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  1. I stupidly, trying to save money, just bought a Sabre 1. First terminal opening with the original slider was fast and hurt a little, but I felt it for days after. I put the pocket slider I had for my zp.exe 185 on it for two more terminal openings and while still fast, both were much more tolerable. I think this has convinced me to order a new canopy, since I'll be on a 170 for a while due to my aversion to rapid downsizing from a previous injury - and needing a new container for that anyhow. I'm going to read up on how Sabre 3s open, because if people are getting hard opens on them still, well, maybe I'll go for Safire 3 instead.
  2. A RigSleeve is a cover for your rig, a sleeve, if you will.
  3. I've only once in I don't know how many flights had anything close to an issue. I always tell the screeners what it is beforehand in case they've never seen a rig before and the most they've ever wanted to do is swab the outside of it. I do tie my handles with pullup cords and have the covers from the RigSleeve on as well, The two funniest things that have happened doing so were on the same flight. I was on the exit row of a puddlejumper from Monterey to Phoenix, and literally had to buckle the rig into the seat beside me as it would not fit in the tiny bin on the plane. Someone passing chuckled recognizing what it was and said, "Nervous flyer?". Then someone else, do a degree I couldn't entirely assess, was unnerved by the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" warning on it, I just told them, "Not this kind of flight".
  4. I use a RigSleeve. I've been fine with a hook knife I've forgetten to remove before, because the TSA folks all looked at it and decided it could not be used as a weapon in any way. Usually, though, I put it in my checked bag.
  5. Skydive Elsinore is a great place to learn, lots of good instructors, good facilities, and the bunkhouse is $12/night. Weather is almost always in your favour, too.
  6. I rented a Safire 2 at Skydive Hibaldstow last summer as I didn't have my own gear, and the first jump on it I had my hands on the handles because I was sure it was a streamer - it was so slow opening - but really nice when it did open and my heart rate went back down - great canopy.
  7. I also broke my fibula and had an ORIF - six screws in the fibula, one screwing my tibia and fibula together, above 2 inches above the joint. That was almost three years ago. I can't run for shit without an enormous amount of pain, and it's not near the actual break, it's the front of my foot mostly. Physiotherapy has helped but there's only so much it can do. The problem, as my PT explained, is that a lot of the muscles that atrophy during the recovery are hard to ever get back - the major stuff rebuilds easily, but not everything. What's helped a bit is running barefoot (I had a flat foot already), and doing a lot of elliptical and hills - but I can't run a 5K in less than half an hour, because of the level of pain that comes with it. I don't even do so well walking a lot if I can't set the pace I want. That said, there is constant very slow progress by keeping at it. And I slide most of my landings now!
  8. In a field of dumb comments, this stands out. There are, of course, no actual example to back this claim up. Indeed, the Obama Administration was remarkable for being pretty free of scandal, despite the comical efforts of his opponents to find one (at the cost of millions of dollars in ludicrous investigations). Ah yes, that catastrophically stupid decision, in the face of all common sense, which shocks me only to the point of the realization that the bar will keep going lower until Trump is gone from the White House. What is gained by this? It's just pandering to the insane subset of evangelical Christians who cheer at the idea of triggering the Apocalypse. Funny, ISIS basically wants the same thing.
  9. And now all of America gets to pay for this stupidity. And the rest of the world too, potentially.
  10. There's a discussion on the Facebook Buy & Sell Group about this suggesting that ZHills allows them, the Skydive Arizona has (though someone told me when I looked into it last year that they don't). Seems like calling ahead may make it possible.
  11. Do you honestly not realize how utterly absurd this sounds to a rational person?
  12. And yet people like you keep voting for it.
  13. Tuesday night's results, very positive for the Dems, do suggest that 45 is making America great again - just not the way he planned to.
  14. Just out of curiosity, do you think that this deal was actually a sale of Uranium from within our borders to Russia? No. But we do know that some went to Canada, the Europe and then from there no one knows They should start calling this LOLURANIUM with a meme, because it's such a dumb non-story. Those that need to know know where it all goes. Uranium shipments, which are massive annually, are fairly well tracked. Uranium One exports concentrates to Canada to be turned into nuclear fuel which is then exported back to the United States, as uranium mills and refineries in Canada are part of the fuel cycle. There's nothing here, no matter how desperate the GOP is.
  15. Shooting at unarmed deer overcomes the stress associated with being shot at by an armed human? LE has done all kinds of studies about the stress of shootouts and the failures to hit the target. They have developed shooting simulators similar to what the military has. Where video is used on shooting ranges to develop shooting reflex memory. Obviously nothing is like the real thing. But the guy across from the church was able to outshoot the former USAF church shooter. Both armed with identical weapons. Believe it or not in hunting situations I've had bullets pass by me within 10-30' no less than 1/2 dozen times. There have been countless situations where homeowners have killed intruders in the US with guns. Those simulators are great at developing marksmanship in perfect conditions, without the stress of an actual gunfight, which has proven essentially impossible to simulate. The main reason I find the idea of CCW insane is that some armchair John McClane has virtually no chance of reacting effectively in a gunfight, and when I realize I'm somewhere where there are people with guns, I just tend to leave.