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  1. http://youtu.be/fPRtTc-cuEQ Don't forget to pull!
  2. Aside from body shape (as mentioned in here), a low body density is helpful, too. Don't forget to pull!
  3. You might want to consider just signing up for an AFF course. It costs a little more than a tandem jump, but with 6 hours of ground school and a solo jump, you'd have a pretty damn good idea if you want to continue again. Or, you could always do the tandem jump but inform the instructor you might consider skydiving. He could actually give you an A-license proficiency card and help you get one or two items knocked off (like 90 degree toggle turns followed by a 180). I mean, you'd still have to go to ground school but at least you accomplish something. And, at 36... I don't think anyone cares, honestly. People of all ages socialize and drink beer after hours at a DZ. As for me... I think I was in the same boat when I started skydiving. I graduated college and had a degree in something I don't care all that much about anymore. It seemed like all my times of fun were up and I needed shit to do. So last October I went on a month long road trip out west (here in the US). That was fun... but, I needed more. So in February, I picked up skydiving. Honestly, I think these two events have changed my life. Maybe it'll change your life and maybe it won't... but, my advice is to follow your gut. Don't forget to pull!
  4. Is that the exit weight (you + gear)? Not that it really matters though.. the point is that you guys were heavier than she was. My exit weight is 220 lbs, which is typically higher than the guys I jump with. So, I have had to learn to fly flatter than I was used to when I first started. I got my fall rate down from 132 mph to about 120 mph. I imagine that maybe she was arching hard while bringing her body in just to increase her fall rate to match the base. If she brought her arms out any to decrease her fall rate to match yours, she could have done some backslide. I can imagine that being a problem for small and lightweight jumpers. Don't forget to pull!
  5. Eh.. I only have 43 jumps. But, my favorite so far was jump #33... a 4-way hybrid. Me and another guy were the belly base for a hanger while a head-down FF came in for the dock. I was totally unsure how well I'd do. The 3 of us were linked in the plane, but upon exiting I had to swing around to complete the dock and then keep proper holding and pressure down to 6,500 feet where the hanger would release. It was a total win and we even got it on video. My experience is limited... and I'm sure I'll have many more to look forward to like maybe a hot air balloon jump Don't forget to pull!
  6. This is a topic I'm fairly curious about. In my experience, I've noticed that a large majority of the outside attention I receive about skydiving comes from women. Generally, men are like "oh that's cool I want to do that some day" or "man you're crazy" and end it there. But women... sometimes they just want to talk to me to death about it. Or I'll post things on Facebook and if I get any "likes" or comments, it's usually from a woman. Why? Is it the "bad boy" thing? Why do the guys seem to shut down? Don't forget to pull!
  7. Thank you. However, I've already seen those posts. They are from years back and don't say anything about the current integrity of the suits. There seem to have been issues with the stitching coming apart after 25-50 jumps. However, the sample size is small and it's from years back. I'm looking for information regarding the suit's integrity today. I e-mailed the owner and he's a great guy... he told me the suits are made to last a long time. That's cool and all, but I can't find reviews anywhere. Don't forget to pull!
  8. I started when I was 20... quit when I was 23 and did so cold turkey. I lasted for 2.5 years with no cravings.... but I started again for a stupid ass reason. But, then again, there is never a good reason to start anyway. I'm fixing to quit, again... cold turkey. Been smoking for maybe 3 months and I'm already coughing. Don't forget to pull!
  9. How do you pronounce whuffo anyway? Not once have I heard it spoken Don't forget to pull!
  10. The title "indoor skydiving" is given because it's more attractive to the general public than "indoor vertical wind tunnel" and because it suggests to the public "this is kind of like what skydiving would feel like." If you exit from a plane, internalize a desire to progress, AND commit yourself to do it again, then I'd consider you a skydiver. I became a skydiver right after AFF 1. Many people have done a skydive, but only 2% of them become skydivers for any length of time. Don't forget to pull!
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/Skydiving-skydive-suits-PANICSUITS-RW-JUMPSUIT-/220663109165?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item33608bd62d http://www.panicsuits.com/index.php?page=products&prod=1 Does anyone here jump with a RW Panic Suit or know someone that does? How decent is it? The only posts and reviews that I've read are from years ago and they are very limited. I like the design, and it's fairly cheap for what I want (cool design, booties, and reflective stripes). Don't forget to pull!
