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  1. I totally agree. I am glad you posted this. Learn to fly collapsed and relaxed.
  2. I did fine with the deployment in FCC but after a couple spins as I started flying I wasn't relaxed at pull time so if I didn't get it I would start flying again then it would be there for try two. Around jump 40 the dog bit me and I lost my free bag. I know now this is not something to take for granted. I have been working hard to be relaxed and confident at pull time and get a good grip the first time. I have not flown larger suits but feel I wasted time and became too used to returning to flight for try two and should have fixed this before I had to use plan B. Also have seeked coaching.
  3. Jarno are you offering any coaching in US or Canada this year?
  4. I would say to get your hands on skydive manuals. They have a lot of information on the skydive progression and will assist in your licensing. They are available through your parachuting association. Learn to fly your body well, you can do some sick flying without a wingsuit man. Then after a few 100 jumps you will have your chance. There is a lot more going on up there than we think at the dream stage that's the reason for the rules before jumping in a sleeping bag. Good luck.
  5. The president of the board of directors. Michael pierce.
  6. Pacific skydivers of Pitt meadows bc has operated out of the local airport since 1986. You as fellow jumpers know that a family has been forged over the years. This year the airport manager has increased the lease cost of our landing area from 3000 per year to 60000 per year. The land is a grassy swamp for all but the jumping season in Canada and is not open for any type of development. It is believed that the airport manager has a problem with the dzo and is pushing him off the airport. I am sure many of you have met jumpers from our area and know we are a great group. Please help us save our dz. they meet this Thursday. Email [email protected] to voice your concern. Blue skies.
  7. Some days you rock it out, some days you suck! All part of learning. Usually the days you suck are the ones where you make the most progress. Embrace your failure and grow from it!
  8. Canucks and Wings west div match up. Bring It!
  9. I practiced the poised exit like the one you did with a foot on the step and one trailing for my first 20 solo dives then started trying ride the slide and diving exits. Make sure you are set up for the launch, the last thing you need is a bad exit or to hit your leg. Balance, timing, presentation.
  10. Thanks. The riser slipping and wrapping around them to get a good stable grip upon landing made me think. cheers
  11. Germains book is good and also use the manuals from the parachute association. Lots of slow flight practice, flat turns and stall practice. Learn about the system, how to pack and flight principles of the wing. It has alot to do with the angle of attack. As for saying freefall is fun and easy after 5 jumps or so and tandems? The fun part I get but easy, you must be a natural. I have spent a whole summer of jumps to work on controlling the air, it takes time and dicipline. Also your position at the time of activation is major importaint in a nice problem free activation. Work on everything, ground to ground. Good job working on the canopy skills and welcome to the machine.
  12. The heat from that burn might get you of the sofa man! LOl!
  13. I am new to the sport as well. A comment that I would make is trying to pack in a commercial brake sounds like a rush job to me. I know that after time packing speed can be increased while maintaining a good safe pack job, however this thread will be read by "noobs" who should never rush a pack job. Also there was a comment about packing and wear on the chute, if done properly does this really cause wear to the equipment??? I dont think it would. I also beleive that as new jumpers there is a definite need to first get the proper training and your packing endorsment before packing on your own. As a new jumper I pack and pack until I know my gear inside and out. NOT RUSHING! I have the video "Packing made simple" and I like it a lot.
  14. A 2000.00 Taylor guitar, camera gear, recording equip, motorcycle parts, and a bunch of other stuff collecting dust while I jump.
  15. I have learned to know your gear like it is a part of you, and that buying your own gear will get you very familiar with it. I have learned that I love packing and there is no better way to learn your gear than to friend a rigger and other experienced jumpers. I learned not to play under canopy before you look and judge your distance from the landing area. I learned that even when you experience bad turbulence you shouldn t forget to observe the ground winds that could have changed so when you approach they same landing pattern that you have run for the last x # of jumps you arent pushed out of the landing area by a high wind. And last I learned that pulling your reserve pin is importaint to practice, pretending is not enough. So every repack I will ask my rigger to put me through a emergency procedure and PEEL AND PULL!