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  1. Yes, this is our hk project. We will be taking them to the flcpa this coming season and dialing in the design and getting it ready for release. Shane
  2. Also, it is very clear he is not using the system correctly of has it improperly rigged because with the bungee my zippers never leave a hole that big.
  3. I should have my suit in two weeks and will let you know what I think of it. Are you looking for information on back flying or just on belly?
  4. What has worked best for me is get the risers even and the canopy above my head first, then get out of the line twist. If the canopy has been diving towards the ground with line twist my luck has been the trying to kick out doesnt work because of the spinning and diving of the canopy. I have been able to pull/push the risers near the three ring to get them even which usually stops the spinning and the canopy starts to come over head. If that does not get the canopy over head, then I will reach above the twist if possible and pull the rear risers to level the canopy off. Once the canopy is over head it is easy to kick out of the linetwist and you are losing altitude at a normal rate. This gives you more time to deal with the situation or cutaway and is the method that works for me. Take it for what it is, it is just my 2cents and what I do, not saying it is the perfect or best method.
  5. I have over 2000 jumps on Infinity containers and have never had a problem with the rig limiting any of my movements. After jumping all the major US rig manufacturers, I personally will jump nothing but Infinity because they have the best fit/comfort and complete freedom in the harness.
  6. Would anyone be interested in doing XRW jumps at this event?
  7. [] i have other pictures on my Facebook also, just haven't looked through all.
  8. I have a large vapor narrow that I easily put a factory diver visor in it. This is the second winter with the factory diver visor setup and no fog issues yet. I have tried to just pull it out by pulling top of visor down and the visor comes out with a little force, but easily. If you could pm your email I will send you several photos of the visor/ helmet. Hope that will help.
  9. Just trying to get an idea of what different camera flyers like. If you wouldnt mind adding a little comment about why you picked what you did. Also, do you use adjustments for different styles of jumps? Cutaway or no cutaway? Do you have a box around your camera or no protection? Open face or full face?
  10. Why should the minimum deployment altitudes be raised for everyone just because some people want to raise the deployment altitude of AADs? To me, thats like saying we should raise minimum pull altitude because people jump wingsuits and add danger? I personally dont jump an AAD because of the canopies I jump, but that is my personal choice and what I decide is best for me. If you feel it is best to raise your minimum pull altitude then please change that for yourself, not the whole sport.
  11. Such a terrible idea..... There are plenty of opportunities for you to end up dead with this plan. Jumping a canopy that is above your skill set is more risky than a regular jump. Jumping an intentional cutaway rig is more risky than a regular jump. Add them together and you have a really bad idea. +1 just my 2 cents. Also, what do you plan to learn from this? All, I can see happening is you getting the crazy idea to do this more and the false belief that you feel safe under the canopy.....where do you jump by the way? I ask because I do not wish to send my fellow jumper to a dz where instructors are saying this is ok and helping you with this.
  12. Haha! Sry you got that from my post, was just saying that I have had to stop myself from spinning after cutting away my reserve and have seen it on other canopies. I was just reminded of another jump where a student jumping a 220 loaded under 1:1 had a line over and when he cutaway, rig had an rsl, he ended up with 6 to 8 linetwist on his reserve. Just my personal experience with rsl/skyhook and why i choose not to jump one and why i consider having linetwist on my reserve dangerous.
  13. I put dangerous. The reasons I put dangerous is because of the canopies I jump. The biggest canopy I own, besides my reserves, is a VC 79. I personally have had 3 cutaways where I have continued spinning after cutting away. I have not been flung straight out and my rotation stopped after cutting away. My cutaways were on a ka107 loaded at 1.7, jvx69 loaded at 2.75, and a jvx63 loaded at 3.02. I have also witnessed Brian McNenney cutaway on his VC71 and have him spinning soo bad after he cutaway that it took him 7 to 10 seconds to get stable again, which he had plenty of altitude to do so. I agree RSLs and SkyHooks have there purpose and place and are great inventions and tools. On the same note tho, on my rig is not where they belong because of my canopy choices.
