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  1. Here's me. Notice the curvature and the dark spots on the upper corners. We jumped from 250,000 feet. Don't forget to pull!
  2. To be honest... about all the spotting training I had was to stick my head out the door. I taught myself how to do it because I know that not every DZ uses GPS. Don't forget to pull!
  3. I appreciate all the replies. I think I'm steering away from the Javelin now. It's listed on eBay and he isn't offering a return... so I just want to go with something else. I'm looking very seriously at this: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=98764&d=1 I've got some e-mail exchanges going with Sunrise to see if I can fit into it comfortably and if not, what modifications can be done to make it a better fit (and the cost of doing so). Awesome. Thank you. Don't forget to pull!
  4. At jump 199, you will not be ready. At jump 200 you will be ready, provided that you do your jump before 3 PM that day and not a minute after. Don't forget to pull!
  5. Call me a noob... but, I'm looking to buy my first rig and shopping is giving me a headache. I had found a Javelin J6N container that I like... but all that the sizing chart tells me is that it fits a "ZP up to 260." So... how small can I go? I'm not in a hurry to downsize at all. I'm using a PD 220 student canopy and I'm quite comfortable staying there for a while (time-wise anyway.. since I average under 2 jumps a week). What's the smallest that could fit in this? That would give me a good idea about when I should resell this container should I buy it. Don't forget to pull!
  6. How do these conversations come up? I'm never a part of them (thank god). Don't forget to pull!
  7. WTF? My penis hurts just looking at that. Don't forget to pull!
  8. I have 1... but, I do not want it (eww). So, I voted zero Don't forget to pull!
  9. This is so fucking crazy. This morning I actually thought to myself after watching a BASE video "wouldn't it be funny if someone tried to do a tandem BASE jump?" I didn't expect to actually see that it's for real. Don't forget to pull!
  10. That's because they're too cool for an organization that can cramp on their style. Don't forget to pull!
  11. I don't know if my 10 year reunion is coming up in 2012 or 2013. But, I'm debating whether or not I want to go. I had nothing in common with anyone I went to school with and too many of them were, as you put it, "obnoxious pricks." Maybe I'll just do a demo jump to the reunion, tell everyone to piss off, then leave. No one would think very highly of me, and it's not the kind of guy I am to do that sort of stuff, but it would be fun :P Don't forget to pull!
  12. A guy I jump with does sometimes. When I started AFF, it was cold outside... so I wore jeans and a North Face jacket under the jumpsuit. Don't forget to pull!
  13. Or, more than that. I made my pre-second jump in shorts and a t-shirt on labor day. I overshot my landing target big time and landed in a thorn bush for the pre-second time. I didn't learn my lesson, though. I made two more jumps that day in shorts and a t-shirt. Don't forget to pull!
  14. Well, I have made my decision to go with Bev suits. Thank you. Too cold to jump? lol. I started AFF Feb 3 when the wind chill during freefall was around -10 F lol. It didn't bother me much at all. Though, I did freeze my ass off during ground school because the heater wasn't working :( Don't forget to pull!
  15. I asked the same question before. This history of it is quite amusing, actually: http://tiny.cc/57bn4 Don't forget to pull!
  16. Thank you for the reply. I was afraid this thread would die. From what I understand, the guy was just starting out back then. The complaints that I see are from years back and since then, nothing has been said of them. Not good or bad. I had a back-and-forth exchange with Carlos (the guy that makes them) and he says he'd be happy to fix the suit if it were defective... and, I believe him. Yea, I know there are other reputable suppliers around. However, for the price of PS, I get what I like... a cool design, booties, reflective stripes, etc. Unless I'm looking at the wrong places, just a basic suit with nothing fancy will cost me just the same. If all else fails, I'll may just go with Bev Suits. Don't forget to pull!
  17. Oh.. is this a computer science problem? I had lost my interest in pretty much all thing computer-related after high school. University messed me up :( Don't forget to pull!
  18. You jump in Ohio. I don't like Ohio. Ban hammer. Don't forget to pull!
  19. Oh, yea... I've heard a few instructors tell their students the same thing. But, I don't breathe in freefall. The air gets absorbed into my skin Don't forget to pull!
  20. Ok, so here are just some steps to convert it to binary (2 bits). -123 dec = -(123 dec) So, find the binary equivalent of 123. 123 = 2*(61) + 1 61 = 2*(30) + 1 30 = 2*(15) + 0 15 = 2*(7) + 1 7 = 2*(3) + 1 3 = 2*(1) + 1 1 = 2*(0) + 1 So, -123 = -1111011 And, I'm not sure what you mean by a 12-bit natural based binary number. Maybe you mean -000001111011? Don't forget to pull!
  21. Just don't trip when the door is open. Don't forget to pull!
  22. A helmet is not advised for a tandem student. The reason is that if you experience whiplash or anything similar, you could hit the instructor in the face and knock him/her out. That wouldn't be very good. Maybe you are just panicked and that makes it hard for you to breathe? Are you breathing through your mouth or through your nose? Personally, I've never heard of the issue. I'd be interested to see what others say. Don't forget to pull!
  23. Since I'm new, 2,500 feet. I deploy at 4,500 feet right now. A while back I almost hit my hard deck and came close to cutting away. A new packer packed the rig I was using. The left toggle released upon deployment and I spun into a line twist. The twist cleared itself but then I started to spinal towards the ground. I figured out the problem and fixed it @ 3,000 feet. Had few extra seconds passed, I would have chopped. Don't forget to pull!
  24. Yea... line twists will happen. Welcome to skydiving! It gets more fun every jump :) Don't forget to pull!