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  1. Ok, I tried this with a girl I haven't spoke to in almost a year. We went on a few dates and I gave it up because she was content to just sit at home all night and stare at the walls. Me September 8 at 2:47pm Hey... when can I tap that sweet ass? Her September 8 at 6:45pm Are you an imposter? Me September 8 at 7:01pm No, it's me... the one that took you to the aquarium. Are you interested? No strings attached. Her September 8 at 7:22pm I'm flattered, and you are definitely sexy, but no thanks!! Me September 8 at 7:54pm There's nothing to lose and only fun to gain ;) you and me once and we'll see how you like. I won't disappoint :) Her September 8 at 8:00pm nope Me September 8 at 8:12pm lol you're silly ;) I'm free Friday night. Her September 8 at 8:54pm not happening!! Me September 8 at 9:32pm Lmao why not? It's just sex.. you're cute and I think you need some random excitement in your life. Her September 8 at 9:39pm Listen, you! I'm not having random sex!! sheeeeeesh! lol. Don't forget to pull!
  2. Yes, however... this girl is a bit different. She was more of the tom-boy type growing up around 6 men and no females. And, she honestly doesn't think it was me... so, I had to start acting like how I do with her. I know she totally wants to... so, I had the lee-way. However, I will be doing this again with a different girl... who way more feminine. I'll keep insisting with her. Worse that can happen is she'll never talk to me again, and I don't care honestly. Don't forget to pull!
  3. Haha... so, I tried this last night around 4am. Her: ha ha you just got even older. Hope you got today off and get to have some fun. Celebrating with some skydiving? Her: You get to have fun? Me: I missed this... got so many texts yesterday. Yea, had fun. I flew into a thorn bush though. Me: Ay girl when you gonna let me tap dat Her: Good, it would've sucked to have to work. Too bad about the thorn bush even though its pretty funny. And...who are you letting use your phone? Lol. Me: Nobody.So, that's a yes? Her: Lmao, too bad your texting is all different. So, all it is is funny. Me: But, that thorn bush sucked. One guy landed in rocks... so that was funnier. Her: That actually is kind of funny. But you aren't changing topics: who used your phone. Me: lol no one I'm home alone Her: Yeah yeah, sure you are. Im on to you... Me: IDK where else Id be at 4am on a wednesday morning. Her: Easy, Mitch's Me: Haven't been there in 2 weeks. Got off work @ 1 am and I am studying for my b license. But, if someone else used my phone I would have apologized for the texts. Her: Ok, so you were sitting there studying and decided to find out when I'm available for you to "tap dat"? Me: I guess that's how it looks... Her: Lol, nice. Me: So, that's a yes? ;) Her: There's no yes or no about your question. Only the matter of time. And since I still don't believe it was you, im not answering. Me: We'll dicuss the infinities... but, guess we'll find that out later Her: Find out what later? And when are we dicusssing infinities? Me: The "matter of time" and you not believing it was me. We'll talk about that at some point. I gotta refresh my memory on it all. Her: Ok, cool. You do that. Me: ;) Her: You're silly. Me: At times. But serious now. Her: About the infinities? Not that serious, take your time. Me: No. Think about it... But, I will take my time. I'm a busy man :o Her: Bet you are, don't take too long, though. I've been waiting for a while now. Me: I have too.............. Her: Nice, way to make my words work for you. This girl wants me. I was dating a different girl and the two met. She told the girl I was dating "if I could have it my way, he'd be mine." Don't forget to pull!
  4. Hrm. I weigh 190 and they started me out on a 240. 220 is the lowest I can go and that's what I jump. Though, I am not interested in going lower anyway. I slide on my ass just fine if I can't make the stand-up Don't forget to pull!
  5. Join the club. Most people (my self included) went to the DZ alone and started on their own. If you sit around and wait for people to go with you, you might wait an entire lifetime. Few people have the balls to jump from a plane, and even fewer have the balls to do it more than once. Don't forget to pull!
  6. She won't - I asked her already. She tried calling me today. I just ignored the call. I don't think she knows how to take a hint... so, I just might do it... Don't forget to pull!
  7. absane

