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  1. petejones45

    Spectre 150 or silhouette 150?

    Both are good!
  2. petejones45

    Would you consider...

    I don't think it would be very wise to cutaway a good chute(i wouldn't), if you are jumping something that small you would have to make that decision quick because lose things will come down pretty fast
  3. petejones45

    Reserve packing manual sky systems container

  4. petejones45

    Manifest Software for Mac

    I'm not sure but you could just get a cheap pc and put it at your manifest station that way you won't be running around with different manifest info on several computers
  5. petejones45

    round canopies vs square type ones

    Some units use squares spec ops etc etc. but for the most part they use rounds so they can drop a large amount of troops in one area without them running into each other and they open much quicker, so they can be dropped out as low as 300 or maybe even lower
  6. petejones45

    PD Reserve vs. Optimum

    I'd personally go with the optimum because of the higher resale value
  7. petejones45

    Mirage Replacement Parts

    The bridle comes with the pilot chute
  8. petejones45

    Best of Summer 2010

    Good vid! except the music or if you want to call it music was painful
  9. petejones45

    Cypres Cutter image question

    Can you post the info? Otherwise It looks like a fake photo with two different cutter heads from separate units on a two pin system
  10. petejones45

    getting a re-currency jump

    Don't put so much pressure on him, when he comes out to do a jump just suggest to him that he does something he has already mastered, hop-n-pop solo freefall etc. etc.
  11. petejones45

    Skyhook malfunction

    Why didn't you pull your reserve????
  12. petejones45

    Need help buying 1st chute.
  13. petejones45

    My daughter got her "A"

    Congrats! i Hope i can get mine soon