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  1. HoldtheIce

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas

    I flew here for my holiday vacation from Seattle. Just found out they are closed until January. The website states winter hours fri to Monday. I just called and asked. Skydive dollar sucks!
  2. HoldtheIce

    Surgery today!

    Been there! Done that! It's not so bad. You wake up and you're not in pain anymore. Changed my life! Most important thing is your re-hab. Good luck! ~M
  3. HoldtheIce

    The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet

    I finally jumped my new Revolve today. Yes, the weather has been a bit challenging lately. Other then the great “fits like a glove” fit and the sick look, the Revolved performed very well. It didn’t rattle around on my head. It was nice and snug. Not ear punching tight. Just a real comfortable fit. There were no air leaks at all. The helmet was very quiet during freefall. It was cold today, – degrees on top, so I put the helmet on for the ride up. Kept my ears nice and toasty. As soon as the green was on, I slammed down the visor and it was game on. Once I performed my canopy check, I reached up with one hand, pressed on the lock and flipped the visor up. Piece of cake, simple as that. And I had on cold weather gloves too. Great job Bonehead!
  4. HoldtheIce

    New 2 this forum, I have a ?

    If you really want to do this, I suggest you doing a Static Line progression. The static line progression program starts you out at lower levels, e.g. 3500. After like 3 jumps at that altitude, you are moved to like 4500, and on to 6000 and so onto full altitude. I'm thinking as you progress up to higher altitudes, you be able to condition yourself, or determine where your cut off altitude is. There are USPA requirements which require you to perform required tasks at upper altitudes, e.g relative work. You can go to the USPA website and look at the SIM, section 4 for the requirements. Here's another thought, maybe there are exceptions for disabilities, but I don't know or am qualified to reiterate. But it may be worth looking into. Have you considered Wind Tunnels? All the free fall time without the pressure changes. Good Luck!
  5. HoldtheIce

    woo hooo got my uspa card today!!!

    Congrats!! Cool, isn't it? Welcome to the club. Where are you flying? Mikey C.
  6. HoldtheIce


    Hi Jason! Welcome to the DZ. There are some great people here. Always glad to help out. Where are you at in your progression? Are you doing an AFF? Blue Skies! ~Mike
  7. HoldtheIce


    Hi ! and Welcome. Both you and I have about the same number of jumps. Are you doing an AFF? I started out with a static progression. Got my chute packing passed and out of the way last weekend. Just passed my step-off exits yesterday
  8. HoldtheIce

    I drank the kool-aid

    Hi Garrett, Congratulations on the A Bro! Addictive isn’t it? I’m working through my progression myself. It rains a lot here in the Seattle area, so I’m not going as fast as I’d like. Get’n in about a jump a month. Competing with a DZ that jumps only 3 days a week, other students, and bad weather. Frustrating at times. Anyway, welcome to the Dropzone. People here are really cool and very helpful. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions and seek advice. Also if you can, spend some time in a wind tunnel. Sure helped me. Blue Skies Dude! Again Congrats ~Hold
  9. HoldtheIce

    maybe I'll see you around...

    Right on Dude! Working into my A as well. I hope to have it completed next summer once the rainy season is gone. Shoot me a PM. I'd like to hear about some of your triumphs and pitfalls in getting your license. ~H
  10. HoldtheIce


    Lilacs?? Our's smell like plane exhause and Febreeze. Welcome aboard! Please share how your AFF went. Good things/bad things, what ever!
  11. HoldtheIce

    New Canuck Lawn Dart

    Welcome and Keep in touch! ~H
  12. HoldtheIce

    WHOA. . . .

    It's a RUSH isn't it? Before you come down from that free fall buzz, get yourself signed up for your next jump. I started my Tantems back in July. Now I'm into my Static Line Progression. I did 2 more jumps this morning. I didn't pass my Static simulated RCP. On my second attempt, I dropped my head while reaching for the RC. OOPS ! But I had a great time failing the test. hahaha Scheduled to give it another try on two weeks. Welcome to the sport and the board. ~Hold
  13. HoldtheIce

    Getting ready for AFF~

    Greetings. I know exactly how you feel. This stuff is keeping me up at night. Doing training over is really a question you should ask your Instructor. Get the facts. My guess is....it all depends on where you are in your training and how long it's been between jumps.
  14. HoldtheIce

    PASS AFF Today.

    Congratulations!! I can't wait to start mine. Still have two static to go first... Keep me updated ~Hold