    One word

    lazy Don't forget to pull!
  8. Funny thread... had to bump it. I'm almost tempted to do this to a girl that's been chasing me for a while now. Don't forget to pull!
  9. Sometimes I wish I could take out a loan for skydiving... to buy a rig and a lot of jumps. My excuse would be "career investment" since I do think skydiving will be a part of my career mix later on in life. If only I could discover a scheme to take out another student loan... hrm. But, as for being a skydiving LONER... Well, my question is: why do you skydive to begin with? What motivates you to get off your ass and spend a ton of money on something that you are getting bored with already? Don't forget to pull!
  10. In my short licensed skydiving life, I've had the most fun when there was a much more experienced jumper with me. Be it doing something fun like a 3-way horny gorilla or 4-way hybrid, or just as simple as 2-way working on docking and fall rates. When I find myself jumping with guys that are just barely more skilled than I am, nothing works. My first jump on Monday was a 2-way with a guy that has 100 jumps or so, but he isn't as current as I am. Following our pointless exit routine (just for shits and giggles) we were supposed to dock. We ended up just flying around each other in circles until 8,000 feet and I just stopped... signaled to him to come to me... *sigh* He just kept circling around me. Don't forget to pull!
  11. Heh. I started playing in late 2003 and spent too many hours in college playing CS. Looking back, I wish I had spent those hours doing homework or picking up a more social hobby... like, IDK, skydiving? lol. My aim is terrible... I had to learn how to commentate for it by out-smarting people. Yes, it's CS 1.6. I never liked CS:S. When I first started playing it, I thought "wow... I am even better at this game!" Then I found out that even the new players are more likely to get random kills. I suppose that I'll have to get used to that game, because after a year off from CS 1.6, I am finding it hard to avoid fake servers. Don't forget to pull!
  12. How many does your book hold? I think mine holds 500... it'll be a while. Don't forget to pull!
  13. I landed in a torn bush for the time. IDK how that happened. Don't forget to pull!
  14. Listing fees + 9% + Paypal fees are ridiculous... but, I don't use eBay to make a profit when I'm selling items. I use it to sell things I own and don't need anymore. After bringing in about $700 in the last 2 months or so, I think I got to keep about 80% of the money. Don't forget to pull!
  15. you didnt know that whenever you are better than everyone else on the server, you're cheating? I guess I should have just dumbed myself down to make things fair. Kids and their wall hack accusations... lol. Don't forget to pull!
  16. Have fun! I don't think the sky has changed much in 7 years Don't forget to pull!
  17. At least you got one out of the way. Generally, what I hear, after the first one... you aren't as nervous about the second one. Speaking of downsizing... I started out on a 240 but moved to a 220 on AFF 7 because all the other rigs were gone. I stuck to it since just because I like the overall feel to it. Don't forget to pull!
  18. Do a lot of practice jumps from the mock up. When you do a high altitude jump with a poised exit, do a practice touch like you did from AFF after 3-5 seconds. After about 5 good jumps like this, I was ready for my hop and pop. I did my first hop and pop from 4,500 feet and it was great. However, the pilot was new and flew too fast... I had a hard time stepping out without being blow on my side. The result? I hit my right elbow HARD on the bottom of the door. I didn't know I did that until an instructor was laughing at me from the ground after I asked why my elbow was bleeding. Don't forget to pull!
  19. A few weeks ago I decided to go through everything that I owned to get rid of things I don't need anymore or don't want. It was very hard to do, actually. EVERYTHING I own has some sort of memory attached to it. Even a scrap piece of paper. It was hard getting rid of things... but when looking at something, I asked "have I used this in the last 6 months" and "will I need it soon?" If both answers were "no" and there wasn't a very strong attachment to it... I tossed it or sold it. I ended up keeping about 50% of what I owned. It was nice, and I don't miss much of what I tossed out. Don't forget to pull!
  20. I don't even try, actually. Only one friend thus far in the 6 months I've been doing this has actually jumped. However, she said she wanted to for a long time anyway... it was just the stuff that I posted on Facebook that finally convinced her to go for it. When I first started, all I could do is talk about skydiving with my friends. It's to the point now that I rarely bring it up unless I did something cool on a jump or someone asks about it. But, usually, I don't say much if they ask about it because most of the time, they are just bringing it up for small chit chat. If they express genuine curiosity, I'm going all out on it. If they really want to go and they see that I'm having fun doing it, it may only be a matter of time before they ask me how to do it. Don't forget to pull!
  21. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqzQ2qrtBeg Don't forget to pull!
  22. absane

    Quit smoking

    I had quit cold turkey and I lasted for 3 years with zero cravings. I think I had no cravings because I trained my mind to feel disgusted when I thought of smoking. But, I caved... at a gathering... because, I was drunk... and thought a few wouldn't hurt. A few days later, I bought a pack and felt like utter shit doing so (major guilt trip). I've been smoking again... for... 3 months now? IDK. But, I'm already coughing up things big time and I hate it all. I think my body is trying to tell me I'm an idiot. Don't forget to pull!
  23. I've never been banned from a forum... but, I have been banned from countless numbers of Counter-Strike servers. Apparently, skill equates with cheating Don't forget to pull!