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  1. Jiggs

    Petra vs. Sofia

    Petra Page is a closed facebook group, many good pilots on there. Get the Petra, better all rounder than the Sofia and it is easier to fly with multiple canopy / wingsuit formations Yes, I have done several hundred XRW on the Petra. You don't need any mods The question is mostly about size and loading (and more importantly what you can safely use). I run my 67 (from 3 to 3.5) depending on group
  2. Jiggs

    Lifespan of sail

    77 has 300ish It similar is like brand new, but it has not be trashed like the 67
  3. Jiggs

    Petra vs. Sofia

    Suggest you post this on the Petra page not here, you would get way more info there than here. Re-reading that, do you not have either wing?
  4. Jiggs

    Lifespan of sail

    I have two Petras (different sizes). My 67 has something like 1000 jumps on it and is pretty clapped. It has had a very hard life, jumps on sand and very abrasive landing areas, it has patches and is a lovely grey colour (desert white). I can confirm that it definitely performing worse than when it was new. I can't get the same recovery I used to get it and it feels like it stops flying a little sooner. On the plus side it is even better for XRW The material itself does not show any signs of flaking I have also had 3 other sail canopies, two jvxs (79s that I owned at the same time) and an experimental wing that did not go into production, they were all built with different versions of sail. One only lasted 300-400 jumps before it was very clapped out. The first generation sail canopies were probably the longest lasting, it lasted more than 1k jumps with no real change in performance - but was ridiculous in size (and weight). The new sail is pretty awesome (all things considered).