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  1. Very true... though I do need to research the exact terms and conditions for the buyer protection program. I hope that the first rig I buy is available for me to try before I buy. Or, I'll just buy a rig from the DZ's stock. Don't forget to pull!
  2. I suspect that one could win the auction and have the rig mailed to the local rigger for inspection. If it's a "go" by him, then the transfer of funds can commence. Though, I think that eBay has certain rules about paying within a certain time frame. However, I do most of my searching for rigs here on this site in the classifieds. Don't forget to pull!
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I actually learned a lot about pricing rigs and what could very well be crap. Looks like someone bought it for $1,900, too. Don't forget to pull!
  4. Quotethat rig is ridiculously overpriced and will need a few mods to make it acceptable for use. What would be a more acceptable price for such a rig? And what sort of mods would it need? Just scouting around... I find that researching used vehicles is easier than this. Thank you :) Don't forget to pull!
  5. Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230589345698&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT To sum it up... the seller is reputable. Vector V-5 (1988 brand new) with < 100 jumps Falcon 215 with ~ 125 jumps Raven 2 with 1 ride Been in storage ever since. Looking at the photos, it looks new for a rig that's 23 years old. Question... would this be safe for a first rig? And for the price that it's at now, is it worth it? Don't forget to pull!
  6. This is exactly why I'm a fan of setting a predetermined direction. I hate sitting under canopy being confused about where everyone is landing. It's to the point now that if I'm not one of the last guys down, I just land away from the mess. I'd rather walk an extra 100 yards than to be involved in a collision. Don't forget to pull!
  7. I could be wrong, but I think this guy is a troll. I think you're definitely wrong (unless it's the lamest troll attempt ever). Pulling at 2.5k with 200 jumps is not unreasonable. It's getting towards the low side of reasonable, but it's not unreasonable. Certainly not troll-worthy! No, I was just mistaken. I know a guy that sometimes pulls at 2,000 feet (though, he does say it isn't the greatest idea). What I thought the guy was getting at was that after you finish "training" (which I figured he meant AFF or something) then the lowest you're allowed to pull at is whatever you ended training with (for me, 5,000 feet). But, I misunderstood what the guy was talking about. Sorry. Don't forget to pull!
  8. I guess that explains why their website never updated.... :( Don't forget to pull!
  9. Many times I've landed and had my altimeter say -20 feet... and once it told me I was at 3000 feet when I was only 500 feet up. Your altimeter is only a reference. It's not a substitute for poor judgment. I can't imagine looking at the altimeter coming in on final... it just isn't smart. Don't forget to pull!
  10. That's my question, too. Maybe the guy was seeing if it was a rental rig that he could use? The only rigs I touch are either rental rigs or rigs that are in the way of the packing area... Don't forget to pull!
  11. I'm 26... but how in the hell do some people have the energy to sleep 4 hours, go to work, party all night, sleep 4 hours, go to work hungover, and then party all night again? I just can't do it.. never could. Don't forget to pull!
  12. I'd be scared too if I didn't have a rig to look at... Don't forget to pull!
  13. The real question is: when does she turn 18? Don't forget to pull!
  14. I could be wrong, but I think this guy is a troll. Don't forget to pull!
  15. At least he wasn't an AFF student that landed in another dropzone 3 miles away after pulling at 11,000 feet Don't forget to pull!
  16. Suspense................ Don't forget to pull!
  17. The day you stop getting nervous is the day you should hang up the rig and take a break... or quit. We naturally regard jumping out of a plane as life threatening... so if the day comes that you aren't a bit nervous, then you either have a suicide wish or you've become complacent. My first jump of the day is anyways the scariest... especially if I haven't gone in over 2 weeks. After that, I find it easy to deal with the anxiety. Don't forget to pull!
  18. But, I mean... how do they do that? Register for classes, pay for them in full with the loans, and then drop all the classes before the 100% refund deadline? Don't forget to pull!
  19. I didn't take this... but, nonetheless, it's fucking awesome. Don't forget to pull!
  20. My first solo was right off AFF. What did I do? I did what a coach that I highly respect told me to do: exit the plane and do nothing but watch my altimeter until it was time to pull. The reasoning was to point out to me that I have much more time in freefall than I think I do... because as a student, it feels like FF lasts only 10 seconds and we have to rush everything to perfection. It was a great experience for me... I'd look at the altimeter and glance at the ground from time to time. How did I exit? I think it was some sort of fetal position because I was too lazy to force a stable exit. Doing a few of those actually taught me a great deal about getting stable quickly. What was going through my head? "OMFG I cannot believe I'm falling 120 MPH towards the ground all alone." It was very freeing. Don't forget to pull!
  21. Awesome, dude! Looking forward to night jumps? Hybrids are fun. I hope to get my B in the next two weeks myself. Don't forget to pull!
  22. Haha. Nice landing. I've had much worse ones than that. I'd post one, but I think they'd revoke my A license and tell me to try ping pong instead. Good job, dude. Rock on. Don't forget to pull!
  23. I did my first (and so far only) hybrid on jump 35. It was a 4-way (2 belly, 1 hanger, and one head down). I flew belly. Our break off was at 6,500 feet... I'm the highest puller out of all of us (4,500 feet)... so we all got more than enough separation. As for the hanger... he just fell straight down, leveled out, got stable, and pulled. So, yea.. he was "down there somewhere," but since the rest of us tracked away from the center, we weren't all that concerned. I did do a 3-way horny gorilla where we flew apart resulting in meat missiles. I found one guy... but lost track of the other guy who decided to backloop his way down to his pull altitude. Of course then I was concerned.. because he was "down there somewhere" and couldn't see him. So, I decided to track hard at our normal break off altitude. Don't forget to pull!
  24. I was more nervous my second jump than I was on my first jump. That's because I didn't know what I got my self into on the first jump! Most of my nerves went away on AFF 7 and beyond. I was confident that I'd nail level 7 and after that, I didn't have to deal with performance anxiety. Though, they reappeared during the coach jumps, hop n hops, and my A license check dive. Now I just worry about having fun. Don't forget to pull!
  25. Given the stats posted in this thread and given mine, I arrive at: 5 / (703 + 10 + 42) * 3 000 000 = 19 867.5497 active skydivers. Though, I've heard that the estimate is more like 200,000 or so... but that counts those that do just 1 jump... only 2% of them go on to do more. Don't forget to pull!