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  1. thanks for the quick reply to everyone. yeah i hear what your saying and i really do take what your saying onboard. For the person who asked how i got that alt. it was on my alti track. yeah i just think her reaction was a little much (you should have heard it, fu#@en hell). Yeah i freefly (head up 150+ freefly jumps). Went into backtrack at 5k to 4 k and belly tracked to 3k. pulled at 2.5. Also i knew b4 i tracked where the others were heading in their track. i floated (100ft) above them on that particular jump. I was perpendicular to both of them when tracking at all times. She also said about i should have tracked straight on my front since i was above them. no one else was above me, but i find my back track stronger and a more natural position to be in from sit to track. any thoughts on what i did?
  2. Not sure what you mean by a troll.. please explain. Iv got C licience to the person who wrote the list. Cheers for the replys to all. yeah i know its an unnessary risk but alot of us go through that phase i guess. iv got a piliot 169ft. to the person who asked. No it was not some one who works at the dz or owns the dz. just another fun jumper. the thing that is bugging me is that there are other people at the dz with less experience (less jumps and currency) who pull at similar height with her and she does not go at them.. purly for the reason that im one of the younger people who jump at the dz. well thats my opinion. and thats all it is.
  3. ok iv got around 200+ jumps. Still learning but feel i know how to be safe enough when it comes to my pull height. Iv got verbly attacked on my local dz last week for pulling at 2500ft (opened at 1994 ft). iv asked other more experienced jumpers about it and they dont seem to have a huge deal with it. only this 1 person. Iv had a high speed mal before when pulling at this height and was fine. my justification for pulling at this height is not just that but also when you finish your training your signed off for pulling at that height. anyway my question is was she right for attacking me. she has approx 400 jumps. want to know what others think since i jump at a very small dz.