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  1. is your velo new? I had quite fast openings on my 84 (wl 2.2/2.3) but after few jumps it slowed down. I used standard PD RDS I changed packing technique a as well (pull slider on the site just a little, mostly focus on exposing it front and back). Works thesame with my vk. https://youtu.be/2pb0Ff6a5KY?t=50
  2. so I've tried to do some xrw with friend of mine. I jumped on vk79 (wl 3.1) and he was on X3 wingsuit. WS was fying with open zippers (arm and leg wings). The vertical descent is the same with slightly higher wingsuit forward speed. With the same forward speed the WS sinks with lack of lift. What would you suggest? gaining more lead, to increase the forward speed? what is your setup? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdWsD1iAR1s
  3. UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia, Russia and now offcourse Poland ;)
  4. well...I am that cymeraguy :) I did around 40 jumps with team last year, but since they want to travel quite often this season I would like to determinate my expectations.
  5. I was wondering, who pays for cameraguy's travel tickets? accommodation? Competition fees? How does it look in your team?
  6. btw, I have slider with snaps from velo 84 (normal, not rds) that I want to sell. Never been used
  7. All new velos (regular as well) have snaps
  8. does anybody have more then few jumps on it? How does it work after 1000 jumps?
  9. yes, I've heard that too. But still, openings are not good specially for working canopy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOZAUUcoE4c
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymk6mhvqrMk scirocco 72 @ wl. 2.65
  11. everyone seems to have good opinion on demon and this canopy is for sell from time to time so I would like to share my fillings. I bought new domon 110 (wl ~ 1.7) and made around 200-300 jumps with it. All dz reviews were positive so I decided to give it a try. I didn't really like that canopy. The openings were unpredictable - sometimes brutal, regardless of packing method. Didn't like the recovery arch and risers pressure (rather short RA and high pressure). I bought it because was cheap, but if I had to choose one more time I would buy something else. Canopy was easy to pack though.
  12. It's my video. As far as I know it is named DELTA (that's how everybody at the DZ called it). It was reserve parachute taken from Russian rig called TALKA. Unfortunately canopy was lost after second jump that day. edit: friend of mine jumping on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtyNEEp9Tdc
  13. atom 0 main -up to 170 reserve-techno 115-140, xfast 135-140 atom 0.5 main-up to 190 reserve-techno 128-155, xfast 150-170
  14. sorry for refreshing. is $90 too much for a baloon jump ? Would you be willing to pay that price?
  15. These links don't work. Does anybody know where I can find it now? Is it only for cypress cutters? If I have a vigil should I change it as well?