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  1. OK thanks for the info! Last thing I want to do is drop 250 bucks on a piece of crap. I actually ended up going with neither of these. I went with the N3 so I can use it as an audible down the road. Should be coming in the mail in a few days, cant wait.
  2. How do you hear the freefall alarms? Headphones? Also I heard you might be able to put music on it as well. Anyone have any information on this, or any insights on the altimeter in general?
  3. Viso 2( or Parasport Italia Altitron( This is going to be my first altimeter and I definitely want a digital one. I'm not going to be swooping or anything yet, and I plan on getting a separate audible down the road. I like how big the display is on the altitron and I like the fact that I can keep a fresh AAA battery in my pocket in case the battery runs out. I just don't see that altimeter getting a lot of hype. Any suggestions or things I should know? Thanks.