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  1. Lawndarter

    Injury recovery and returning to jumping.

    I also broke my fibula and had an ORIF - six screws in the fibula, one screwing my tibia and fibula together, above 2 inches above the joint. That was almost three years ago. I can't run for shit without an enormous amount of pain, and it's not near the actual break, it's the front of my foot mostly. Physiotherapy has helped but there's only so much it can do. The problem, as my PT explained, is that a lot of the muscles that atrophy during the recovery are hard to ever get back - the major stuff rebuilds easily, but not everything. What's helped a bit is running barefoot (I had a flat foot already), and doing a lot of elliptical and hills - but I can't run a 5K in less than half an hour, because of the level of pain that comes with it. I don't even do so well walking a lot if I can't set the pace I want. That said, there is constant very slow progress by keeping at it. And I slide most of my landings now!
  2. Lawndarter

    Chin mounted cameras

    It doesn't need to even break the rubber bands to cut the camera away. The piece that secures it all (which has a loop you can grab to immediately disconnect it) will release fairly easily if the mount is banged too much. The design is pretty ingenious, actually. That and the reason, I suspect, they have two rubber bands stacked is that there is no way to really connect them without damaging the bands a little bit in the process through friction.
  3. Lawndarter

    A license jumping camera....

    Grellfab chin mount is pretty much the solidest answer when it comes to KiSS helmets - simple cutaway and you can take it off when you get into the tunnel. That said, everywhere seems to be backordered on them right now.
  4. Lawndarter

    Stolen rig-Talon 2 w/ Spectre 170

    All you can really do with insurers is wait.
  5. Lawndarter

    Canadian PFF

    What are you looking to chat about? From my extremely limited capacity to give any opinions: beyond PFF, find good coaches you like working with keep making coach jumps - look into opportunities to jump with other people as much as you can. I didn't do enough of that at first, and now that I'm getting to do four-ways and other jumps it's helping me keep interested in progressing. My home DZ has a "mentorship" program you can spend a day working on skills you want to develop, for the low low price of the mentor's slots. I did one on four-way RW and it was an absolute blast. Learned so much, built my confidence in the skills I have, and is helping me hone in on what I need to improve on. And definitely pursue canopy coaching, it's worth it.
  6. Lawndarter

    Skydive Gananoque

    find certainly helps, as do the really friendly and welcoming regulars. I came here to do a tandem jump to get it checked off the bucket list, and everything about the experience made me want to come back and learn to skydive. My initial progress was hampered by an injury, but the folks at Gan kept in touch as I recovered and helped me get back at it. As I’ve gotten in more jumps I’ve been offered loads of coaching and good advice, and to join in on jumps. Aircraft are a 182 and a King Air. The 182 usually flies on Friday evenings (currently, hop and pops on Friday nights are $15), the King Air will turn loads all weekend. The annual Boobies Boogie Labour Day Weekend has had a Skyvan the last couple of years at least, and they’re always interested in bringing in aircraft if there’s a demand. The landing area is huge and open (with one pesky treeline removed earlier this year), and there’s loads of places to land out if you need to. Looking out over the 1000 Islands as you climb, or maybe on a high pull, is incredible. There’s space to camp, showers, and a nice firepit to relax after a day of jumping. If you’re coming from the States (it’s 30 minutes from the Thousand Islands Bridge at the top of I-81), bring cheap American beer and make friends fast.
  7. In simple terms the slider slows down the opening of the canopy so that the opening shock transmitted to the jumper is lessened. It essentially delays the inflation of all the cells slightly by holding the lines together until it comes all the way down to the slider stops.
  8. I have a Garmin ForeTrex 401 I've used for exactly this purpose, or at least, I have taken it up for that a few times. You can export the tracks to Google Earth, but as yet I haven't figured out how to be able to use the altitude data, it just shows the track as 2-D. I'm sure there is a way to get more data from it, I just haven't found it.