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  1. Well these are two of the canopies I've been flying a lot lately, though not loaded quite as much. Safire2 189 at 1:1 Sabre2 170 at 1.1:1 My subjective impression is that the Safire is smoother and softer in turns with a lot more glide and the Sabre is a lot more snappy and aggressive and levels off with minimal toggle input. Some of this may be due to the .1 loading difference, but also I can bury the toggles on the Safire and hold them indefinitely, whereas the Sabre will stall rather harshly. To sum it up Sabre2 - more aggressive Safire2 - friendlier I would like to try a safire2 169 for a better comparison, but for me the flight characteristics of the Safire2 are preferable. I have not flown a crossfire yet, but I am very interested in both that and the Nitron. "User assumes all risk"
  2. I'm looking for a new suit that will do double duty in the tunnel and sky. I want something fast that can still generate a good amount of lift and power. That said, I know the tonfly suits are extremely popular (especially with the tunnel instructors where I am) and I really like the quality. If anyone had any experience with the new Deepseed line of Vyper suits I would really like to hear it. That and their invertor both look good and I'd like to give them a chance if the quality can match tonfly. "User assumes all risk"
  3. Updated my profile. The coach rating is the first instructional rating, and I believe there is no better way to learn than by teaching others. "User assumes all risk"
  4. I'm trying to find a couches course coming up in the next few months, preferably out on the east coast or nearby. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "User assumes all risk"
  5. Not getting married before a deployment . . . just in case. "User assumes all risk"
  6. I am in . . . not sure on the dates yet, but I will be there for as much of it as I can. "User assumes all risk"
  7. Silence is Golden Duct tape is Silver "User assumes all risk"
  8. She does her job well . . . its me that needs recovery time! "User assumes all risk"
  9. PROTIEN!!! You see this? This is my new haircut! All my buddies got the same haircut and you know what that means? We're falling asleep while pulling security in the patrol base tonight! "User assumes all risk"
  10. Or its night, and your laser is IR being viewed through NODs. "User assumes all risk"
  11. 1000 miles of horizontal separation. "User assumes all risk"
  12. A lot of really valid concerns have been expressed on this thread. Now suppose the S.O. who wanted to borrow your rig was not a licensed skydiver but still on student status, and you weren't going to be there, or even able to be contacted, while the rig was being borrowed. How would this affect your decision? "User assumes all risk"
  13. If Chicago's so great, why wasn't Forrest Gump filmed there? "User assumes all risk"
  14. deibido

    Like a Boss Probably NSFW unless you have a cool job like the Boss. "User assumes all risk"
  15. Where I am they are far more concerned about motorcycles than skydiving. They do want to know when I'm going to be jumping though. "User assumes all risk"