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  1. By my observation that distinction belongs to the state of Iowa. #Fatcancer
  2. It's red, fun to fly, can go very fast, and at my age might best be described as ... "Midlife Crisis"
  3. With a properly sized slider -- channel or removable -- the VC opens very nicely.
  4. Reverse S-Fold...
  5. This is the product of a wonderfully twisted form of genius...
  6. Yeah, cause an unintentional water landing is probably going to be in a heated pool.
  7. That's part of the problem. You should have felt a difference, even if it was very small. Recognizing such performance differences may help you understand some of the dangers associated with higher performance canopies.
  8. Sammy! Congrats on the new DZ. Very cool. Have a safe and prosperous New Year!
  9. Hi Maura! "Royal We" indeed... All apologies to The Dude.
  10. Good point about the OP's location and ordering the Lookma-RDS. Although the Fluid Wings RDS attachment mechanism is a bit 'fiddly' (as aptly described by another poster here), it's still a good system. It just takes some practice. I removed / re-attached that thing 4-5 times at home before jumping it.
  11. Although you said that you're not looking for an RDS, a custom sized removable slider may be your best option.