  14. i thought i explained it well. I dont use an rsl because its something that can be routed wrong, its something that can snag on my camera gear, it something that can become an entanglement. I jump a katana loaded at 1.6-7, you can make your own determination if that is a high wingloading. i dont have problem pulling my own reserve handle, i do have a problem missing gear that would make sure something gets out if i never pulled my reserve handle after a cutaway. let me just put these scenarios out there 1... Cutaway from 2000ft with cypres and no rsl. lets say its a no pull on reserve(a reason could be dislocated left shoulder.)... Your cypres is set to fire if your still in freefall, so cypres should deploy reserve in this situation. 2. Cutaway from 2000ft with no cypres and rsl and no pull on reserve handle . RSL should pull reserve pin upon cutting away, deploying your reserve. 3. Cutaway from 2000 ft with NO cypres and NO rsl and no reserve pull (reason could be dislocated left shoulder). No device equals no reserve deployment which means your fucking dead. Did i clear this up for you? i would rather either of the first two scenarios than the latter. Seeing as i dont have the first scenario cypres, i am willing to take the risk of camera entanglement, snag factor, mis routed in case of a cutaway i have something pulling my reserve! If you are affraid of your RSL being misrouted or snagging on your camera gear why do you put so much trust/ faith in your AAD? They are both man made and can both malfunction. I jump neither an AAD or RSL. I have had 3 reserve rides and every time I have not had a problem saving my life. Seeing someone sit here and say your AAD will get out your reserve when you never pull your reserve after a cutaway. If you are driving down the rode and drift into the other lane into on coming traffic are you going to just wait for your buddy to grab the wheel or would you grab the wheel? Why wouldnt you pull your reserve and just rely on your AAD? Just my 2cents.
  15. Experience and Currency: 7 Canopy Information: 25 Training Experience: 3 Maneuvers: 0 That gives me a total of 35 If it wasnt for the competition I would have 2 extra point for not having performed crosswind/downwind landing or accuracy within two meters giving me a 37 Just saying I laughed and dont agree with this quiz. I dont agree I am a high risk canopy pilot.
  16. So, just because I jump a crossbraced canopy smaller then 119 with a higher then 1.7 wingloading I cant be Comfortable? I would have to beg to disagree with this score card and call bs. lol! Thanks for the morning laugh
  17. Like I said, just my 2 cents and what i have heard and personally experienced
  18. Talking about rears.....thats the only difference i saw, if we are talking about the sewn risers....
  19. Are you talking about the riser webbing being sewn in half? If so, drawbacks can be they take a few jumps to get use to and might find yourself having to change. Also, they are easier to have your hand slip on because of them being thinner. Personally for me, the stitched risers create more risk then reward for how I personally fly. just my 2 cents
  20. When I was jumping a jvx, I was able to pack an all sail jvx69 with the new sail material in a v316 and it was a snug fit, but last I heard the newest sail material isnt being sold yet, due to being put through testing. I would say you could fit the all sail jvx75 in a v319, but dont expect it to be fun everytime you go to pack.
  21. I own an Infinity made by Velocity Sports Equipment. I love my rigs and have spring loaded leg strap leg strap slippage. I think it would be cool to say I have magnetic riser covers, but wouldnt improve the functionality of the rig from what I can see. Being able to use my everyday rig for doing test jumps or intentional cutaways with hand deployed canopies, that was clean and liked nice, would be nice for me. On a side note I would love for Vigil to come out with some unit that you could turn off after you have deployed your main, by like pulling a pin out or putting a pin in a unit. I love the units they make, just with canopy piloting, swooping, and doing 630 degree turns 95% of the time on sub 80 canopies, I am worried about setting off a unit, so I choose what I believe to be the safer option for me and not use an AAD unit. Just my 2 cents
  22. Personally for me the Infinity has provided the best fit out of any of the rigs I have owned, which include Mirage, UPT, Javelin, and Infinity. The customer service with Infinity has been amazing and cant find anything to complain about. I cant say the same about the other companies. Feel free to check out my facebook Shane Shaffer to see some pictures of my rigs. Also, I feel as a canopy pilot I get better harness input with my infinitys. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and I will share my experiences and opinions.
  23. Martin I hope you base your canopy selection on more then just how the canopy opens....the jvx and velo are two different wings which fly, open, and require different pilot inputs. The velo doesn't open as nicely as the jvx. The jvx has a lot more power on rears. In slow flight the velo out performs the jvx by far, including easier the shutdown the canopy on no wind days were the jvx requires some running or sliding. These are all my personal opinions based on my personal experience. So please make your decision on more then just how the canopy opens.....especially since this is such a small wing.....once again I personally reccomend a bigger wing then a 69.