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  1. I've seen some pretty fake stuff on dating sites, but when they try to get money I just tell them off. After reading THAT link though....OMG....that looks so fun! S&S
  2. Well that's it man....these guys tell you right. So far I've seen one guy kicked off the step, heard one girl freak out in the door, I myself have hesitated a second or two, and heard a friend of mine totally freaked and refused to jump but was "helped" to the door by the JM. That's part of the thrill though....I actuallly want to be scared since overcoming that adds to the excitement. Keep after'll get there.
  3. Definately on my last jump when I really screwed up and landed on a highway. I was pretty calm the ride in despite the crazy turbulence but nearly getting hit by a car 2 seconds after touch down really got me out of the road quick!
  4. My instructor said I could wear one after jump #100. I think that's fair. I really want one though for ski season to film all the insane crashes I winess! I am fearful of a cam due to a possible horseshoe hangup.
  5. Well now, I am in the majority here. Ladders and roofs I am terrified of and I mean TERRIFIED of. Jumping and skiing steep terrain...not so much. I think it was more skiing that helped with changing light bulbs though.
  6. I don't know what to say...I get really nervous on some jumps and not nervous at all on others. Maybe chill a bit, watch some youtube jumps and see how you feel (I get excited) and then decide. It is a dangerous sport but that is part of the on the edge and doing things others run from. I hope you jump again but if you do not, none of us will think badly of you. It takes a big man to back out of a jump. Good luck and God bless you.
  7. Norway has strict guns laws. One must belong to a gun club in order to own any and I think it is illegal to have any at home that are assembled. To bad no one was armed among the victims. Whatever guns were used will likely be banned now. Glad I don't live there.
  8. Power freaks like this cop are scary. Never been a police officer but was a strong candidate for deputy in 2002 but decided to finish my teaching degree. Have however been on several ride alongs but I degress. If cops are so terrified each and every time they do a stop a new line of work is in order. Unfortunately a lot of police feel that there are two types of people with guns: cops and criminals. There was no excuse for this behavior and hopefully the victim sues the department resulting in at least this man never wearing a badge again. OMG he was talking to a hooker? That isn't a crime. If talking to hookers was a crime then when cops do a sting they wouldn't have to do more than say "hello" to make a bust. All charges against the victim will most likely be dropped and that department will be more careful in hiring Mr. Small Penis's replacement. Whether pro gu or not, all Americans should rally around the victim.
  9. Well man, you make me feel better. I'm at 30 solo's and if I hadn't gotten food poison last week I would have gone for my check dive yesterday. Hopefully next week or next weekend I can get the time to get it in. After that all I'll need is the packing class (got some good experience in last weekend THANKS CHRIS!) and the oral exam, which I am studying for.
  10. THANKS FOR THE POST! I am at 29 solos (not counting the 3 tandems) and don't have my A yet. Of course I stopped at jump 12 due to last winter coming and only started back at 13 (back to PTO's too) this past June. I've gone more than 30 days since a jump at least twice, and had to go back to PTO's after being in freefall. Right now the only thing screwing me up is overshooting my landing target. I did it again about 6 hours ago. I didn't used to overshoot. Thanks for the message.....makes me feel a lot better. S&S
  11. I'm a student yet and I myself would be terrified at having to jump low to the ground if the engine quit. Could I get stable in time? Would my chute inflate fully? Could I land in a clearing? Gotta keep those planes serviced.....period. S&S
  12. I am so glad I am responsible for so many hilarious replies! Thanks guys! My mom is 70, my dad 68. My mom's health is very frail.....I honestly don't think she could handle the stress of knowing. I USED to have them as the emergency contact! Then a friend suggested I put him down instead, since then a stranger wouldn't be the one to call them. New people at the DZ today (due to Bridge Day yesterday) and when they found out how many jumps I have and my parents are still in the dark, it got a bit of a laugh. *Still laughing after reading those replies, that stuff is classic.
  13. OMGosh! My mom borrowed my car today and I had left my log book laying in the passenger floor...thank goodness she doesn't notice much. (Yep, 28 jumps and they still don't know)! S&S
  14. About the only crazy thing I've come across so far is about a water landing. I think the manual says to inflate your life preserver BEFORE attempting to swim deep to escape a canopy on your head. I wonder exactly, how one can easy swim down if a life preserver is already open. I do have a 2008 manua; maybe that's since been corrected. S&S
  15. My heartrate was likely a little higher on Sunday's jump when I found the brakes to have been stowed differently from the other 27 previous jumps....they were harder to get lose. S&S