little success.. Anyone have any tips? You just your wingsuit through your printer and then put it in the oven, right?
  6. rule of thumb for canopy size is 1/2 the sqft of your body weight, and the more cross braces the better. Most of the replies you will get on this website are sarcastic and stupid. Stick to the basics, a Crossfire is a good 1st canopy.
  7. I think if you need someone to talk you down under canopy, then you should pick another sport.... And go suck at that. Maybe you can wear a radio in your football helmet and your coach can guide you like a puppet
  8. When you get to a certain level of proficiency, your canopy will literally be so afraid of your agressive flying, it will start to piss all over the place when you come in for a landing. This is where the term comes from.
  9. Tunnel suits only work in the tunnel, and sky suits only work in the sky. I heard a story from a guy who knew this guy who literally was ripped apart in a wind tunnel because he violated this unwritten law
  10. Ask for pumpkin fabric. Its essentially just the skin of a pumpkin, very vidid, bright orange.
  11. This is so awesome Really though, rw sucks.
  12. check out jedi air wear. For a tunnel suit its perfect, very powerful suit
  13. i have mine properly set up with the highest quality settings, the 0.3 lens just looks like shit unless im an inch away from something and without it, the quality is ok but definitely not worth the hassle when i can throw my GP3 on my full face and get better quality. #frustrated
  14. I have both of the following and my gopro produces much higher quality video than the sony. Am i missing something ? are my settings wrong? for the cx i have an opteka .3 and a different hd lens.
  15. Pick up an origami book. If you manage to get it in the bag after folding it into a goose, the goose should come out of the bag perfectly and you can land it like that! Wear a gopro
  16. I vote for ruta as well. I have one of her suits and love it, im in line for a second as well.
  17. I sure hope i don't have my canopy coming out at 12,000ft !
  18. Try this for deciding which fit you need.. Put on a long sleeve shirt and pants that are "regular" fit and then try a tight fit. See what you prefer. For me, i dont like the extra material. It tends to feel "sloppy" if you are looking for accuracy and it can make it a little harder to be precise. See for yourself though, flying your body is flying your body. The suit is not going to make or break you.
  19. surefire method to test it. throw it in a pool.... leave it in there for an hour. if its on the bottom, its no good. if it is still floating, its a keeper!!! if this fails, flip a coin
  20. when have they ever hurt ?
  21. i wear a jumpsuit under my jumpsuit, so when i get hot i take one off and now i'm only wearing one. because 2 minus 1 equals 1. And now i'm not hot anymore because i'm only wearing one.