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  1. Hey, that is me! blue skies, art
  2. Okay ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the annual Hog-Flop Boogie! We have our Caravan flying all four days with the Skyvan also flying on Saturday and Sunday. Forston Rumble will be organizing the RW loads on Saturday and Sunday. Beer provided every night. Dinner and music on Saturday evening. Costume contest with winning person/team getting $100 worth of skydives. Of course the Hog-Flop competition on Saturday afternoon! Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn are offering skydiver rates for this event, both are less than a mile from the dz. Make your plans now! More info to follow! blue skies, art
  3. Jeff has asked that we spread his ashes over Skydive Palatka one year from the day he passed. So next year on January 21st, 2012, we will be doing that. In the mean time, many people have been asking to have a day of remembrance for him. So, on Saturday February 5th, everyone needs to get out their purple nail polish and paint their toes! Get out that purple shirt or pants you have hidden in the closet, put them on and come out to the dz. We'll have a football kicking contest, and will be drinking nothing but Bud Light in the can and Palatka Blue Water at the end of of the day. All in honor of a man who had a huge influence on Skydive Palatka. See you there! blue skies, art
  4. Skydive Palatka presents its annual Hog Flop Boogie! October 27th through the 31st! Along with the always fun Hog Flop competition, there will be a barbecue on Saturday night along with a live band and free beer! The Skyvan will be here Saturday and Sunday along with our Caravan which will be flying everyday! blue skies, art
  5. Andrea, you shouldn't wear that shoulder harness with the 45 in it when he is around! That is a bit intimidating! blue skies, art
  6. I have to say something here! Catfish, the toggle deal happened two years ago? You got new toggles at the drop of a hat, yet you have yet to tell anyone on here what the issue was? Hookit, living here in Florida, lots of us drop stuff off at the door and pick it up later in the week. Not very uncommon for jumpers in the area or just visiting. As far as support! I was never informed of the magnet mode until someone from UPT saw it at the DZ. He took the mod out of both of his rigs and gave them to me on the spot. Not sure how many other employees for any other manufacturer would do that! Airing your grievance on! You are in some type of business I take it. If you are, I am sure at some point you had a disgruntled customer that you couldn't ever please....guess are him! Grow up! Oh by the way if you take Dvnswoop up on his offer, I will split the costs with him! Oh, you can PM me also! blue skies, art
  7. We are bringing a plane, so I guess I need to be on the list! The updated Alphabetical list.. aardvarkeater apollard24 BillyVance (maybe) chaoskitty crutch CSpenceFLY & MrsRoamingDZ & Darktreader goofyjumper HUSHPUPPY IronTwoSix micduran missg8tordivr with Suki & Emma Normiss Psycho Bob & Mister Mardi Gras RastaRicanAir Rick Scotty & Tami Carbone skymama Sletzer +1 Thanatos340 The_Don & Jean. TMaricle55 wayne8577(BigBug) blue skies, art
  8. We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8 till dusk. Fridays are usually swoop days with everyone splitting up the cost of the hop-n-pops (price usually works out to about $12 a jump). Sometimes there are enough people for several caravan loads in the evening. Saurdays and Sundays, the caravan flies quite a bit. Averaging about 20 -25 loads a weekend. Hope that helps! blue skies, art
  9. :12:0 Trying to learn how to swoop competitively! Also getting some excellent coaching from my son! blue skies, art
  10. Picture of me on the cover of parachutist! Avatar name, well of course this will show up! blue skies, art
  11. We have been open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for about a year now. We have also been open a couple of other days during the week when there was an interest. blue skies, art
  12. Thanks to everyone who attended the 13th Annual Hog Flop! Some lows, the Skyvan broke on Saturday, but everyone, including three AFF students, did an excellent job getting out in an orderly and timely manner. Attendance was down, but the number of jumps made, even with the loss of the Skyvan was up over last year (over 1000). Four reserve rides and a lost skyboard (with shoes), but again everyone followed their EPs and all the gear was recovered. Some highs, Art made his 10,000th jump and Mike Luttrel celebrating his 20 year award! The staff did a wonderful job keeping things moving even with the aircraft situation changing constantly. Skydive Deland for shutting down early on Saturday and Mark flying up in the Otter to help us finish out the day! Dirty Sanchez and Denis for putting on another great party Saturday night! Scotty Carbone for keeping us all fed throughout the weekend! The costume party was a thing to behold, if you weren't there, it was very entertaining! Thanks again! We are going to be doing it again next year, October 29th through Nov. 1st. blue skies, art
  13. So why are you making my fantasy public? blue skies, art
  14. Okay everyone, time is getting close! Around noon on Saturday, we are going to be celebrating my 10,000th jump. I pretty much have the list of people on it and will be contacting you on Friday evening. We should have the Hog Flop teams picked by then also, so we will start the competition soon after that. Remember, sign up early for the Hog Flop so we can get it done Saturday afternoon. Lots of people have been asking about packing during the boogie. We will be selling packing tickets at manifest. Your packer will collect a ticket from you and they can cash them in at the end of the boogie. We have a staff of packers already, so if you are showing up to pack, please make sure you don't intrude on their business please. Be safe and I will see you this weekend! blue skies, art
  15. Just remember, same as last year, the DZO wins the Grand Prize! blue skies, art