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  1. Hey, Is this still an option? Couple of us thinking of coming over from the UK for a couple of weeks next May. Thanks
  2. Dunkeswell has a bunkhouse and it's cheap, i think maybe £5 a night. Showers, Bar etc. They are open Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun. Drop them a message - office [@] I think there are discount at local B&B as well but there are not loads in the area.
  3. I am a UK jumper as well and have looked it this myself, you don't have to get too many jumps to break even and as far as i can tell the weather is pretty simialr to ours in the summer so a bit of a gamble. Seems like a no brainer though if you have the money, the DZ is supposed to be a great place to jump.
  4. Your best bet will be Skydive Swanse, or if you are willing to travel a little further Skydive Uk - Dunkeswell. I haven't been to Swansea but can vouch for Dunkeswell and it is one of the best DZs in the UK. It is a great place for sports jumpers and they have a Beech 99.
  5. Was pretty impressed with Nate's 3rd place considering he only started skydiving in 2010.
  6. The free canopy piloting book by the BPA explains it pretty well - Pic attached.
  7. This group on facebook is used for UK CReW - I also noticed this 10 jump CF course is now being run in Spain although it looked a little pricey.
  8. This is the mount. Same one discussed in this thread.,_anyone_have_one_P4246848/
  9. Looking at getting one for my CC1 but want to make sure it works with the GP3 & 4, all the pictures i have seen show a GP2. Anyone have one? Cheers
  10. this was/is my concern have you tested this cutaway under load I wonder what the actual pressure/force is of a line snagged and a canopy pulling on the mount? Surely that would give way first? Be interested to see some test data. Anyone have any experience of this on a full face or open face?
  12. Hi I have an account on both and so i don't think that is the issue. As highlighted above, its the links that go back to the old baseforum on here that i can never get to work. Before it was moved to its own site.
  13. Every time i find a link on like the second post in the thread below;search_string=150;#378904 and it takes me to the old base forum it comes up with. Is there a way to access the old threads? Cheers
  14. Mirage M8 – What canopies do you have in yours? Just wondering what set ups people have got in their M8s. Wondering what my options are on mains. Cheers