  12. Of course they would... if I were a BASE jumper, I'd do the same. Don't forget to pull!
  13. Besides... think of the physics of this. Are you talking about jumping from, say 1,000 feet, fling in a U-shape back up, and going higher than 1,000? If so, then no. It's impossible. You have a certain amount of potential energy thanks to gravity from 1,000 feet and the kinetic energy will not exceed that. If you were to neglect all the drag (which causes energy loss), the highest you could come back up to is 1,000 feet. I'm so far away from wingsuiting... but I can imagine that fighting drag and gravity is a bitch to do. Don't forget to pull!
  14. www.basejumper.com Don't forget to pull!
  15. I've been flying with a GoPro and wingsuit since AFF 1. I've also let my AAD fire a few times because I wanted a few extra seconds of freefall. Don't forget to pull!
  16. Thank you. I will try this now. Don't forget to pull!
  17. Or you could just try pissing into the wind. If your stream is strong, and you still manage to piss all over yourself, don't go. You'll have a hard time explaining to the other jumpers on the load why you smell like urine how you pissed all over yourself. Don't forget to pull!
  18. Or, as you might hear: the experienced jumpers will sit one out and watch the inexperienced jumpers get experienced. Don't forget to pull!
  19. Without any specific numbers, I'll jump when the gusts aren't much stronger than the average wind speed and when the thermals aren't strong. Gusty winds and thermal updrafts scare the shit out of me. One day I came in for my final and got hit by a strong gust just as I started my flare... I ended up hitting the ground hard from 10 feet and my instructor thought I was injured. It hurt like hell, but I walked away with only scratches on my hands and a good laugh. But, I don't want to repeat that. When I come in to jump, I'll watch one load land and see what they are dealing with. If I feel kind of "iffy" about it, I'll ask them how the winds are. If I'm unsure still, I ground myself until the winds calm down. Don't forget to pull!
  20. Well, the logic is there. Unlike track & field or soccer, the risk the for death in skydiving is very real. On every single jump we do, we see death right below us. I know that I do. Why else would I be nervous 30 seconds before exiting? However, it's blown out of proportion... and understandably so. Most people don't understand why we'd choose a hobby that exposes us to the possibility of death on every jump and then keep doing it. To rationalize it, they call us "idiots" or say that we're "crazy." And, because we're "crazy idiots," we're going to kill ourselves. But, as I say... one day, there will be no tomorrow. And, my life will flash before my eyes. It better be worth watching. Don't forget to pull!
  21. that always amuses me. everybody is destined to die. it's just a question of how much you live in between. Well, the thing is... at least in the Western world, people live day to day with an unconscious belief that they have an immortal soul and they they can live a risk-free and happy life. Personally, I don't believe I have an immortal soul. When I die, that's it. Poof... I'm gone. But, that's an off topic subject. But, related to the topic at hand... one cannot live a risk-free life and be happy. The only rewards that exist are ones that are earned after taking a risk. And, the types and amounts of rewards that make a person happy depend upon each person's chemical make up in the brain. The thing is... some people don't see the relationship between rewards and the desire to survive to seek the same reward again. For the most part, people will take reward seeking behaviors only so far as to guarantee that they will live long enough to do it again. I'll throw myself out of a plane and that is inherently dangerous. However, I will only take it so far as to allow me to do it again. Don't forget to pull!
  22. I want to do a HALO Jump... yes, for a licensed skydiver it's about $250. Is the A license fine? I've heard some say you need a B but I don't understand why. The only difference is that you jump from a higher altitude and you have to use supplemental oxygen... Don't forget to pull!
  23. I think the logic is that you can get injured while playing soccer, football, or whatever and you aren't likely to have death be a close second resultant. It's sketchy logic, to me. But, I do understand. About all the exposure people get that involve skydiving is either in a movie or when they see news reports of deaths related to skydiving. I had to deal with some shit talk when I sprained my ankle after a great landing. People kept telling me that's proof enough I could get killed and I need to stop. Oh, really? I could have done the same going grocery shopping. Or, after 2 malfunctions and an unstable PC throw. These were nothing major, but my whuffo friends don't understand and tell me that I'm destined to die. But, I can respect their view. In their mind, they see me tumbling around in the air at high speed only a hundred feet above the ground. Don't forget to pull!
  24. Waaaaaa? Wow... like, how?! Maybe it's just me, but I'm worn out after 4 in a day :( Don't forget to pull!
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HDQ9H_OVWo If there are more, I'd like to see them. Don't forget to pull!