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  1. KellyF

    New RI mard? Riggers?

    Not really. With the Mojo, the bridle can be under full tension and still have the Mojo connected. The Mojo will disconnect when the angle between the RSL lanyard and upper portion of the reserve bridle approaches 90° (I don't know the exact number) under tension.
  2. KellyF

    Velocity i43 with a pulse 190 ?

    I, uh, have nothing more to add If you have the rig and the canopy, I would encourage you to try packing them, simply because we don't get the opportunity to actually pack every canopy/container combo. But even if you do get the Pulse 190 into it, I don't think it's going to be something you would want to do for every jump you make. Basically, you would be doing it for personal experience and building a frame of reference for your knowledge base
  3. KellyF

    Angelfire 150 in Infinity I-33

    I've never had my hands on an Angelfire, so I don't know anything about their construction, but I have a hard time believing that the designers would add bulk for the sake of adding bulk, relative to other canopies on the market. Knowing that canopy volume numbers are known to vary considerably, I would encourage you to at least try packing it if the rig and canopy are available to you. If you still have to purchase the canopy, I would go with a reserve that's known to fit. My gut instinct says that you could put the Angelfire in the I-3 reserve container, but the closing loop would need to be 3/8-1/2" longer than the PR-143, assuming the volume numbers represent some form of reality (meaning the Anglefire DOES pack somewhat bigger than the 143).
  4. KellyF

    Biggest in infinity I-22

    I've never tried it, and never would, since the volumes aren't even close. When we size main containers, it's done with the assumption that most jumpers will likely downsize. So a Sabre 2 120 is about the biggest canopy you're going to want to put into an I-22 on a regular basis, assuming you pack neatly. You might be able to get a 135 in there for a couple of test jumps, but you won't want to do it after every jump.
  5. KellyF

    Infinity I-54 main canopy sizes

    You can probably fit a low bulk (something like a Pulse) 210 into that container size, but I don't have any first hand experience with it, just going by the volume numbers we have and what canopies we've put in known container sizes.
  6. KellyF

    My reserve closing loop ripped

    Do you have an AAD? If so, what kind, and where is the cutter located on your Next?
  7. KellyF

    anyone have purple Type 17 webbing ?

    Give us a call- 253-445-8790, we have plenty
  8. KellyF

    Proposition - new tech spec for reserves

    There are maximum velocities specified in TSO C23D and the upcoming -E. To keep things simple, get a 23D reserve and stay within the weight limitations
  9. KellyF

    scary openings

    Hi Jim, Are you using the main D-bag that came with the Infinity? I would assume that you are since you mention that the VooDoo bag was really loose. Is the new bag tight enough that you may be loosing control of the packjob a little when you are putting it in the bag? That's the first place I would look. If the canopy comes out of the bag on heading consistantly, it's hard to pin the problem on the container or bag. However, if teh opening feels different after that point, you may want to look at things like the rubber band stows and pilot chute. Is the PC the same size as the one you were using before? FWIW, you should be able to stop the spin with your rear risers without having to release your brakes. The rears are a much larger control surface than a toggle
  10. KellyF

    Reserve Horseshoe?

    I would say that unless the PC stayed attached to the jumper or his equipment, it was probably a hesitation. If he was near terminal and pulled flat and stable, it is entirely possible that the PC didn't clear the burble.