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  1. Skreamer, I hate to do this, but I have to disagree with you. I'll talk about the CSPA coaching program, coz its the one I know. C1 is specifically a rating based on providing basic coaching. In theory, all you need is 50 jumps (as I remember), but most peple take it at 100-200 or so jumps. Its the 1st step in a coaching progression: you need C1 to take the Instructor A rating or C2 rating, and then on the PFF. Things a C1 migh do include observing a 10 sec delay progression student, or do a no-contacts drill dive with a self supervised student. They have a real important role in a club. The C2 rating is the "heavy duty" one Minimum req is 300 jumps, but most take the rating in the 300-500 range. You need to fly well for this one. I dont know how it translate into USPA (I can only imagine they copied part of the CSPA program and got rid of some good parts.. ) Remster Muff 914
  2. I stand corrected Remster Muff 914
  3. I sure hope you didnt type that in the way it comes out Speed... Remster Muff 914
  4. Justin! what part of being a man dont you understand????? Remster Muff 914
  5. good for you clay... I wont beat a dead horse either. Remster Muff 914
  6. Clay, like anything else in this sport, its your call... have fun, and if you hurt yourself, try not to take anyone with you. Remster Muff 914
  7. Nice to see ya Merrick! By the way, what's that Fanatic Title Clay has now!!!!!! Remster Muff 914
  8. Yikes Tom!!! What the heck made you think I was replying to you!!!!! I was replying to a certain 125 jump wonder (hi Clay!) who is already thinking of straping a camera for his coaching jumps.... But I guess I must have struck a nerve or something! lol I'll stick by my post: learn to coaching/observing without a camera. Once you can brief, jump, observe all that there is to observe, REMEMBER it, and debrief without one, then strap it on. Wrt the USPA / CSPA difference: if a Coach 1 equivalent in the states can dock on a student, then even more reason to wait till you are shit-hot before straping on a camera. Maybe you are shit hot Tom, I never said you're not (as you pointed out, I dont know you.... I dont know Clay either, but I'm willing to stick my neck on the chopping board and state that he probably isnt shit hot yet... no offence Clay) Remster Muff 914
  9. I'm pretty darn sure its for Routed On Leg Remster Muff 914
  10. Strong winds are forecasted (F6).. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! Remster Muff 914
  11. the more important issue is where is the attachement point on the PC. If its at the bottom of the BOC pouch, you could end up with a nasty horseshoe or with a total if you cant get the PC out due to it bunching inside the pouch (in the event of the bridle comming loose or a popped pin) Always fold it so the attachment point is at the mouth of the pouch. Remster Muff 914
  12. OK.. reality check.... Video is great. But it should not be the basis of coaching. At this level, we're talking about the equivalent of the Coach 1 rating in CSPA. The most important thing you must learn how to do as a Coach 1, IMHO much more important then specific flying thechniques, is observation. Observation techniques, while in flight, are crutial to see and understand what is going on with your "coachee". Relying on a camera is lazyness. Having a camera as a back up or addition is a nice to have, but should not be a requirement. Remember, the coachee is speding his jump ticket to get coached, no videoed. I would actually STRONGLY recomment against jumping with a camera on Coach 1 jumps unless you are a very experienced jumper and camera flyier. Remember: you will be in the air in close proximity (you dont dock on Coach 1 ratings) to a very green jumper. Adding the complexity of a camera in there makes the jumps more dangerous for you AND the coachee. I dont know what USPA has as far as theoritical courses as part as their coaching syllabus. CSPA requires you to do a 2 day theory course with the National Coaching Asscociation for C1, and then the C2 level is another 2 days. Remster Muff 914
  13. Clay, if you can exit the plane in the later part of the divers, get in a stand, fall in your quadrant with the formation in sight, do a 360 while still in your stand while again keeping sight of the formation and not blow past the formation or cut off anyone, then you can take my slot anytime.... And for the record, a dive is not a steep track Remster Muff 914
