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  1. By my observation that distinction belongs to the state of Iowa. #Fatcancer
  2. It's red, fun to fly, can go very fast, and at my age might best be described as ... "Midlife Crisis"
  3. My sister passed away in 2015 after a nearly 40 year battle with an eating disorder, the effects of which finally caused her physical death. It was not until a few years before her death that she finally started addressing some of the psychiatric problems that accompanied the anorexia. Unfortunately, over the years she sought out other remedies that were merely distractions from getting real help. I would not be surprised if somewhere along her journey she tried something like this. There are people out there with real psychiatric problems that require real medical help. This flake that Brian interviewed may only be a disservice to skydiving, but she is a potential threat to people who require real medical attention. My first post was a not-so-subtle attempt at humor, but this is a very serious issue for some.
  4. Wonder if she can hear MY soul song? It is gently singing ... "Go back to the 60's you fucking hippie...".
  5. With a properly sized slider -- channel or removable -- the VC opens very nicely.
  6. Reverse S-Fold...
  7. This is the product of a wonderfully twisted form of genius...
  8. Yeah, cause an unintentional water landing is probably going to be in a heated pool.
  9. That's part of the problem. You should have felt a difference, even if it was very small. Recognizing such performance differences may help you understand some of the dangers associated with higher performance canopies.
  10. Sammy! Congrats on the new DZ. Very cool. Have a safe and prosperous New Year!
  11. Hi Maura! "Royal We" indeed... All apologies to The Dude.