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  1. RedundantRigger


    Are people using any sorts of communication devices?, like bluetooth or radio things. Anyone know of a good product for this?
  2. RedundantRigger

    Relining Spectres

    Not doing it for the money. Just interested, and I figure that I might improve some skills. If it occasionally gets me away from the computer/tv, I'll consider it a win . I might even jump it if it works out. At best it would be my dedicated water jump canopy.
  3. RedundantRigger

    Relining Spectres

    I have a few PD spectres in Storage. The owners didn't want to spend the money relining a well used canopy. I have a basic zigzag machine, so I figured i might try building and installing a line set. I know I'll have a hard time finding the line specifications, so I'm hoping somebody out there might wanna share anything. Maybe someone measured out a newly lined Spectre. The sizes I have are 135 and 170 sqft. Also open for general advice.(Jiggs,sewing, where to get the spectra/dacron) I'm not desperate to get these canopies in the skies, just mildly interested in trying to reline a canopy.
  4. RedundantRigger

    Rusted hip rings

    I've seen rust on MLW adjusters and 3 ring hardware. We have javelin containers. I've been able to polish it down with fine sandpaper and steel wool. Do you have any pictures?
  5. RedundantRigger

    Post rigging videos

    Vector 3 packing PIA symposium 2015
  6. RedundantRigger

    Soft links identifier

    Great! Thank you
  7. RedundantRigger

    Cross connectors

    Building planes! Makes it more comfortable and safer
  8. RedundantRigger

    Cross connectors

    Yes off course you guys are correct. I just let the stupid inn me emerge sometimes
  9. RedundantRigger

    My little project

    I for one enjoy this thread. Would be sad to see it die. I think the thread worked well because other people could add content, but I guess that could be done on a blog also.
  10. RedundantRigger

    Cross connectors

    I was picturing we all do it together in a plane I got a bunch of them orange vigil pull-ups. They seem sturdy, for pull ups at least. I think they will work great.
  11. RedundantRigger

    Any ideas how to protect reserve riser from more damage?

    Well the trick is to find the cause. Often there seems to be something small that digs into it over time.It could be a sharp end on the snapshacle keyring or it could be the velcro from the rsl lanyard. I've seen both. But it could equally be the examples previously mentioned from others. This is why a jumper should periodically inspect the rig. It is a shame when a rig is destroyed because of something sharp digging into something like the reserve risers over a period of time. I see it on rigs every season. Take this case I had not so long ago. Rig came in for a repack. Noticed fraying on riser loop. Owner says it has been like that for a long time, it was only just a superficial small amount of wear brought on by packing on rough surfaces. [inline 1.JPG] After disassembling the 3-ring it is apparent that the problem has gotten very much worse than what he thought. The stamp on the little ring has a sharp corner and has dug almost straight through the loop. [inline 2.JPG] Problem here was that the root cause was not found in the beginning and the loop was not periodically inspected for further degradation. Don't like to be the guy who writes large novels on here, but I also don't like to be the bearer of bad news when a rig needs repair at the start of a season. Never ignore fraying on such places, keep an eye on it and ask your rigger.
  12. RedundantRigger

    Cross connectors

    Sounds like it would be best to tie em on while under canopy?
  13. RedundantRigger

    Cross connectors

    Bumping. Gonna make a few sets of cross connectors for the homies and myself. I figured I'd use some of the old bridles I have lying around. X connectors aren't rocket surgery but I still like to fish for wisdom anyway.
  14. RedundantRigger

    Post rigging videos

    the racer one was wrong also.... Reserve into racer part 1 :
  15. RedundantRigger

    Determining cascade entry point

    This seems a bit unreasonable. I know of some people who have made linesets for pd canopies. I'll ask what they did. Hope its not just guess work.... Been thinking of trying to reline my old spectre, but I realize its going to be more complicated than I imagined. Please tell us how you got on and maybe the details also