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  1. Would I get 200 jumps a year if I came down every weekend?
  2. Hi I just wanted to know how many Saturday & sundays throught the year are actually jump-able?
  3. Is this tunnel good enough to learn more advanced belly & backflying? Would I be able to learn sitfly & transtions? I only weigh 155 lbs about 72kg.
  4. I've got a month of holidays to take before the end of the year & dont what to waste them. So where is the best place to jump?
  5. I broke my collarbone in a motorcycle accident If I jumped and re injury myself would the membership insurance cover my hospital bills.
  6. What time of year is best to learn freefly in zhills ? Good weather/many free flyers
  7. Which dropzones are nesr the freezone wind tunnel? Which are best for freefly? Which are best for foreigners? What time of year is best for jumping?
  8. Which dropzones are near the Flystation wind tunnel? Which are best for Freefly? Which is best for foreigners?
  9. Just sold my canopy. Now the guy is wanting a refund because the canopy does not fly straight it turns to the right. What causes this? Is this my concern as I have already sold the canopy? I had no problems when I jumped it.
  10. I would like to visit NZ on a working holiday visa - still want to progress my skydiving skills. Im from Scotland so anything better than jumping at home. Which dz in the north island is best & same with the South which is best?
  11. Are there any good DZs to learn to freefly in New Zealand? If so could I get 300 quality jumps in a year?
  12. Is it possible to learn to freefly at any of NZ DZ's. If so are they any good? Would it be possible to get 300 quality freefly jumps in one year ?
  13. [I was wanting to take advantage of the 660 min package, get coaching in freeflying. Would it be possible to do all 11 hours in 7 days] What could the average beginner skydiver achieve in 660 minutes in the wind tunnel?
  14. Yeah, the one in StPetersberg RussiaQuote