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  1. angryelf

    90s style freefly suits

    Liquid Sky will build you a baggier suit on request, as will Ouragan. I think Kurupee and Merlin are still making suits, they will build baggier as well. Another option is the Deepseed design for instructors that hav zippers over extra fabric to add more "bagginess" on demand by opening zippers. Liquid also has this option. -Harry
  2. angryelf

    90s style freefly suits

    Mbohu, The baggier style suits were the standard for awhile because it was comfortable and the extra drag on (legs) especially made up for some slop in flying styles and gave people more range. I personally think some of this came from sit suit design, some of it came from 90's fashion of baggier clothes and some of it was there for function. Today's suits are form fitting for a couple of reasons: Most serious freeflyers spend a lot of time in tunnels that are very powerful. Baggy suits made of heavy materials beat you up when worn for long periods of time in the tunnel. They also tend to self destruct. Turbine DZ's also get a vote, back when many jumpers were routinely only getting 9,500-10,000ft a 30 sec jump vs a 50 sec jump was a consideration. Now that most turbine DZ's are going to 14,000 and flying skill has evolved to allow more to be done in a shorter period-that's less of a concern to many jumpers. Early freeflyers were different than the current guys who place a premium on flying style, precision, athleticism and "body flight". Being able to develop range without the crutch of a suit is considered to be of importance. Modern freeflyers are trying to go faster because they have more precision and control with speed. Just like belly RW suits going from the "balloon" suits of the late 70's to streamlined spandex-backed bootie suits of the late 90's-speed helps when the flyer has better technique. Fashion is also a big component. 90's jumpers wouldn't have been caught dead in hipster pants, now it's the rage. Suit materials and craftsmanship, what people are willing to pay for a suit now also factors in. in 2005 I ordered a custom suit for $200. Now you'll pay $650-$1000 for something that has stretch panels, padding, Cordura knees, etc. So-what does that mean for you? Go with what works. If you are like I am and you're trying to fly with the 125-170lb hipsters recreationally (meaning you're not going to start eating lettuce all the time, doing tons of yoga, start dropping $$$ in the tunnel,etc./make a major lifestyle change)- use what works. I prefer a straight leg suit made of medium weight material, but I have a freefly suit that is super baggy and helps me slow down for jumping with the featherweights. My lifestyle/career requires me to have muscles in my legs and I will never have the range of an ultra bird bodied tunnel rat. I also don't care for the skinny jean look. Am I using a suit as a prosthetic for lack of flying skill or am I using tools to achieve a result? I'm using what works for me, do what works for you. Cheers, -Harry
  3. angryelf

    Vigil PSB-01-2018 Firmware Update

    Deyan, I stand corrected on compliance being mandatory within the next two years. AAD's are computers we (choose) to add to our systems. That being said- YOU HAVE 24 MONTHS TO FIX THIS. Truthfully, it doesn't matter if you don't exceed really high altitudes. AAD wants you to fix it, so that the guy who buys your AAD 4 years from now isn't walking into a bad situation. Computers have hardware requirements (cutters, wires, connectors are a few (of the MANY) failure points as are batteries) AND software requirements. Software has kinks and gremlins in it. Hardware and Software require maintenance to run optimally. Any skydiver born after vacuum tubes should recognize this. Anyone who was told that "X AAD requires no maintenance for 20 years" and decided they could reliably jump their gear forever needs to take a step back and realize this isn't the case. If your customers need education-that's an issue you can fix. If you told them they can run hardware/software in a pretty varied and demanding environment forever to be cheap, that's on you. Would like to jump with you and not spar in faceless internet land, -Harry
  4. angryelf

    Vigil PSB-01-2018 Firmware Update

    Deyan, The update is for extreme high altitudes. It hasn't been an issue for 99.9% of the skydiving community who choose to use Vigil AAD's because most of us don't go up there. Furthermore, the SB is only mandatory if you plan on exceeding 27,000ft. Using an SB post as a platform to ridicule a company's marketing strategy (and clearly without reading what the SB is for) doesn't make a lot of sense. Brand war posts are ridiculous, particularly on a subject like AAD's. There are pro's and con's to ALL AAD's and choosing to use any of them adds complexity and variables to a skydive. I for one appreciate when folks post SB's for equipment on dropzone. What is frustrating is when someone responds in line with witch hunt finger pointing at the manufacturer in question for identifying and addressing a problem. Cheers, -Harry
  5. angryelf

