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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done this and how many jumps did you do? When would be the best time of year to go? I'm from the UK so trying to figure out if it's worth ditching a month in our summer to come over and jump. Any advice / experiences appreciated. Thanks
  2. Looking to get some epic canopy photos so open to recommendations on a good foot mount. Preferably with a cutaway system. Also keen to hear what go pros people use for this kind of mount, do the normal heros works ok or do people prefer the session as its smaller and less of a snag hazard? Any advice appreciated Cheers
  3. Hey guys. Just after some advice on some freefly suits, I'm doing some tunnel time in a few months then hoping to get on with my ff coached jumps soon after. Just wondering what suits you would recommend for a beginner? I don't particularly want to buy a beginner suit only to buy a more expensive suit later on down the line once I learn how to fly properly. Spoke to a few ff coaches and they say it's personal preference most of the time, I was looking at a tonfly 619 as it got baggy legs, a vertical or a liquid sky. What's everyone's take on it? I've got a few hours in the tunnel booked so should hopefully learn how to fly it properly by then. Btw I'm 5ft 7 and 80kgs Cheers
  4. Thanks everyone. I know the pulse is a low pack volume main which is why you can fit it in a 348, it is generally a 150 container which can take a 170. To be honest il probably wait until I can fly a 170 as that should only be a few months and not worry about getting a 190, il happily stay on rental gear until then.Quote
  5. Hey guys Just after some info on the guidelines for the 348, essentially I have seen that it can take a pulse 190 down to a 140. Has anyone managed to squeeze a regular 190 into a 348 container? Been offered a sabre 2 190 that I like and wondered if it would actually fit, even if it's not ideal by upt standards. So what's your experiences on what containers will actually fit compared to what's recommended? My container is ordered but not due for a while so I can't see if it will actually fit yet. Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys Thinking of ordering a new vector container and was wondering if you guys would be willing to share some pics of yours ,so I can have an idea of what they end up looking like. Thinking of the Lightning split :) Thanks
  7. I personally wouldn't go for it, purely because you will out grow it fairly quickly. I spent my student jumps on a 240 and now at 40 jumps Im comfortably flying a 200, my first rig and canopy will be a 190 with the container being able to take a downsize. I'd stick to the student rigs until your ready for a canopy that you will be happy to put a few hundred jumps on.
  8. I've had a look at the website he bought it from, and it all adds up to n ear £7000. It's £1900 for the container, 1800 for the main, £1100 for reserve and a touch over £1000 for the aad, plus all the taxes I tried the rig on today and it fits really well, guess i will speak to a local rigger and see what he says in relation to value. Don't mind spending a bit more for a rig I'm comfortable with and will last a while as it could take a downsize so should hold me for a least a year or so. Cheers for your replies tho
  9. Hey guys Looking at purchasing my first rig and ive been offered a vector 3 m series that's only 4 years old with only 43 jumps put on everything. Its got a sabre 2 190 main and a PD reserve plus a vigil aad. Also fully loaded with skyhook and additional extras. The rig is worth £7000 brand new and hes selling me it for £4,500, does this sound about right to you? Not sure if I'm getting a great deal or will I lose a load of money in a few years when I sell? Is there anything I should watch out for? Don't think hes been jumping much recently so not sure if the reserve has been repacked or about the aad service. Also is it possible to shorten a rig? The guy is a few inches taller than me and wanted to know if I could make it a better fit in the future should I want to? Thanks
  10. Hey guys and gals, finally got signed off on my A license today after 3 weeks of no jumping due to crappy weather here in England. Anyone got any suggestions on what to practise that will make life easier for when I'm trying more advanced stuff later down the line? I'm playing my around with my rear risers without the toggles on opening as it takes me an age on my 260 student canopy to get down. Also wondering how long it takes to get generally proficient during freefall? After not jumping for 3 weeks my first jump felt terrible, not hugley stable and my manoeuvres were pretty terrible, think I nailed about 1 backflip out of ten that i tried today haha most of them I think ended up rolling over midway through. On the plus side my canopy control was good and my landings were all sweet, just looking for everyone's 2 cents :) Thanks in advance
  11. Hey So ive decided its either skydive spain or skydive Algarve that I will venture too this xmas as a way to keep jumping. Ive noticed both of these have boogies going on around xmas time which is appealing to me coz I will have that time off work and my DZ is shut. My question is will I be too inexperienced to partake in a boogie? I am just finishing off my consols now before applying for my A license. So by that time I would hope to have around 25 - 30 jumps. Is this enough? Im not really sure what generally happens at a boogie. Thanks
  12. Hey guys and gals. Just finishing up my consols here in the UK then ive got my A license :) Just after a few tips about beginner gear, not interested in rigs just yet, but more so recommendations on helmets, altimeters and suits mainly. Ive got a few ideas for what I would like, so just after some opinions on whether they are suitable. Cookie fuel helmet w/ cutaway strap. Viso 2+ alitmeter & normal analogue altimeter until I get comfortable with just using a digital. Suits im still unsure, I like the tonfly 619 and the vertical raptor but not sure if these are suitable as I don't want to pigeonhole myself to a certain type of flying this early on, nor do I want to trash it with bodged landings etc Ive got goggles and gloves so im all good there. Any advice appreciated
  13. Thanks for your reply, Do you have any recommendations of dropzones that have accommodation available and that are not too far from the airport? Thanks
  14. Hi guys Just finishing off my a license at the moment. Just wondering if you have any recommendations of places to jump in the winter (im in the uk) as im pretty sure my local DZ closes for a few months in that time and I don't want my skills to fade as im new to skydiving. Was thinking of spending a few weeks abroad, somewhere with a reasonable chance to get quite a few jumps in. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks :)