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  1. You silly Monkey.. the boobies are her reponsability! lol Remster Muff 914
  2. I'm not jaleous! (Karen, on the other Remster Muff 914
  3. Sorry, but if's dont cut it with me.... When I m above, its my job to make sure no one is under me. I see you points guys, but I still think that by starting on your back, you're exposing yourself too much.... Yes, you wont have anybody above you from start of you track, but the danger comes from below. Remster Muff 914
  4. What!!?? What are we supposed to know!!! Dont tease like that Jessica!!! Remster Muff 914
  5. I'll joing in... WINGE WINGE COMPLAIN COMPLAIN... arrggghhh No UK jumping this year at all... Remster Muff 914
  6. Zennie: that statement worries me... I'm by no means a sit/free flyer... BUT my understanding is that the universal rule in tracking is that its the high man's responsability to make sure to track clear of the low man. If you're on your back at the start of the track, and someone is lower and decides to track for not very long, there might be a problem there.... Educate me if I'm wrong about Freeflying tracking.... Remster Muff 914
  7. My pakistani neighbourg called me "Paki" when i came back from holiday in Myrtled beach, having more the just a light tan! lol that was montreal Remster Muff 914
  8. First, it a couple of pics posted on a chat board... then an email address.. then a web site.. then a paypal account with web cam and pay per view streaming video... lmao just kidding man.... Remster Muff 914
  9. FOR GOD'S SAKE MAN... leave that poor dog at home... Skreamer jumps there! PS: that was real smart, giving the email address of a hot babe to a bunch of skydivers...... Remster Muff 914
  10. I though you got the money from Pimping out 3flier?????? Remster Muff 914
  11. hangar??? what hangar??? Remster Muff 914
  12. Remster

    WFFC 2002?

    u guys planning to swap? LMAO Remster Muff 914
  13. Remster


    and I though he meant South Africa.. lol Remster Muff 914
  14. Remster

    WFFC 2002?

    The Herc boogie too usually happens around the same dates in Sweden. L'Espace Boogie is also around the saem dates, allthough the details of that one havent been finalized (ie type of plane and where) Remster Muff 914
  15. downgrade to an old Minor... thats should help even more! lol Remster Muff 914
  16. if you re still in the country? Whats that about??? Remster Muff 914
  17. did she break wind??? Remster Muff 914
  18. Emma! You had to start the DZ wars, didnt ya! Remster Muff 914
  19. thats what I though you mean Zennie, but as you said, it wasnt clear.,..... I'd agree with you (and I'd add the Stileto to the list.. lots of people refer to it as old technologie, but still...) Remster Muff 914
  20. Pictures? that asumes I'll remember to take some (I'm awfull at that)..... besides, I have neither a digital camera, or scanner, so if some nice pics come from my 35mm, it may take a while for them to get scanned and posted.... I'll write a little story instead... PS: Clay, its 23/2 to 10/3 Remster Muff 914
  21. to take it back to the original thread, Karen and I will be there during the weekends (cant take any more time off).... we had a hoot last year, and did some awsome, pretty complex 12 to 30 ways..... (OK... the 30 ways werent any more complex then 1 point and 1/2... but still) Remster Muff 914
  22. Anyone else going? Remster Muff 914
  23. In where? with the xbraced category, or the "Cobalt/Crossfire/Nitron" one? Remster Muff 914
  24. Remster


    Skremer: apparently, she gets easy when she's drunk, so there's still hope for you! Remster Muff 914
  25. Remster


    ***HEY HOW DID YOU KNOW [/quote Thats what you wear on all the pics you sent me.. I just assume its your standard attire... Sorry if I assume wrong... Remster Muff 914