    60" drogue

    Not really a big deal, just make sure you get a positive drogue set as the drogue is bigger and the BOC pocket is not. Aside from that the Tandem Instructor probably won't notice much difference. If your DZ has outside vidiots, they'll notice the difference; especially if a lighter passenger winds up under that drogue. Fat vidiots will hate it, unless they have wings. Cheers, -Harry
  6. angryelf

    canopy sizing for the new Vector 300?

    UPT has an ad in Jan 18 Parachutist for new size Vector. Guessing the reserve container is for a 99... Main size is probably 67-? Only info on their website is update to the reserve packing instructions outlining mandatory use of smaller "red capped" reserve PC. Haven't called them because they aren't open today. Anyone seen one yet? -Harry
  7. angryelf

    US DZ's still flying a Porter?

    Which DZ's are still regularly flying loads with a Pilatus PC-6? Seems like Caravans and PAC's have filled the single engine turbine niche for awhile, guessing a few are still flying. Where?
  8. angryelf

    Max WL for Sabre 2?

    What size Sabre 2?
  9. angryelf

    Looking to buy a new main...

    It all depends on what you want to do and what your projected W/L will be on that 150... You're profile says you have enough jumps to figure that out but we don't know what your goals are sitting behind our computer screens out here in interwebs-land... As far as Brian's canopies go: I have a lot of jumps on Samauri's, owned a Jedei 150, have 2 jumps on a Lotus and a handful of jumps on the Sensei 101... Keep in mind it has been years since I've jumped these wings. Samauri 150, 170: first truly elliptical I jumped when I had around 200 jumps. at the time I thought it was pretty neat. Now I would place it's performance envelope somewhere between a Katana and a Sabre 2 with a recovery arc akin to a Stilletto. Great wing. Jedei 150: Owned from 200-450 jumps. Was the first thing I really tried to swoop with any measure of success. Was great, but I was quickly on the phone with Brian due to the short recovery arc and crummy openings using the Spectra lineset it came with. He relined it with HMA for me and I really enjoyed that canopy. Going to a Katana 135 was a big performance gain for me, however. Lotus: Only a couple of jumps on it. To me it's somewhere between a Sabre and a Pilot, with better flare authority than the Pilot by far. Sensei: I got under one of these as a demo at Chester years ago after I had about 400 jumps on Velos from 120-96. It was a huge step backwards in terms of performance and the recovery arc was really short. not my cup of tea, but maybe ok for a FS jumper looking for that type of X-Brace. Thoughts on Airlocks: When I started jumping Brian's canopies I was in NM at a DZ with notorious turbulence. A lot of the senior jumpers there swore by the Germain Airlocks. I'm very appreciative that I was on those wings at the wingloadings I was jumping then/there. 190-135 size canopies at low to moderate wingloads do benefit from Airlocks in turbulent conditions. Once you go X-brace and start seeing more velocity, turbulence (usually) is less of a factor unless the conditions are highly violent OR you get into turbulence low to the ground in which case the effects of unstable air can lead to catastrophic results. For this reason I stay on the ground in NC when the winds get over 12-14 kts. Wind+100' pine trees+X-braced wing @ 2.6 or more increases the chance of hitting the ground without all cells pressurized... Will I do tandems here up to 15-18kts and land out in the middle of the field to walk back? Sure. Would I jump an Airlocked canopy in higher winds, maybe. Fun factor goes down for me in winds/risk goes up, so probably not. I like Brian and I like his goals with Airlocks. I think they are great for a certain range of jumpers in a certain range of conditions. They pack a tad bigger, are sometimes a nuisance to ground handle/kite after landing and the potential for one to stay in the air longer/drift farther after a cutaway is slightly higher. In my experience they require better care and feeding on the packing mat than most of the more modern designs to produce nice openings. PD and other bigger companies have the resources to do more testing, R&D, marketing so their designs are more prevalent. At the end of the day it depends... -Harry
  10. angryelf