  14. If your an avid runner, you're definatly in much MUCH better shape then this 31 year old..... And whats that age curve thinghy????? Remster Muff 914
  15. Dont you love it when its the chicks who highjack threads into boobies? Remster Muff 914
  16. Yes Lisa, price is important. As consumers, its our right to shop around for what we consider the best deal (that usually is a combinaison of price, service, and a myriad of other factors). If a delaer isnt happy with the low prices another is selling gear at, i really feel sorry for them (yes, that was sarcasm too). The gear dealer you get that equipment from has a role, but consider this: - in most cases, the day to day servicing and maintenance of you rig will not be done by the dealer, but by a local rigger - the big issues will most often be dealt with the manufacturers directly. - if you jump at a big dz with a big dealer, great.. you probably be able to get most any brand. If you jump at a small dz that only has, say, a Sun Path dealer and a PD dealer, thats all you could get from him. If thats what you want great...But if you want something else, you re going to order your rig from another dealer accross the country, why not make sure its the best price possible? So based on that, if dealer A has the stuff I want at 5000, and dealer B at 4500, and I'm equally impressed with their help and knowledge, its not going to be a long decision process. Equally, is Rig A is 5000 and Rib B is 4500 and having demoed the canopies and containers, I'm equally happy with both setups, its not going to be a long decission either. You're right on the lowest possible price: yes, used is usually best. But I can bet I can find a javelin or Vector 3, Sabre 2, PDR rig for more then a Wings Hornet Tempo new. Remster Muff 914
  17. you mean that there's other poddlephyliacs at Hinton besides Skreamer? Remster Muff 914
  18. FYI, BPA (UK) requires 1000 jumps. Remster Muff 914
  19. Jo???? Are we talking about Pooddle Shagger??? Remster Muff 914
  20. Skydiving helmets arent "that safe" to start of with. They are not made to, say, motorcycle testing standards. That being said, I wouldnt want to jump a heavy very bulky motorcycle one.... See it has protection from minor hits, elbows and knees in RW... Dont expect a skydiving helmet to save your skull from fracture or your brain from severe brusing. It may, but dont count on it. Its really there to protect from bumps and bruises. (disclosure, I jump a Z1, love it, saved my chin a bunch of times on tailgates exits) Some of the ski ones I've seen have hooks for googles, which may be deadly if you cant remove them. They probably wont have any room for the audible (allthough some skydiving helmets dont either). The gath helmet, for exemple, was initially made for surfing (I think anyways). Then there's the bass fishing helmets..... Remster Muff 914
  21. Also, for any of you out there not used to USENET, DO NOT post with your real email adrress... add a NOSPAM or something part to it so that bots who scan the lists to harvest addresses for spam dont end up filling your inbox with junk.... Remster Muff 914
  22. me, I'm barely an enthousiast! how do you people find the time to post! LOL Remster Muff 914
  23. (or something like that) has a list of sites. Remster Muff 914
  24. I garrantee you;d get axed in RW too.. but again, if someone has a good case of ground rush, either real coz your low, or an illusion, and he dumps early in the track (hell, I'f I know I'm low, I wave and dump) and you are looking up while above, it will be a sad event.... Not to start a flame war, but it dont make sense to me.... Remster Muff 914
  25. *** How the heck is that the opposite!!!!! If someone corks, he's comming from below! Yes, its dangerouns to the one corking, but as far as "watching out for #1 goes", the danger is coming from below.... Again, I agree, if there is someone below, and they track on their back, they will not deploy when someone above who is also tracking and looking above. The logic fails when you get to the "top of the ladder" as one guy will initially track looking up, seing nothing is above, and then get back on his belly to track. He will be vulnerable from someone either corking from below or dumping early. With "traditional tracking" you watch out for whats below, and its YOUR job to stay clear of anyone below you.... I still fail to see the logic of tracking on ur back 1st, and leaving your safety up to the people below you... Remster Muff 914