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  1. I think I posted a query about this in the past. Trying to think through all the options of mounting my Newton sight on this FTP without the stock post. I have the removable Schumacher sight bracket, it is articulated. The porch is gone but I have a big dual Gopro mount in its place. I'm almost wondering if the center of the front of helmet might work if it allows enough room to articulate up. Will have to break out some dowels to mock up before I start chopping and drilling. Side of helmet? Wondering how other people may have rigged theirs up.
  2. DougH

    Z1 Helmet -> How is it?

    The KISS has actual retention latches that you have to push in to open, so that would be a plus over the rubber locking mechanisms.
  3. DougH

    tandem instructor course

    It is really hard to say, especially over the internet. I personally think that the number should be closer to 1000. Currency is a factor too, 100 jumps in a year aren't a lot. You say you are really current, what exactly are you basing that on? That being said sometimes there is value in slow and steady, extra years in the sport come with additional experience if you are listening and learning. You may have a better head on your shoulders than the new candidate that pumped out 200 hops and pops to meet the minimums, and are using their tandem a year before they started AFF as the starting point for their three years in sport. I have seen that, and it is a fucking sham.
  4. DougH

    Best Audible for a KISS Helmet

    The Optima II's work flawlessly with the KISS, and I believe that the helmet already comes with an adapter for it. I have a Aon2 Pebbles as well, and it is also plenty loud. I found the lack of buttons to be a bit cumbersome as mentioned, and also disliked the fact that it went off during the climb, but maybe they have updated the firmware from that point. My only gripe about the Optima's is the LCD screen is a little fragile. I had mine for years and years, 10+, and probably about 4 of those years were on my KISS. It finally got hit with a riser on a tandem jump and it broke the LCD screen. That would be one negative with it being externally mounted the way it is on the KISS, but the trade off is the ease of adjustment versus the headache of adjustment on the Pebbles.
  5. You dredged up a thread from 2005 to answer Tardo's joke after 13 years??? That is commitment.
  6. DougH

    THC & Dropzones

    How would the Feds know? A we talking fun jumpers at night, or are we talking about tandem students and observers during the day. If jumpers are the jumpers dealing on the property, storing quantities that would attract attention? Are they using it discretely, or are they being assholes and drawing negative attention? If it was my business I would make it clear that at minimum there is no substance consumption on the premises by any time during operating hours.
  7. DougH

    182 gear leg failure

    What would be the prevention here? Non-destructive testing at some interval? Magna-flux or x-ray? I think we all know that with metal parts there isn't always visible damage on the surface even though the part may have a major internal flaw.
  8. DougH

    tandem reserve

    At my home DZ I don't every jump, but I know when all of the rigs get repacked, and we have a good handle on maintenance and rigging. If I go to a different DZ to lend a hand for the weekend, or over the winter, I take the time to check. As far as lack of gear checks on the ground, and handle checks... fuck that. It is their ass and their students ass on the line, don't follow their bad example. It is a really negligent and frankly stupid. I have caught things numerous times doing gear-checks, packers aren't infallible and there are even more ways you can mess up packing and closing a tandem rig. I have seen one come back from a major rigging loft with the 3-rigs all FUBAR. Check your gear, your life and your students life is depending on it. Especially as a new TI, don't let anyone rush you. They aren't going to be the ones listed in the incident report.
  9. DougH

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    Pilots and Safire II's would both also be good options to consider. The Sabre II will be slightly more aggressive, but you won't really notice a huge difference at that size and wing-loading, and all three would be good choices.
  10. DougH

    the links in the chain.

    Not here either. I don't think it is bad press if you are doing your EP's properly. I don't have a ton of tandem cutaways (*knock on wood*) but my students have often ended up posing with the cutaway and reserve handle for ground shots, and they certainly got their video. As I said before I don't think withholding this specific video would have been dishonest if the DZO also took the corrective action with this TI and explained to the student what occurred. Step 1 is owning up to the fuck up.
  11. DougH

    Drogue entanglement and reserve ride, Mesquite

    We had been discussing this in the TI Instructors forum. Yes it makes the tandem instructor look very bad. His stellar exit, arching, and drogue toss is only bested by his astute judgement in releasing the video out into the wild. What do you mean when you ask about what happened after? Are you asking about retraining or sanction for the TI?
  12. DougH

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I am completely convinced that it will never get built. I am not in the 'it may not' camp. Jerry Baumchen You could get a good idea of their financial standing by looking at their 990, which is available for public review since they are a 501(c)(3). You have register, but guidestar is a reputable entity.
  13. Why do you think purchasing a product gives you the license to make copies of it?
  14. I have had as small as a 118 Mamba in an I5. It worked but it really wasn't a great setup, too loose. Now I have a 140 Pilot in my I5 with Dacron lines.
  15. DougH

    Do you have my goggles?

  16. DougH

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    The Iota was shaping up to be a great solution. But they went tits up, and the software interface worked off of their website. It was a combination of GPS, radio transmitters, and a IP connected base station received that fed the information into their network so you could track with an app. The more base stations in an area, for example keep one at the DZ, and another one at a fun jumpers house that is across town would increase the coverage.
  17. DougH

    Age of active TIs

    I was wondering what brought this up from the dead. Zombie post, just like all the old TI's.
  18. DougH

    Connecticut DZ?

    Well said Jeff. Unlike some places our two DZ's have a great relationship, and both DZ's are great. I would swing by both of them if you have the time. We are open 7 days a week at Danielson, an we primarily fly the Caravan even during the week. If you are coming out during the week give manifest a call, start times can sometimes be later in the day.
  19. DougH

    camera mounts

    Second vote for the RRS products. They are heavier but they are bomber and the best you can buy. Their L brackets are so well designed, it is as if they were designed with the camera.
  20. The female tandem instructors I have known were badasses. Setting aside the first few weeks with a freshly inked rating they didn't have a different weight limit than the male instructors. We cut-off at 230, and there aren't overweight fees. If a student was under the weight limit they could be paired with any of us.
  21. Don't know if this helps, but I have a I5 with a Smart 175 in it, and M2 AAD. It fits well, but I wouldn't want it any tighter. The reserve pack tray is firm with that in there. You could look up pack volume of the Smart 175 and compare the published volume of those other two reserves.
  22. We do both, works great! When we were a 182 and 206 dz we did only handicam. When we grew into a Turbine dz we started offering outside, kept the handicam, and also do "ultimate" which is outside video and handicam. We get a good mix of customers buying all three options.
  23. W2 tandem instructors. Seriously though, I know of one club that considers tandem instructors to be employees, and they are in the minority.
  24. DougH

    What altitude and I really deploying at?

    I get what you are trying to say, but read the manual. The AAD reads differently depending on your orientation. The pressure readings must be accurate, but translation of those pressure readings compared to your true AGL altitude varies based on body position.
  25. DougH

    Skylog? Log book.

    Cool idea. Not sure if I will manage to get it pulled off in time, but I like it!