    GoPro front mounts

    Not to sound like a jerk, but you need to stop hitting your camera on the plane/other folks in freefall. (If you're slapping yoursef in the head in freefall that's a new phenomenon). the sticky mounts work on a G3 or similar for most jumps. Some jumps they are not the best (AFFI on reserve side with a D handle on the student's reserve comes to mind or whazzoo ff jumps or AFFI on mainside and eating the student's PC). Bottom line-have some situational awareness. You have a brick on a stick mounted 4" above where you think the top of your head is. Adjust accordingly. Other Options: put pliers or a wrench on that Gopro and set it in place. Put aftermarket mounts on that recess the Gopro lower/more securely than the standard set up. Put a ring sight on your helmet and treat your jump like you should-as a camera jump. put a "paper asshole" on your visor and do the same as above. Use a Eurotrash chin mount. Use a camera like the Mohoc. (It's my go to for AFF). Take the camera off until you either: 1) get comfortable bashing it in the plane, 2) decide it's worth losing or 3) start treating a camera jump like a camera jump. Not a $25 opportunity to shoot selfie cam with your millennial tunnel rat pals. In all sincerity I'm not trying to be a prick. The camera thing has just been out of control since small format systems came on the market. I lost the lens off my tape system (camera that didn't record to an SD card in HD) not so long ago when it got kicked after exit by a tube I was videoing. I wrote it off as a learning experience and JB welded a new WA lens on the camera body which was busted as hell. I think that camera did 400 jumps before It totally died. By the end it was held together with gaffers, epoxy and hope. If you think any part of your gear/rig stuff you take into freefall isn't expendable, repairable at best-go bowling. -Harry
  11. The answer is that it depends. Are you staying at a nice hotel or are you staying in a hostel-type setup? I haven't traveled to Thailand, but my experience in other parts of Asia was that the hotels that catered to westerners had very good security measures in place to ensure return customers. I have left gear in hundreds of hotels, but usually leave the do not disturb tag on the door and if I'm traveling with a rig or climbing gear I bury it under my clothes in a suitcase, etc. Carrying all but the smallest rig around in a bag, particularly into bars and other places isn't a great plan. Most bars I've seen in Asia are pretty adamant about not bringing bags in due to weapons or concerns with cameras, etc. You also make yourself a target to potential petty theft as criminals home in on someone who looks out of place and is carrying a large bag that doesn't leave your sight. Another concern is loss and damage-Most of us have had some long nights, last thing you want to do is lose your gear after a night of beverages. A better option might be to store your gear at the DZ. This makes the most sense if you are jumping at one DZ. Odds are good the DZ is on a airfield with some security in place, or is rural enough to reduce the risk of theft. Lastly, you can get traveler's insurance that will cover gear if stolen. I haven't looked into it in a long time-but it generally isn't too expensive and you can also have the plan cover medical and transport expenses if the worst happens. -Harry
  12. angryelf

    Quick release

    I can't find a picture of the helmet, but I'm assuming that it has a curved top. I put a Skysystems mount on a Gath years ago by building up the top of the helmet with JB Weld 2 part epoxy a bit at a time, then sanding a flat surface, carefully drilling mount holes and bolting the mount through the epoxy. I still have that helmet, haven't used it since 2011, but the mount is still firmly on... Another option would be the Cookie flat mount that (I think) is built in conjunction with Trunk at Hypoxic. Another option would be to get some sheet Aluminum (14ga or so) and cut, drill and fold something the meet your needs. Haven't done this: but you might experiment with 3D printing or fiberglass to get what you want. -Harry
  13. angryelf

    Running Brother KE-430F-05 Bartack off of 110?

    Think I just figured it out. Servo motor on the machine looks to be 550W, so I think I'll need the 2000W transformer.
  14. angryelf

    MC-4 harness - how big?

    Should work just. I know of a guy 6'6" and 265 that fits in one just fine.
  15. angryelf

    New Camera on the Market

    Looks interesting...