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  1. Having mixed feelings: seing your mother in law driving off a cliff in your brand new SL 500... Remster Muff 914
  2. PS: I'm sure one of the moderator could easily inflich corporal samage to one of the Gay vs Monkey grith debate protagonist, considering she works with him! PPS: how come this thread wasnt locked, the p work is mentioned! Remster Muff 914
  3. WOOOHOOO... Canadian DZ politics! Should get fun!... (let through in CSPA vs CAPS shall we! lol) Remster Muff 914
  4. Remster

    Get In or Go In

    one hell of a way to go.... Remster Muff 914
  5. ...because I am a poor professional skydiver... and PdF belongs to a huge aernautical complex.... might explan why they dont trust lawyers (they probably have a few of those themselves!) Remster Muff 914
  6. ROTFLMAO and they say poetry is dead! Remster Muff 914
  7. Thats OK Emma.. he hasnt said the P word, so Jessica's thread wont get locked! Congrats Jessica! and do you like it when it hurts a little bit, or a lot? lol Remster Muff 914
  8. Wow.. you guys have real trust in your instruments! Between the errors from the CYPRES and the alti, who knows what will happen if I think its 1400 feet.... its pretty academic anyways.. 1.4K... reserve.... Remster Muff 914
  9. If you get a USPA A licence, then you've got a licence that will be accepted as an A license at any DZ (in the world). It wont allow you to get a B licence in CSPA. For that you need the A 1st (unless they changed that rule since I left.. the the requirements section of the licencing system on It wont allow you to take the CSPA Coach 1 rating (you'll need a CSPA licence for that). That being said, once you have ur USPA A licence, you should have all the knowledge and ability to get a CSPA A. You may need to have a few jumps witnessed by a CSPA Instructor or Coach for sign off. As far as St Cat vs Burnaby... as I remember, one is the DZ, the other the club.. I hope you didnt get my previous post wrong.. If you want to go stateside and it makes sense, please do! But I didnt like the way some DZs were refered to you by slaking off other places in other threads.... Remster Muff 914
  10. Remster

    Lost Job

    heard a rumour their planning to build a second tunnel in Orlando.. any truth? Remster Muff 914
  11. GREAT WHITE NORTH!!!!!! Try living for 2 years in Nanisivik on the nothern tip of Baffin Island! wuss.... calling the freaking canadian sunshine state of the Niagara peninsula the great white north! Remster Muff 914
  12. Have you given a call and visited and spend a bit of time at St Catherine's DZ? I know we had that discussion before, but at the time you hadent visited them. Remster Muff 914
  13. Thx Rob, very well informed post. As a Quebequer, its my duty to diss Ontarians, but never seriously... When I live in Ontario, (in TO) I jumped in Ontario, coached in Ontario and instructed in Ontario. Small DZs, yes, but good pleople. Netheir the people of the DZs sucked... Remster Muff 914
  14. stop being silly Justin! Remster Muff 914
  15. How about condoms! you could print the logo so that it would appear when you unroll it! for Skreamer for the rest of us! Remster Muff 914
  16. Did I miss something? What does the "collapsability" of a PC have to do with its "safeness"? Maybe I misunderstood your post, but please explain.... Remster Muff 914
  17. I hate you all...... Remster Muff 914
  18. Remster


    arent they already on you back???? PS: I was in no way suggesting that ANYONE should get a tatoo of either of these 2! Remster Muff 914
  19. Remster


    Mike and Will are definatly simple, but smart????? Remster Muff 914
  20. I'd go for that service where you get to jump all sorts of airplanes and do really secret missions that no one else in the world knows about... but I guess they find you instead of you finding them.... I'm sure you could get in touch wiuth one of their retired serviceman! Remster Muff 914
  21. Or you finish your pack job and see Wendy Smith packing on you tarp wearing a bikini.. but I digress.... Remster Muff 914
  22. maybe we should send him that website for the stalking and introduction service! lol Remster Muff 914
  23. Andy, Care to explain that view? I persoannaly feel that the AFF program, by going from nothing to a 2 on 1 is not as good of a progression then PFF that requires 2 or 3 IADs. Remster Muff 914
  24. she also said huge! Remster Muff 914
  25. Best bet is to check out the cspa website. They changed the licencing system last year so old folks like me cant help with our historical info (left Canada 3 years ago now...) Remster Muff 914