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  1. I assume you are referring to a sit to sit front flip? Think about fast falling before you start the flip, this will help cancel out the lift you catch when you go through your belly. Stay tucked up through the flip. Do you have any videos of you doing any?
  2. I'm not a WT instructor but routinely fly/train and occasionally coach in UK windtunnels, in particular Basingstoke/Bedford and see a LOT of first timers go through their doors. Apart from the occasional 'kicker' or very awkward individual, the staff are very good at getting first time flyers flying unassisted in their two minutes of time. It is obviously not a position for AFF/FS, but it works and is easily adaptable from there. 300 jumps is all well and good, but 10 years out of the sport definitely forms some cobwebs, especially for a relatively low experience before your break - even a few months off I can feel rusty. Without seeing video, anything could have happened, but rather than building yourself back into flying it sounds like you 'remembered' how to fly but struggled, got stressed out and stopped relaxing with only the world to blame. Everyone is guilty of seeing the red mist when flying and it usually results in a good few minutes of unproductive flying before cooling off. When coaching I will absolutely not ask for the speed up if the student is looking stressed out or potentially unstable/unsafe. For reference if you turned up at a dropzone 10 years out of the sport, you would most certainly be doing some jumps with an instructor - would you be telling them how to fly? Your comment that the wind tunnel is not recommended at all to experienced skydivers is pretty incorrect to be honest though. The tunnel is a fantastic, safe place to learn new skills and improve your flying. It is no replacement for the sky of course, but the tunnel does allow for skydivers to rapidly repeat skills, while being assisted/spotted by instructors. You don't need to look very hard to see children who have never skydived in their life completly at home in the wind tunnel without ever jumping out of a plane. Please tell me how this is 'not recommended'? My recommendation to you if you are keen to get back into the sport would be to get hold of a coach, there are loads in the Midlands which I am guessing you are based. Buying time from a coach is almost always cheaper than buying direct through iFly, they are also skydivers which often WT instructors are not so are better at tailoring your flying around you and give you a proper debrief. I am happy to recommend several to you. In terms of your videos, proflyers at iFly UK tunnels can view their videos in team rooms without having to pay for them for reference.
  3. In our team, we fall pretty rocket ship fast when there are head up points but fairly slow in head down. Our camera flyer is pretty short and skinny but wears a baggier suit that he would typically fly when filming us. When we started he was sinking out in his tighter suit and quickly asked about to borrow something baggier on the legs (not crazy baggy, just not skin tight....) You definitely dont want to be having to go super slow fall and risk getting feet/hands in the camera frame.
  4. Very few people seem to know about the adjustment tab (cookie probably need to make it more obvious somehow or maybe there is an instruction sheet but being a man I threw it away immediately). Probably nearly 75% of the people I know with one did not know about it and it seems to come at it's tightest setting and there is quite a lot of range with it.
  5. Depending where you jump, the rental rigs you have been using may well be F-111. Do you know what canopies you have jumped?
  6. In most places in the UK, if you rent kit, you are not liable for replacing it if you have to chop it and it gets lost/paying for the repack etc. There is rental agreement I have ever seen a UK DZ show about this (although I can't speak for all DZ's). I imagine if someone chopped for no reason or just didn't care about helping find a main they had to chop, the DZ may not be so happy about that... In the same way, if you rent a house and it collapses, you don't need to pay to have it rebuilt.. Why should a jumper who paid to hire a rig, have to pay for a repack and replacement canopy if the person who last packed it packed a line over into it and the canopy got lost?
  7. Why does being able to build a pilot chute, or repair a canopy/harness etc stop me from packing a main parachute for someone else? When I pack my main, there is no sowing/tools involved. When I pack for someone else why would I suddenly become incapable of packing? In the UK if you want to pack for someone else, you have to demonstrate to a rigger or instructor that you can assemble the main parts of a rig (re-connect the 3 rings etc) untangle it and pack it. Once this has been demonstrated and signed off your good to go. So why the need to have a rigger constantly do this. I'm a big believer in people packing their own kit, but this isn't always possible such as a team doing back to back lifts, camera guys jumping and speaking to customers or some people who simply do not want to or are unable to pack. If you don't have a rigger on your dropzone well tough shit go somewhere else so someone can go pack your parachute for you despite the fact people who are fully capable of doing it are around...
