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  1. I have a serious question for you freaks.... how do you count people in a freak formation: is it a case that each participant has to be in the same 3 mile radius in the sky at the same time for more then 3 seconds? Remster Muff 914
  2. Remster

    Friday morning

    Emma, lets see who gets that one..... Remster Muff 914
  3. Remster

    sucks to be us

    every single one of them...... Remster Muff 914
  4. Remster

    sucks to be us

    It could be worse... wait... no it couldnt .... I guess I cant jump anyways, damm rigging... Remster Muff 914
  5. Remster

    Beer Bet

    11:00 ???!!!!???? What kind of wussie RW types are you ????!!!!!!???? It should read 7:30 for warm up, stretching, reviewing the PAKS, creeping.... these day! Remster Muff 914
  6. good! you got me worried there for a second... Remster Muff 914
  7. Remster


    HEAR HEAR Phil! My problem is that Karen can eat so much and doesnt gain weight! dammit!! Remster Muff 914
  8. Remster


    thats why i'm asking.... Remster Muff 914
  9. I'm sure there's a corrency converter out there for that.... Remster Muff 914
  10. speaking from experience??? Remster Muff 914
  11. Its probably closer to a Triatlon then a Spectre (I dont think the Super 7 has any taper... its "purely" rectangular) Remster Muff 914
  12. Remster


    I'm sure it doesnt alter the confort / performance / safety of these rigs, but I never like it when you can see the reserve freebag on a rig. Doenst the top of the reserve area have a exposed portion of the freebag? (I'm sure other rigs have that "feature", the Quasar comes to mind, but I'm not 100% sure on the Voodoo). Maybe I'm mistaking (I've never looked very closely at them, I've just noticed several times that some nylon was showing on these rigs... maybe its not the freebag, just a freebag like material) Remster Muff 914
  13. Good one Jess!! lol I've heard this one on the French Radio Canada TV channel one evening a few years ago... the anchor was giving the intro the the weather girl, and said (in french obviously): " so its going to be another hot and humid night with you Martine " they both has a 1/2 second blank and carried on! lol Remster Muff 914
  14. both DZs I jumped at in the UK use em too... Remster Muff 914
  15. but what about the pants? Remster Muff 914
  16. That thing has a HUGE prop blast..... It shoock me more then the 727... Remster Muff 914
  17. please please please!!! Take video! it should rival the pond landing TK made! Remster Muff 914
  18. woohoo.. now we have moderators flamming each other! j/k gyus, its a good debate. Remster Muff 914
  19. they wouldnt have to.. . they may. call them ahead of time to find out. Remster Muff 914
  20. Get well soon! I have to say that I am however shocked at Brian's attitude.. using your injury to get to live with another woman! Remster Muff 914
  21. Lets put it this way: why pay the xtra money for a tribrace if its anot a small highly loaded one for swooping and swooping alone. I dont think they make em big either.... Remster Muff 914
  22. Is Arthur still putting 1st jump students on rounds? PS: for you fellow north americains, they still do that in the UK too.. man was I surprised when I saw a bunch of 1st jump students wait for boarding with belly mounted reserves for the 1st time here! Remster Muff 914
  23. yea.. lets get Clay on a chaos, staright from a PD190..... we all hate him , but I dont think we want to kill him just yet! Remster Muff 914
  24. Remster

    Get In or Go In

    try Remster Muff 914