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  1. craigbey

    Transition from double fronts to 90s

    1. Logout. 2. Contact a qualified canopy coach.
  2. Sammy! Congrats on the new DZ. Very cool. Have a safe and prosperous New Year!
  3. craigbey

    Whats wrong with this pic?

    Bass Ackward.
  4. craigbey

    RIP Orly King

    Orly, thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit and introducing so many of us to a new mode of flight.
  5. craigbey

    USPA State Records

    Is that why you're posting with an anonymous profile?
  6. craigbey

    Will we see more "Air Locks" on the market?

    I really liked my Samurai also, but would be surprised if such a valve is used again in a production canopy. There are other ways to produce the same small increases in rigidity and stability that the Samurai provides.
  7. craigbey

    129 in a vector 3 319

    It may be tight, but I had a Samurai 120 in mine and it fit fine -- airlocks included. Can you get a demo Xfire? The Neos 109 was crazy tight! Don't recommend that.
  8. craigbey

    What canopy should I choose to fly next?

    Why downsize? Have you jumped a smaller canopy in the same conditions? Did it actually help? Sounds like you'll have plenty of time to demo. PD makes it very easy...
  9. craigbey

    Broken Line - Flight Characteristics

    Couple of years ago on a Samurai 120 @ 1.85 ... broken C line at attachment point. It was easy to see the line trailing behind me, but I did not notice a difference in performance. FWIW: it was a conservative landing.;search_string=broken%20c%20line;#2313855
  10. craigbey

    Canopy History

    You're a whore. edit to add: I like the chart, but damn ... you do get around!
  11. craigbey

    Ambulance chasers?

    3, 2, 1 ... start bashing lawyers!
  12. craigbey

    TVIO ALERT! w/s on nat geo

    Wingsuit stuff was good. Freeclimbing stuff was amazing.
  13. craigbey

    Start freeflying

    Whatever position your coach / instructor prescribes. [opinion]If you spend any time in a tunnel, you should work on your back-flying first, but that may depend on the tunnel and who you're working with. It's a valuable skill either way.[/opinion]
  14. craigbey

    No skyhook option