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  1. I bought a brand new one 7 or 8 years ago and put about 400 jumps on it before selling it for a smaller Xaos 27. I really liked the openings on it. They were some of the most consistent and on heading openings that I have ever experienced. as I remember IT dove hard but had a shorter or a more positive recover arch than my Velo. It also shut down quicker. the Xaos 21 is a high performance wing that is just plain fun to fly without the constant searching that you would get on a Velo.
  2. Those pictures are totally irreverent because they are in the plane out phase of the dive.
  3. [i agree with Kurbe105, by going into deep brakes you really slow down your foreword speed and relieve a huge amount pressure , as the canopy surges foreword it is easy to bring your (elbows) straight down by your side or slightly behind. This leaves your toggles at about your lower pectoral muscles. if you add an abb crunch in you can gain another 1 1/2" or 2", this would put your toggles down by your stomach. It 'a not about biceps strength !
  4. [First, I havent updated my profile in years, secondly youve jumped ONE Xaos 27. Ive packed literally a half dozen different ones thousands of times and as a rigger with over 35,000 packjobs I can tell you that the 27 has the highest cutaway rate of any crossbraced canopy Ive ever seen. Some of them are so bad, that if youve never packed one, youre almost guaranteed to pack a chop within 50 jumps. To each his own I guess. Whats next, youll tell me you have a few hundred jumps on a Stiletto without a chop so that means its not a spin machine? Come on now... ] I have both I have a Xaos 27 92 and a Velo 111. In my opinion the Xaos has way better openings but I have had more cutaways on the Xaos simply because it was the first really high performance canopy where I really needed good body position. The more I jumped the canopy the better the openings got to the point where it became my favorite opening canopy ever. Since then I put on some weight and went to a Velo 111. The openings on it were down right scary to the point where I just didn't want to jump it anymore so I do a lot o research on Velo openings and apply it to my jumps. My openings are now very controllable but the Xaos is just a better opening canopy.
  5. I like the blue one cause it looks just like mine.
  6. Does anybody have any success getting a Velo111 into a Wings W5. I have a Xaos 27 93 in there right now and it's not all that tight.
  7. Open Paralog and click read Neptune or logger , then all you have to do is connect your N3 to a usb port and follow directions
  8. I use my N3 and paralog all the time. It works perfectly on my Mac running on Lion. I also use Skydiving log book for iPhone and drop box , they work pretty good with Paralog . Together I can send log book information from my N3 to Paralog to drop box and to skydive log book or from skydive log book to Paralog to the latest version. If you are having problems maybe you should up date Paralog.
  9. Pralog works good with the N3 but it doesn't do up dates.
  10. Good for you Charlie. I hope you don't become one of those TM's that won't do fun jumps anymore. I will be more than happy jump with your girlfriend in your absence.
  11. You need to hook up you cx100 with a USB cable and then open the camera and press the "connect by USB button " on the camcorders preferences before Imovie will recognize the files .
  12. I just bought a new MacBook ( used mainly for work ) It never dawned on me to look for the fire wire port because my past machines all had it , So i try to hook up my HC90 and my PC105 and zippo , So now i don't really have any options for a camcorder , Tape based needs fire wire , Hard Drives don't work well for skydiving and Card based media doesn't work well on a mac, Are there any options out there for me or do i just settle on using my old cameras on my old Ibook .
  13. Never ever use UPS for international shipping , Their brokerage charges are nothing short of absurd , My last $200.00 purchase to Canada cost me $50.00 and the one before cost me close $100.00 for a $2200.00 purchase , They take a percentage of the value even though the paper work is the exactly same for both purchases , Canada Post charges about $12.00 .
  14. These look pretty cool :