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  1. "I'll have what he's having!"
  2. After using the last sheet of toilet paper, I knew I shouldn't have eaten a whole bag of skittles.
  3. They tried to warn poor Robbie about his low hook turns.
  4. I think she should get a bullseye. Then have her PM me, and I will show her that it's not only a design, but very functional as well.
  5. yeah I think i was meant to be single sometimes. That is a beautiful ass by the way! Good job on switching the boobie thread to an ass thread, you just reminded me how much of an ass man I am.
  6. phuck those pussie ass moderators. They can lick my throbbing kock! i want to sodimise them with rusty herion needles, and make them suck rancid tuna salad from a festering pus filled kunt hole. it's all in the spelling.
  7. what ever, you obviously have some insecurity issues, that might have been funny if we were still in 7th grade.
  8. I'm an ass man but If I can have both then it's all good. Any advice on how to suggest a boob job to my girlfriend with out causing a huge ordeal. Or making her feel like i am shallow and not happy with her the way she is? I am happy i just think i would be a little happier if her boobs were bigger. ( yes i'm an asshole)
  9. I agree, as far as I'm concerned it's definitely more that 1% BSI. By the the way if any ladies are interested I will be giving class on how to use these things safely. Also here are some pics of my own.
  10. I resonded to an incident that was similar. This was more of a medical call, since it happened while the device was in use. The patient had some minor burns on her hands and other more sensitve areas.
  11. Ever been to sebastion?
  12. Quote"People also lick genitals and assholes, but it is usually not thier own. I believe it's hypocritical to say she is gross for sharing a cone with her dog. " So true!! I mean I give my man head after he's been wearing a pair of pants for eight hours!! I like it, he loves it!! I don't me Oooh and I swallow too!! AMEN!! the way it should be....Remind me to visit your dz, You can give my girlfriend some pointers
  13. I don't share food with my dog ,but, I think your over exaggerating some what. Pacreatitis? Who is at risk the dog or her? Modern medicine ,for the most part, has eradicated or developed a vaccine for the diseases you listed and other common cummunicable disease that dogs carry. Now people on the other hand, carry a vast amount of disease that there is no effective treatment for. How many of us have exchanged fluids with someone that we didn't know as well as we should? People also lick genitals and assholes, but it is usually not thier own. I believe it's hypocritical to say she is gross for sharing a cone with her dog.
  14. Freeflying is all about flying relative to your partner, matching their speed and angle of flight whatever it is. Anyone who has experience jumping with different people knows that everyone has a different fall rate. A good freeflyer will match that rate regardless of how fast or slow. So to say what is normal in freeflying is basically what ever you discussed before exit,furthermore, I was giving advice to a new skydiver and the intention was to illustrate the extremes of freeflying=190 mph hd. (Also i was exaggerating a bit. 190 is way to fast) P.S. I love the V1. I can't wait for the V2, Phoenix Fly is the definitely the premier in wing suit innovation.
  15. I think he is referring to your SN. (e.g. indoor cultivation)