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  1. harro


    OK, might as well start up this again... finally got some piccies of my tatts enjoy Jumpy Jumpy??
  2. Whats your evidence on this... Im looking to buy a 3CCD for skydiving... is there an alternative??? Jumpy Jumpy??
  3. But is there such a difference now... NTSC V PAL. Most dvd players and VHS play both... is it such an Issue these days ? Jumpy Jumpy??
  4. Are sony cameras the same around the world ?? IE : If I fly to america and buy a Sony TRV 950 3CCD is it going to be the same as the one I buy here in Australia ? Is there a format difference ? Please need the help ! Jumpy Jumpy??
  5. "Yess...no no no no no yess no no no... " Jumpy Jumpy??
  6. Dont know if this has been posted yet but I found this on the ABC network in Australia : Aviation industry shoots down parachute plan Canada has issued a patent for a futuristic commercial jet design that would protect passengers in an emergency by breaking apart and letting the sections parachute gently to the ground. Industry experts said on Tuesday that the scheme - which sounds like something out of a James Bond movie - had little chance of success. A parachute-equipped plane would be too heavy and would cost too much. "For a big airliner, it's just not feasible," said David Greatrix, associate professor of aerospace engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto. "It's just such a wacky idea. If you talk to anyone in the aerospace industry, you'd see that this is pretty far fetched." The proposal, which received a patent last month, calls for aircraft to be built in separate parts, then sealed together. In an emergency - anything from mechanical failure to a missile attack - the pilot could push a button to sever the parts with controlled explosions or by using a "laser cutting" device. Each section would be equipped with parachutes, shock absorbers, inflatable rafts, and propulsion jets that would guide it to the ground, the patent said. The Toronto-based inventor, Chui Wen Chiu, could not be reached for comment. Mr Greatrix said the added weight of parachutes, shock absorbers and propulsion jets would be too much for a commercial jet, and the planes would be able to carry only a few passengers. "It would never get certified in the near future based on current technology," he said. "It's just too complex." Mr Greatrix added that the majority of airline crashes occur on takeoff or landing, when the plane is too close to the ground for parachutes to work. James DeLaurier, who teaches aircraft design at the University of Toronto, said his initial reaction to reading the patent was "holy cow". "This would be a maintenance nightmare," he said. "How could you make sure that all these systems are ready to go? The consequences of them not working, or working prematurely, would be dreadful." Mr DeLaurier added that the infeasibility of this design should not deter others from trying to make planes safer. "I do have respect for [Mr Chiu's] intentions," he said. -- Reuters Jumpy Jumpy??
  7. Aggie, What version are you using. Dreamweaver MX tells you what not going to work in a browser. It does automatic browser checks Jumpy Jumpy??
  8. harro

    Touring the USA

    Sweeet Dewd Jumpy Jumpy??
  9. harro

    Touring the USA

    Cheers JT, Jules and I have resigned ourselves to Eloping. When we get to Vegas we will be going to the cheesiest chapel to get hitched. Jumpy Jumpy??
  10. Dammmm, That is Dumb. OK Ok, here's one for ya. New years eve at a party, I was with some wuffo freinds and of course the topic came to skydiving, one of the guys there that didnt know I skydive blurted out that skydivers have 3 parachutes attached to them. I was thinking about correcting him but I was enjoying the moment too much. Jumpy Jumpy??
  11. Can we think of a 12 step plan for this ID10T Jumpy Jumpy??
  12. harro

    Touring the USA

    OK folks, Im looking to come to the USA this year and Im wondering when would be the best time to come ? Also where would be the best place to go ? Thanks Jumpy Jumpy??
  13. I would like to have some communication from somebody who works there. I have placed an order and Im not getting any news at all from questions I have asked. Please somebody talk to me Jumpy Jumpy??
  14. harro

    Photo Editing

    Gee, In Oz we call them Burmese. I had one of them for a while. They are extremely faithful and buy the same accounts very jealous of any other animal that comes in to the house. Jumpy Jumpy??