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    BASE Jumping
  1. sebcat

    2nd jump, 2nd malfunction

    Good job. Technically, the one on your first jump wasn't a malfunction. I've witnessed a horse shoe on a first time S/L jumper from the ground. Canopy stayed in the bag, I can't really recall if the jumper was entangled with the lines or the bridle, or both. She did her EPs and landed safe. I think she might have quit jumping now, but she continued to jump, got her licence and jumped for a few years. What type of plane are you jumping from?
  2. sebcat

    Frontstall on Velo

    I don't know what happened to you, but you might want to improve your safety margin. After all, shit happens. Getting wrapped up under velos at that altitude might not be a pleasant experience. :) What you describe sounds a bit like a wing dock coming in with too much upward momentum. Can you describe the nature of the contact? What part of his body contacted what part (nose, top skin, lines, &c) of your outer cells? Were you still on rears and rising? Did your canopy turn left or right?
  3. sebcat

    Short, good or bad?

    For wingsuiting, it's better to be tall and slim. But I wouldn't worry about that just yet :) Good luck on your AFF, and welcome to your new life.
  4. Old, but relevant: - Xaos 98 vs Dust Devil. Was the sun shining, was there anything on the ground that might have created some thermals? Like dark sheet metal, asphalt, etc. On another note, here's what wikipedia has to say about hail: So, was there any cumulonimbus clouds?
  5. sebcat

    Reserve Parachute Deployment

    Tadam: :)
  6. sebcat

    Skydiving tattoo ideas?

    I'd spend that money on jump tickets instead, but that's just me