  8. Good to have info on this. What is your source? How much is Spectra weakened by heat shrinkage? How much further weakening is caused by stretching the shrunken line? Physics/Material Sciences/Engineering 101 The exact tensile strengths, I am struggling to find, mostly because a lot of this information isn't freely distributed. There is a paper here but you cant view it unless you are a subscriber or you buy it but some of the figures are visible. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142941802001277 Look down to figure 12 which is the closest scenario to this. Increasing temperature reduces it's Youngs Modulus and Tensile Stregnth. No material is 100% elastic in it's properties (it won't go back to exactly how it was when you started) so constantly heating the lines 100's of times will weaken this. No weak analogies required. Once you then start stretching your now weakened fibres, that remaining tensile strength has to be distributed over it's new length ie If it was 10 metres long and had a tensile strength of 100MPa but you now make it 20 metres long it only has a tensile strength of 50MPa.
  9. Not a rigger, but Spectra is basically a form of polyethylene. To make it into a line it gets drawn out into long thin fibres. During this process the long polymer chains that make it up essentially get 'untangled' and get arrange neatly in order (think more like uncooked spaghetti compared to cooked spaghetti). When it gets heated (due to friction of the slider running down the lines) this gives these polymer chains energy to start tangling themselves back up. These tangled polymers take up less space than untangled polymers making your line shrink. Once this has happened the quoted tensile strengths for the spectra has dropped along with its limits for elastic and plastic deformation. Will stretching this new material will make the line substantially weaker than the original line? Yes. Will this new, stretched line be within the tolerances of skydiving? Well it seems like people have done it and it works... there are comments that people in the PG community have done it but the big stresses for a parachute (opening shock) don't really happen much for a PG...
  10. Sounds like the maintenance due warning came up (it's the start of October so kinda makes sense...) but part the screen was obsucred/broken. If the left hand side is damaged you would never really notice during normal use as there are normally no digits there and what you are missing is the month for service... Is your Cypres DOM 04/09 or 04/05 by any chance...? Edit to add, this will happen everytime you switch it on until you get it serviced...
  11. Most if not all Taxis will NOT drive you all the way to the dropzone. The last 1-2 miles is a dirt road that is quite bumpy so the taxi drivers won't drive on it. Car hire is the best way to do it. Agreed about the hotel, stay at one in Bollullos. The domocenter is very good and have a skydiver rate. It is about a 10-15 min drive to the DZ from there.
  12. Although I have never used an altitron I would still point out how good a Viso 2 is. Although it is not the most obvious unit to use for all its functions I turn up at the DZ, hold down a button and it switches on. Simple as that. I have used it all year and the battery is still showing full charge. L&B (makers of the viso) customer service is excellent. Your unit will basically have lifetime warranty even if you end up smashing it by accident yourself. Pop a damaged or broken one in the post to them and a brand new one will be with you in a week or so. (Recently my Optima speaker broke, got a brand new Optima 2 to replace it!) I have had a Neptune in the past, slightly bigger display but the screen broke after about 20 jumps and Alti2 wanted to charge me about $100 to replace it.
  13. something I remember hearing a TM say to a well built (not fat) guy: TM: Do you know why I get all the big guys?? Student: Why's that? TM: I get first pick! Something I have also heard said at tandem briefings: TM: now when on the plane we are going to strap you up real tight, now any of you guy's who havn't been to a boarding school...this may be a bit of a shock!
  14. I agree, I doubt a real skytie would have that problem, sadly looking around mine and most other dropzones, these 'bungy balls' seem to be the norm... As for stowing brake lines, those 20 seconds saved are vitally important to some people.
  15. From the UK skydive mag: At Skydive Spain, a situation where one of those elastic bungees with white ball on snags the excess brake line on a velocity causing a severe spiral. Before cutting away he reaches around and opens the reserve flap to free the slider stow. Without doing this it would have been likely the main would remain in tow. Have attached the article from the mag which includes a video image of the snag